Senate Rejects Expanded Background Checks for Gun Buyers

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Senate on Wednesday rejected a bipartisan plan to expand background checks for gun buyers, dealing a sharp blow to President Barack Obama’s campaign to curb gun violence after the Newtown school massacre.

Despite emotional pleas from families of victims of the Newtown, Connecticut, shootings and broad public support nationwide, the plan to extend background checks to online and gun-show sales failed on a 54-46 vote, six votes short of the 60-vote hurdle needed to clear the Senate.

The amendment negotiated by Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Republican Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania was seen as Obama’s best hope to pass meaningful gun-control legislationafter the December massacre of 20 children and six adults at an elementary school in Newtown.

Other measures backed by the Democratic president – including a proposal to ban rapid-firing “assault” weapons like the one used in Connecticut and a limit on ammunition magazines – also are expected to fail as the Senate conducts nine consecutive votes on gun-control legislation.

The votes are the culmination of weeks of intense negotiations and lobbying over Obama’s proposed gun restrictions, and the defeat of the background checks amendment could doom the biggest package of gun legislation Congress has considered in two decades.

Opponents of the Manchin-Toomey plan and the restrictions on assault weapons said the proposals were an example of government overreach that would infringe on the constitutional right to bear arms.

The Democratic-led Senate also will consider several Republican-sponsored amendments backed by the National Rifle Association gun lobby that would expand gun rights, adding an element of uncertainty to the eventual content of the bill.

The Senate legislation also includes tighter restrictions on gun trafficking and more funding for school security.

The Manchin-Toomey background checks amendment allowed exemptions for private sales or gifts between families and friends and prohibited the creation of a national registry of guns. Polls show more than 80 percent of Americans support expanded background checks.

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  • R.b.

    80% agree to expanded backround cheks? I find that total B.S.

    • RickE.

      @R.b., if they’re going to do expanded background checks, lets start with Obama himself!

      • SKIP

        He HAS no background, thought we had that settled LOL

  • Down to 80% support eh? wasn’t it 90% just a week ago (according to the obama sponsored media)?

    Maybe after the recent Boston Marathon incident, people are starting to realize that guns are not necessarily the root of the problem.

    Creating new gun laws and abolishing part of our constitution may give some of our so called “public servants” a reason to thump their chests and brag about how they’re in control, but how can they truly hope to control a population when hey can’t even control themselves very well?

    I’m just an amateur conspiracy theorist here (maybe one of you professionals can clarify this question for me) but is it possible some of our gov’t officials don’t want civilians to have guns because we’re starting to wake up and question their authority? An unarmed population can’t resist a fully armed government very well. (I don’t know if even Gandhi could pull that one off again)

  • ncjoeTakesItInTheFace

    Well then…time to get ready for the next round. The simple fact that they were only 6 votes short means they just need a little more pressure and they will fold like a plastic chair with Mooshell sitting in it. Hell the idiots let to much info out too soon. VP dumbass just kept flapping his lips and smirking that smirk. The rest were just to cocky and let their freak flags fly before they got told to shut it.

    I feel like Nostradamus so might as well go all out. The next event wont just be a tipping point. It will be THE tipping point. It will likely be something that will make everyone on the fence run out and cry BAN as soon as they hear about it. It cant be anything less or it wont make much difference. I am sure the admini…errr bad guys already are planning it.

    Hell, its time to sit back on my ‘I told you so stool’ and watch the shit go from a trickle to a nice steady flow.

    • A steady flow? More like explosive verbal diarrhea

    • RickE.

      More incoherent babble huh joe? I sure look forward to your enlightening and entertaining blathering!
      Lets see, N(no)C(cerebrum)Joe! Fits you perfectly!

      • ncjoeLikes2Bbutthurt

        Hey RickE…. re-read my post brother, You have totally missed my point lol. I put a lot of sarcasm in it and that may have thrown you off a little. 😉

        • Anonymous

          Yes it did! Sorry about that, I thought you were the original.

    • SKIP

      6 votes short simply means the ante for bribes is going to be increased which will piss off those bribed at lesser amounts making them want to back track…rinse, repeat until desired goal is achieved.

  • Talk about a temper tantrum! Obama was very displeased with the representatives, thjey did not vote his way. Awwwww too bad for you Kenyan! What the hell did he expect, they want our votes. They don’t care if he likes them or not. WE THE PEOPLE have won again. Now I guess he will have to find another way to bypass the constitution. He’s probably working on it right now.

  • SKIP

    I asked my wife and sons if they wanted more gun control and they said NO, e.g. 100% of surveyed Amurkistanis said they DO NOT want more gun control.