Senate Shoots Down Four New Gun Control Laws

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After every mass shooting, the usual suspects come out to declare “enough is enough.” Our politicians and celebrities start braying in unison, and clamor to ban assault rifles, high capacity magazines, or whatever else they can think of. Inevitably the gun grabbers will take advantage of the tragedy, and propose more anti-gun legislation. This time around their efforts appear to have failed across the board.

Following the Orlando night club shooting, members of the United States Senate proposed four separate gun control laws; and on Monday, all four of those bills failed to pass. Senator Dianne Feinstein proposed a law that would prevent anyone who was placed on the terror watch list within the last five years from buying a gun. That bill failed to pass 47-53. Another terror related gun bill was proposed by Republican Senator John Cornyn, which failed to pass after falling seven votes short.

Republican Senator Charles Grassley proposed a bill that would increase funding for background checks, which also fell seven votes short of the 60 that were needed to pass it. And finally, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy suggested expanding background checks for gun sales that take place on the internet or at gun shows. That bill failed on a vote of 44-56.

Despite these bills being proposed by members of both parties, the actual vote tallies fell along typical party lines, with most Republicans voting against the new measures. While the Democrats accused their opponents of being tools of the NRA, Republican senators argued that the proposed laws would violate the Constitution. Some of the senators are hoping to find a compromise on the terror watch list bill later this week, but those efforts are also expected to fail.

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  • M_Avalon

    Mitch McConnell shouldn’t have even let them come up for a vote, the lousy POS..

  • They’ll just keep false-flagging till they get what they want. They need to be stopped.

    • Gary

      Just wondering if they’re holding out on all the other unarmed Western nations ’til they disarm America. At the moment, if they start slaughtering us in Western nations like they slaughtered the Russians/Ukrainians (in one of last century’s real “holocausts”), many would likely flee to the US and bolster the opposition.

      Without an armed US, there would probably be nowhere for anyone to flee to.

      • I agree 100%, Gary! I think they need to disarm us in the USA before hell is unleashed on all ZOG nations. It’s like we are the only ones holding them back right now which is why we are being trash talked in the news and false flagged continuously. They used the same techniques in Britain and Australia and it worked but they tried it here and they keep failing. I’m pissed that they get infinity tries and if they win just one time we are doomed for good, that is not a very fair game to play.

        • Gary

          I’m not sure they get infinity tries. Every false flag, the JWO becomes more of a laughing stock. Look at all the shills they sent out this time to try and guilt people into believing a Muslim slaughtered a bunch of poofs, because the “proof” was so laughable. Lol. Each time, more people get wiser, more quickly. Every move costs them, one way or another.

          Hopefully, eventually, people will realise the height from which they have fallen, turn around, and start undoing some of the damage that has been done. Some jury trials for treason would be a nice start.

  • Vows of Vengeance

    Failed as they should.

  • Gil G

    The right to have the ability to shoot someone at a moment’s notice shall not be infringed.

    • The left is responsible for most of the terror attacks, Gil.

    • Americaislost

      Gil; that would only be someone trying to harm myself or my family and you better bet I will shoot them. I guess you would just hit them with your little pink panties with some coins rolled into them. I bet you also cannot tell which restroom you should go into?

    • SP_88

      Finally, you are starting to get it! If someone breaks into your house and threatens to harm your family, do you want to shoot them now, or wait twelve minutes for the police to show up so they can either shoot him after he has killed everyone, or simply look for evidence because everyone is dead and he is long gone?
      Being able to defend ourselves is a “moment’s notice” situation. Not a “hold on, wait for the cops to arrive” situation.

  • csbubba

    Republican senators argued that the proposed laws would violate the Constitution.

    ALL gun laws, since the beginning, have VIOLATED the Us Constitution, and most States Constitutions! These “laws” ARE UNJUST!

  • John Van Huysen

    So, this is where they draw the line on violating the CONSTITUTION, eh?? What about the “drug war” and the follow-up, collective ass wiping of the CONSTITUTION?? How about “the patriot act” and it’s follow-up, collective ass wiping??