Really? Watch a Little Girl Burst into Happy Tears Because Her Parents Are Taking Her to a Trump Rally

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Not sure if this is funny… or horrifying.

This is 9-year-old Ava Lovley’s reaction to being told by her parents she was going to get to go to a Trump rally.

And this is the shirt she made just for the occasion:


This is her reaction when he came out.

Then again, I guess it isn’t quite as scary as these little girls at a Trump rally:

Can’t… un… see…

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  • It is commonplace for adults to make even bigger fools of themselves at professional sporting events. The slug made it sound like she was unhappy about going to the Trump event.

  • MrApple

    People did the same shit over Obama.

  • sunshine

    What’s wrong with Trump? I went to a Trump rally and took my kids, they were excited. Like it’s been said, people make bigger fools out of themselves at sports events, at least this is “real life” unlike whether or not some dumb assed “team” wins some pointless game. Sure, we’re probably all being played as fools but at least Trump has the balls to say what a lot of people are thinking, and if nothing else, I’m happy about that.

    • Trump has the distinction of having never committed treason while in public office. I suspect that, even if he is a big mouth, he is an honest one.

    • Haruka Wind

      How rude

      • sunshine

        Lol how so??

    • Anothereno

      a vote for trump is a vote for racism…

      • sunshine

        Well I’ve made no secret of my “racism” here so it’s probably not a surprise to anyone that is familiar with me or my comments. I just find it interesting that it’s “racist” when it’s a white guy standing up for white people and what America was intended to be, but it’s never racist when it’s La Raza talking about how they’re going to take over the US and “get” the gringos, or the Black Panthers talking about killing “crackers and their babies”. That’s always just fine and dandy but when a white guy gives the impression (doesn’t actually SAY ANYTHING racist) that he might care about white people too, it’s a problem.

        Sorry but nobody really cares about being called racist anymore (I never did). Because it’s obvious that the word is only used to silence whites and shame them into participating in their own displacement, disenfranchisement and eventual genocide.

        • Anothereno

          not saying there isn’t racism on all sides, just saying there is on his side, the American Dream isn’t just for white people, he’s basically following in the steps of hitler, and I know it’s not good to pull the hitler card but this one time it is true, just swap muslims for jews…

          What’s it really matter to me? I’m Canadian after all, I’m not black, I’m not mexican, not asian or muslim but I believe we’re all victims of circumstances, every human is what their circumstances make them, if you grow up around violence and murder chances are that will just become the norm for you…

          • sunshine

            But the American dream WAS only for white people, according to the Founders. They never intended any non-whites to be citizens. Why do we “have” to accept Muslims? Are they (or any non-white country, for that matter) expected to allow us to become citizens, and then agitate ceaselessly to set ourselves up as the rulers and demand that they conform to us?

            Maybe people are a victim of their circumstances, but their poor circumstances don’t mean that they’re our problem to fix (if they can even be fixed). They have countries of their own, let them work to better those countries and their circumstances. Western nations had centuries of violence and murder, but we eventually learned to do better. Why should those people get to “skip” that developmental step, and have the West fix their problems, or worse, get to come to our nations and find a whole country of new, rich victims?

            Can you name a benefit of diversity that outweighs the massive problems it causes? What is so great about these people that we just HAVE to allow them into our countries? Why can’t we have a vote on the subject?? Why are any objections to being flooded with dangerous, incompatible and hostile people shouted down as “racism”? Why should I, or any other white person, be scared to walk down the street in the country my ancestors built, why should we be targets in our own countries because we are white?

          • Anothereno

            The US kind of did destroy all their cities along with most of the other countries taking in refugees..

            If you think the US was meant for whites only why didn’t you kill off all the natives (asian decent)???

            I respect that you feel the way you do because of your own circumstances, we all have the right to our own opinion 🙂

          • sunshine

            It would have only been fair, because the American Indians killed off the original white inhabitants of North America (Azgens, Solutreans, Clovis, etc) . But that’s not how it played out, and now here we are. Don’t you think Canada is ruined since you are the most immigrated nation on Earth??

          • Anothereno

            Considering my family immigrated here in the 40’s I don’t have a problem with it….

          • The problem is less with racism than with ethnicism and culturalism. America was founded by Europeans, not Arabs, Asians, or Africans, all of which have less trouble living here if they assimilate. Many Mexicans, legal or not, come here to earn money to retire their family’s debts back home, and have no interest in assimilating or becoming citizens. Many Asians come here to get an education that will insure them an upscale occupation back home. Most of the Africans here are not Africans, but African-Americans, leading me and others to look, unsuccessfully, for their home country on a map of the world. If they prefer identifying as Africans rather than Americans, I think they should immigrate back to their ethnic and cultural homes, or assimilate as Americans, and give up the foolishness.

          • sunshine

            But you understand the difference in people, right? You can see how European people create a distinct type of culture everywhere we go, and you can’t substitute other races/ethnicities for Euros and get the same results, right? You like living in a First World country? Do you think that when your country is majority minority, that you’ll receive a fair shake, and that it will still be “Canada”?

            I just don’t understand why white people are so determined to throw their birthright away for….what? Diversity? Please name one benefit of allowing the Third World to immigrate unchecked into Western civilized nations??

        • Anyone who studies the meaning of racism in depth will recognize that all human beings are racists. Just as in anything else, we have to separate the believers from the actors.

          • sunshine

            That is really well put, and true.

      • Just like a vote for Hillary, it seems, is a vote for treason.

      • masterblaster

        VOTE TRUMP he will deport you libtards

        • Anothereno

          unfortunately for you i’m not murican.

  • Truthsetsyoufree

    “Come on boys, take ’em down!” Haha! Like a Hitler youth rally.

  • ccambridge

    Trump is a refreshing breath of air as opposed to the elite republican establishments dog and pony show.

  • Montana Man

    The Young Turks should change their name to The Young Ignorant Marxists. Of course they despise Donald Trump, for they are afflicted with the mental disorder known as liberalism. Their anti-American values find no fault in a much weaker America under President Obama, and they cannot justify why our country should ever be great again. Donald Trump and the majority of Americans want our nation to be healthy- both economically and militarily, for as the young girls sang, we must deal with our enemies from a position of strength, or we will be crushed every time. We have to stop showing weakness, by resorting to begging countries like Iran to sign on to agreements that they do not plan to keep. We cannot afford to allow strong nations, such as China, to feel that they can confront us on the beach, and kick sand in our face in front of our girlfriends (alllies). As a Mama’s boy, Obama sees no shame in running away from a fight with those who want to destroy us, but Donald Trump would have us buffed and in shape. For only then can we expect to win, when sitting at the negotiating table with our enemies.

  • Anothereno

    Wow the trolls are seriously invading this one.