Rep. Amash to Sen. Feinstein: ‘Hypocrites Like You Are Why the Public Doesn’t Trust Congress’

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We’ve entered Mel Brooks level government comedy. Can someone play a sad song on the world’s smallest violin for this woman?

In the ultimate dictionary definition act of hypocrisy, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is complaining that the CIA violated her committee’s Fourth Amendment rights when she claims the agency removed several key documents from committee computers.

She actually found it within herself to be surprised and outraged that this could happen…to her. Accusing the CIA of breaking federal laws and “undermining the constitutional principle of congressional oversight” Feinstein said, “I am not taking it lightly.” The Department of Justice is reportedly investigating the matter.

Feinstein, if you recall, has been a huge proponent of the NSA’s overreach and basically every government big brother spy program you can imagine in recent years…when it’s aimed at the American people, of course. Here’s just one example from not even a month ago in the LA Times:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) offered a full-throated defense of the government’s collection of data on billions of American phone calls, saying Wednesday that the National Security Agency’s practices have safeguarded the nation without trampling on civil liberties.

“What keeps me up at night, candidly, is another attack against the United States. And I see enough of the threat stream to know that is possible,” Feinstein said at a Pacific Council on International Policy dinner in Century City.

Apparently that same heartfelt “full-throated defense” of government spying overreach ‘safeguarding the nation’ does not apply to herself and her committee, however.

In response to Feinstein’s hypocritical outrage at being targeted by the intelligence community, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan) sent this message out on his official Facebook page:


(Post by Justin Amash.)

“She has had no problem with U.S. intelligence agencies, like the ‪#‎NSA‬, violating the Constitution by spying on hundreds of millions of Americans without probable cause. This kind of hypocrisy is one of the biggest reasons the public can’t stand Congress.”


It’s one of a plethora of reasons, but still. At least someone up on that hill gets it…

Former NSA Contractor Edward Snowden also came out a few hours ago to say that Feinstein is a total hypocrite.

The only person that does not seem to realize it by now is, sadly, Sen. Feinstein.

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  • Hammerun

    You only need to remember one rule.
    Socialism is good for the people.
    Not the Socialist!!

  • Chris G. Foltz

    who the hell keeps voting this JEWNO back into office… time for a change…

  • JCW

    Mrs. Feinstein what you and most of the other “useful idiots” don’t understand is eventually they will come for you too….

  • matism

    Thank God there is at least ONE honorable Representative in the House! Sure aren’t about to hear anything such as this from “Weepy” and his toadies. Nor from Peter King.

  • Truth, Justice & the AMERICAN

    throw da bi0tch OUT with the rest of the GARBAGE

  • Sammy

    Oh for the day that,
    Di ane is in her bi o
    de grade a ble way

  • robertsgunshop

    Sucks when it’s YOUR rights, huh bitch. You’ve been trampling peoples rights for years and now you scream about the Constitution and rights?

    • henrybowman

      And it’s not even “her” rights. Those documents don’t belong to her.

  • Andy Fife

    Self-deception is the hardest to accept. Our slave, the gov’t, needs a whippin’ . And put it in the stocks . Then prison. Then awaken the Republic and take over like the Founders did.

    • Ed

      What the “founders” did is what put you where you are. How about we just leave each other alone.

      • Andy Fife

        puke BAR members is what puked up the usA, ship those swine and swill to England, the sworn enemy of freedom.
        You sound like some barfstain lawyer

        • Ed

          Scribbles on paper forbids nothing.

          • Andy Fife


          • Ed

            The so called “constitution” is nothing but scribbles on paper. Some were brainwashed in to thinking those scribbles matter. It’s the year 2014. There isn’t much excuse left for not knowing this.

          • Andy Fife

            wow, you’re a fool

  • crazy2medic

    Everybody is equal but some are more equal than others, she carries a gun but doesn’t want anybody else to be able to, she’s a hypocrite from way back.

  • 00AV

    I find it funny everyone in the west is being brainwashed to loathe Viktor Yanukovych for, among other reasons, becoming wealthy while in power, meanwhile right under their nose the same thing is happening and no one blinks an eye.

  • RapidRay01 .

    The reason that senator Feinstein was so upset , she believes that she is one of the protected ” Tribal ” members of Washington !

  • Andy Fife

    DEREGISTER,,,,then wake up the Republic man,,,voting for ANYONE now is just voting for some CORPORATE board member,,nothing to do with the usA. Google: USA vs usA

  • Cuddles

    I can’t even believe this.

  • hangman

    She’s an obnoxious Jew cunt! It fine to destroy the bill of rights for the rest of America. But she’s “special”!