Serfdom and the Feudal System: What’s Old is New Again

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The period of history from the 5th to the 15th century was known as the Middle Ages. During this time, the law of the land in Europe was known as the “feudal system.” This was the manner in which the upper 10% (the nobility) controlled the lower 90% (the serfs or peasants).

There were a few kings who were very wealthy and powerful, who owned all of the land. To maintain control of this land, it was broken into fiefdoms and pieces were given to friends of the kings (barons). The barons then allotted land to their friends and allies in order to govern efficiently. It was in this manner that the “nobility” was created, and the land passed down through these select few families by manner of inheritances. 

The reward of  being delegated this control came at a price. To maintain the control of the fiefdoms, manors and estates, the nobility had to pledge fealty to the kings and pay them taxes and homage.

It is estimated that just over 90% of the population of Europe were peasants. Most peasants were basically slaves. They were provided with a small shelter on an inferior piece of land and the “protection” of the noble in charge of that area. In return, they worked for the estate, farming the land with no recompense, paying taxes and having no control over their own lives. Some peasants were “free” and had their own small businesses: blacksmiths, carpenters, bakers, etc. They paid for the protection of the “lord” with money, goods and services.

Peasants had few rights. They could be taxed at any time, were obligated to use (and pay for) services of the manor like mills or large ovens, and had to request permission for marriages, change of locations or educating their children.

Each year, the peasant was required to give the best part of his harvest to the lord of the manor. The peasants were not allowed to own things that made their lives easier, like oxen or horses, for example. A peasant did not own the land on which he lived and was therefore obligated to live where he was told, grow what he was told, and farm in the manner in which he was told. They were not allowed to hunt on the lord’s land – poaching was an offense punishable by death. They were not allowed to cut trees for firewood, but forced to gather fallen branches in order to stay warm. A peasant was not allowed to have real, effective weapons – those were reserved for the armies of the nobility, in order to keep the peasants in line and immediately quell any quest for dignity and independence.

Most of the peasants seemed content with the arrangement because they received security and safety from the lord. He was obligated to protect them from marauders and barbarians, and provide enough land for subsistence. Serfs could be used as a commodity, and traded. If the control of the land changed hands, the serfs were included in the transaction.

Is it really a leap to say that we are still participating in the feudal system?

Members of the global elite still meet and choose the leaders of the world, based on which of those leaders will “swear fealty” by agreeing to the agenda set forth by said elite. The Bilderberg group, with their influence on world policy and finance, are the king-makers – future leaders are vetted by them, then their campaigns are fully funded. In this way, control trickles down but it is just one small group of people who actually call the shots.

On a more local  level, think about the home you “own.” The properties that we think we own are taxed on an annual basis in most places. As the economic debt goes higher and higher every year, so do our property taxes. As we improve our properties, our taxes increase. If you think you really own your home or land, try skipping your tax payment and you’ll see how quickly the true owners appear. We are merely tenants.

Our income taxes go up every time the barons government, needs more money. This leaves us with less money for us to feed our families. Income tax is not optional – it comes off your paycheck before you see a dime of it. You are paying for the privilege of working.

We must be granted permission and pay even more taxes for the privilege of going about our every day lives. We must purchase a license to  drive on the roads, build on our properties, or hunt and fish to feed our families. Even with a license, hunting is only allowed at certain times per year – self-sufficiently feeding your family with game outside the specific 2 week windows throughout the year is illegal. If we farm, we are obligated to comply with overbearing regulations in order to sell our home-raised food to others. If we choose to farm without chemicals and toxins, we aren’t allowed to advertise the fact without filling out crippling reams of paperwork. We must bow to the FDA and destroy some of the nutrients in our food (pasteurization) if we want to sell it to others.

Speaking of monopolies, Monsanto, aided and abetted by friends at the FDA, is attempting to take over the farming industry. If a farmer refuses to use the frankenseeds, and a bit of pollen drifts over from a nearby farm who has sold out to Big Agri, the independent farmer can be taken to court and sued into oblivion, losing his property and his livelihood.

If we choose to educate our children at home and raise independent thinkers, we must also be subject to “oversight”. Most states have a governing board which tests home-schooled children on an annual basis. Parents are told what their children must learn and the timeline on which they must learn it. Parents are still taxed to subsidize the schools that their children do not attend and must pay out of pocket for the approved educational material they must use to teach the children. The government frowns upon children being independently educated, as this does not create the obedient serfs that the public schools system is designed to churn out.

In return for all of the permissions we must purchase annually, we are all under the “protective” wing of our respective governments. These feudal lords dole out food via welfare programs, healthcare and medication via government standards, and brainwashing education for the children. In the US, for example, the rubicon has been crossed in that more people receive “benefits” from a government program than do not. The system is not designed to help people get back on their feet – it has been created to establish a system of dependency.

People are forcibly injected with toxic vaccines and doled out psychiatric medications. Whereas once education was not legal, now people are being purposely dumbed down and chemically subdued in order to quell any thought of rebellion. A government-induced apathy keeps the masses tame and docile.

Weapons have already been restricted in many countries and are being targeted by the US government right now. Only the knights – er, the military and the police – should have weapons, in order to quell any potential rebellion by the peasants – us. The US government has famously made enormous purchases of weapons and ammunition over the past year, while working diligently to remove weapons from the hands of the people.

Agenda 21, a document devised by the United Nations, goes even further to separate the 90% from the 10%. In the name of tree-hugging largess, A-21 is quietly working to round up the peasants and place them in cities, with massive restrictions on their movement. Through public transit that only goes to certain places, A-21 is “keeping the peasants on the estate”. People are shoehorned into tiny apartments with no opportunity to become self-sufficient and grown their own food. Using “national land” (parks) requires payment in many areas. Even the collection and use of rainwater is being targeted by Agenda 21, sending the very clear message: WE OWN EVERYTHING.

The original feudal system began to decline with the Peasant’s Revolt in 1381. After the Black Death reduced the population by over one-third, there were not enough peasants to get in the harvests. The serfs seized the opportunity, refusing to work, refusing to pay rent and running away from the estates on which they lived. The lords were forced to negotiate with better terms for the peasants in order to get them to work. The monarchy, however, was not pleased with this and began to levy even more taxes on the peasants (austerity measures?) The peasants ended up revolting violently, storming the tower of London, executing financiers and noblemen, and burning down castles.  

The nobles quickly mobilized a militia and squelched the revolt. The leaders of the uprising were publicly executed. Although the revolt was not seen as a success, it was the beginning of the end for the medieval feudal system, as the nobles realized that the peasants had the power of numbers behind them and that they could wreak havoc by simply refusing to work.

What lessons can we take from this?

As there has always been, there are those who want a one-world government, divided into small controllable segments, ruled over by those who will support the power agenda, swearing loyalty to the elite.

These elite use the following tactics to manipulate the masses: government sponsored false flag events, incrementalism, dumbing down the population, programming opinions through media and popular culture, and entertainment distractions (bread and circuses).

Only with unified effort will the people  to live in dignity and equality. If only 5% of the people refuse to serve the elite, there are still billions more to take our places. It is vital to spread awareness. Just as the mainstream media drills submission into the subconscious of the masses, we must hammer away at their perceived reality.

  • Vote with your wallets – refuse to support the massive corporations owned by the global elite. Stop buying into their theories on the latest items you “must” have. Don’t shop at their slave-labor big box stores, don’t eat their mass-produced food-like substances and don’t take their deadly “medications”. Put them out of business by refusing to participate and make sure others know why you are doing it.
  • Strive for self-sufficiency. Grow your food, purchase what you cannot grow yourself from local farmers and learn to live with what you can provide for yourself. Providing for yourself is your God-given right, not a permission to be granted by the “elite”, the government or the big corporations.
  • Be aware of the creeping presence of Agenda 21 – fight it every step of the way by shedding light on the plan. Contradict the warm fuzzy language and enlighten people about the land grabs, the ownership of nature and the corralling of humans into controlled areas.
  • Refuse to participate in benefits programs – this system is designed to encourage dependency, and through dependency, control.

The most important step of all is shining the light on the secret plans of who consider the rest of us peasants, put here to serve them. Don’t be discouraged if efforts to revolt against this control do not immediately succeed. It took a couple hundred years to make feudalism illegal the first time around.

Resist. Teach the next generation to do the same. Learn from the past to create a different future – this is just a new spin on a theme that is ages-old.

 “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

~ Sir Winston Churchill

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Contributed by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor who lives in a small village in the Pacific Northwestern area of the United States.  She is the author of The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months. On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy writes about healthy prepping, homesteading adventures, and the pursuit of liberty and food freedom.  Daisy is a co-founder of the website Nutritional Anarchy, which focuses on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Daisy’s articles are widely republished throughout alternative media. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest,  and Twitter, and you can email her at

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  • Be informed

    You know Daisy, it is beginning to look more and more like the science fiction Star Trek with the Borg. Captured star systems where the people were given mind control devices to bring about total obedience like a zombie. More and more the masses are gravitating towards this mindless state of total conformity.

    My animals like to watch the cartoons and they have this campaign against bullying, which is okay. However they have this group of girls that don’t want to have this one girl join them. It is implied that the girls are bullying the other girl by not wanting them to interact with her. In other words they are taking the group of girls’ freedom away to choose whom they want to talk to or not talk to. In other words they are making bullies out of the society that FORCES individuals to do something that freedom guarantees, to make that choice whom you talk to our not.

    This type of political correctness is nothing but taking away free speech, and making people into conforming robots that will be forced one way or the other to “behave” or face the consequences. This goes to the point of losing freedom bit by bit. People are not even allowed to celebrate Christmas in the public anymore but Fag parades are totally allowed.

    You bring up vaccinations. These are loaded with pure toxic poison. While not be safeguarded against tetanus can be dangerous, all these other slews of vaccinations against everything taxes the immune systems horribly and if given should be done one at a time. The point of this is that a person and their offspring absolutely should have the right to choose to be vaccinated or not, its their body. If everyone else is vaccinated then what is the problem if someone chooses not to? Even if there is an outbreak of the measles or something, this is from individuals that made a conscious choice of not being vaccinated. Again, this forced vaccination is a NAZI demand of someone’s own private business and their freedom.

    The mere fact that someone not using county or state services should not have to pay property taxes. Taxes are suppose to be used provide services, such as road repair and upkeep, schools. public buildings, etc. If someone is void of these on some retreat then why should they have to pay for them?

    As the slaves of others become more acute, so does the dwindling of freedom, and the desperate desire of those in control to gain even more control, including over the thought processes of everyone. It is a fact that the brain can be controlled through chemicals, this is most apparent in mental hospitals. As more and more chemicals are added to the water, food, vaccines, maybe even the air in some cases. These chemicals are not the same as the dope that they precribe but have poor effects on the brain and its functions. Besides this, just look at all these idiots that take dr. quack’s “happy pill”.

    Lost is the freedom to think and use ration common sense. However, it probably won’t matter much as this world is getting so close to a full scale world war. Then you have the survivors that could or could not be faced with the same sh^& but hopefully with areas to escape into. Who knows, but the two words “prison planet” sure seem appropiate to those that still have free thought. Nice little bit of writing Daisy.

  • The Old Man;

    yeah I feel it!! but what kicks me in th ass is people trying to get rich off others fears, for exampo thirtyseven thins to whored} buy info on what to buy face it,, Water,Food,Shelter,Security,

  • Rick

    The problem is that even though there are more of us than them, most of “us” look up to them in awe not imagining they are really there to enslave us.
    Just take a look at the Bamaphone woman. More of the slaves like her than the enlightened.
    I am just wondering when the Star Chamber will start to come into operation.

  • Nexus789

    You only have to look at the ratio of CEO earning to the average worker to see greed in action.

    Currently over 230 times the average worker – CEO compensation increased by over 700% from 1978 to 2011. In 1965 a CEO earned 20 times the ratio.

    In contrast those greedy selfish workers saw their compensation decline by -5.7% over the same period.

    Does anyone think these overpaid dorks are actually worth the money the extort from the companies they work for? The other annoying thing is even if they are totally incompetent they generally get compensation payouts.

  • I agree with Nexus, we have a Darwinisom in reverse, the most incompetant , best liars and best thieves steal from everyone else. The poor cannot make money or the little money made does not sustain them enough to get out of poverty, also most good paying jobs get sent overseas, another top talent ideology so no money is left to pay taxes to support the elite.
    Why do we have so many entitled who recieve the best at no cost to them supported by the so called lazy of society?