Self-Proclaimed Monsanto Employee Trolling Anti-GMO Articles, Claiming Organic Food ‘Kills People’

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So I was reading Heather Callaghan’s article, “Monsanto Teaching a Health Class In a School Near You?” published earlier today at Activist Post, which begins, “I’m retelling this story not to cause sheer outrage or bring down shame and fire on one school in one instance, but to let you know definitively that Monsanto representatives could visit a school near you to teach a class…”

Scrolling down to see what people thought of this glorious new development in genetically modified propaganda, I noticed a very angry man in the comments section going by the name “Michael Stephens” thought long and hard about Callaghan’s piece and had quite a lot to say:


His first comment, telling the writer her words are “full of irrational hate” was apparently not enough, because he quickly came back for a second, much longer comment which began with, “I work for Monsanto and I can tell you 99% of what I read about Monsanto on the internet is not true.”

Stephens ends his long tirade with, “3 billions acres plants 18 years and 1 a trillion meals and not a SINGLE hospitalization from GM crops but organic food kills every year. I am not saying that organic food will kill but the reality is it has and Gm has not. You can say well it really is killing people – but where is the evidence?” [emphasis added]

(Note: This writer has read plenty of articles by Callaghan and on Activist Post regarding Monsanto and GM crops, backed up with numerous references, but that isn’t even the point here.)

Organic kills…really? Then what did humans eat for hundreds of years before Monsanto ever existed?

Why would a self-professed employee of Monsanto actively spend his time trolling anti-GMO articles, then try to randomly claim organic food kills people (without the very evidence to back up his claim that he is saying the writer lacks)?

After all, Monsanto has fought labeling GM food in every state that’s tried to label it. Why is that if, according to one of the company’s own employees, GM crops are feeding the world such safe food that has never put a single person in the hospital?

A little digging, and it turns out Mr. Michael/Mike Stephens, or someone going by those names anyway, is making the rounds in numerous articles on GM crops and Monsanto and has for years now (but much more angrily lately), dutifully sticking up for what he says is his company and their products (and even The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

Stephens makes a lot of claims, including that Monsanto’s data collection is totally sound, GM crops improve yields, stories of Indian farmers who committed suicide due to GM crops are false, Monsanto is “now biology company not a chemical company,” glyphosate doesn’t cause any diseases, doesn’t kill bees, and is “one of the safest herbicides,” organic farmers don’t get sued by Monsanto, Russia is “really a gas station with a president,” “organic industrialists” are “funding anti-GMO campaigns to bad mouth GM food,” and “organic growers want to distract people from the real issue — organic food killing people.”

That last one he mentions time and again.

Here’s a quick smattering of a few of the more recent comments, screen capped.

From the May 25, 2014 article, “World protests Monsanto grip on food supply chain” at Russia Today:


From the February 24, 2014 article “Is The Royal Society Monsanto?” at in regard to Guardian Environment Editor John Vidal’s piece “GM crops: European scientists descend on Africa to promote biotech”:


From the June 2, 2014 article “Canada Defeats Monsanto Seed Imperialism!” on Investment Watch


From the June 2, 2014 article “After the March Against Monsanto, Momentum Favors the People” from Two Cent Report:


From the February 27, 2014 article, “Monsanto’s Roundup Found in 75% of Air and Rain Samples” at EcoWatch:


Real professional there, Mr. Scientist. Does this guy even have half a clue who he claims to work for?

Stephens has been around for awhile now — from the 2010 press release “Gates Foundation Invests in Monsanto” on Community Alliance for Global Justice:


(Gates, who “spends a lot of money making the developing world better” according to Stephens, reportedly owns something like 500,000 shares of Monsanto Stock worth approximately 23 million USD, just by the way.)

That last comment is particularly telling, however. Monsanto’s world headquarters is located in St. Louis, where this Mike Stephens’ is listed from. He also specifically mentions Gates’ WEMA project.

It’s a lot like this Mike Stephens below who has a B.S. in Microbiology and a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology, who worked on Bill Gates’ WEMA project, and who is currently listed as the Commercial Project Support Lead at Monsanto Headquarters in St. Louis on LinkedIn.


Is it the same guy?

So if everything written in every article he’s been on (the list of them goes on and on and on) is completely untrue regarding Monsanto and it’s genetically modified products and chemicals, why even bother arguing? (Besides the fact that for someone with a Ph.D supposedly educated at Harvard, he looks totally unprofessional and ridiculous online — a great company spokesman, no?)

Why spend what appears to be countless hours in article after article after article attacking organic food, organic farmers and anti-GMO activists?

Also, if this guy is the same one on LinkedIn who is in control of teams of scientists charged with creating Monsanto’s GM food and testing and vouching for its safety with this attitude, why would anyone want to buy it anyway, even if it was the best stuff on the face of the planet?

He sounds like an elementary schoolyard bully, at best.

The one thing Stephens never seems to discuss, by the way, is this: if his company’s products are so dang wonderful for everyone everywhere — why, oh why won’t the company allow it’s glorious gift to mankind to be labeled in the U.S.? Why have his bosses spent millions to fight the public’s right to know if they are eating Monsanto products? Why is Monsanto, and its lobbying arm the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, suing Vermont to keep the state from passing a GMO labeling law?

People have the right to know what they are eating. Period.

People have the right to know how their food was made, so they can make a choice as to whether or not they agree with that process before they consume said food. Period.

They have this right no matter what food it is or who says it’s good for them or not. Period.

Monsanto is a business. Monsanto isn’t anyone’s daddy. Grown-ups have the right to make informed decisions at grocery stores.

Period. Period. PERIOD!

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  • milotais zvirbulis

    Geneticists are extremely resistant to facing up to the possibility that they might actually be damaging the planet by their research. They lecture to the mundanes (those that can’t grasp the complexities of genetics, and therefore should not form an opinion based on fact and/or common sense, but simply trust the experts) that they are making it possible to grow crops in even the most inhospitable regions of the planet. They believe that they are the heroes of the planet. If they were so sure about that, they would not get irate when faced with dissension. Their inability to stay cool, is evidence that they still have a conscience. It tugs at them as they rationalize that the beaucoup bucks they are receiving is because they are doing good. But in the end, they will have to face the piper for their implicit role in jeopardizing our entire planet.

    • AManCalledDa-da

      It’s called guilt. Guilt kills.

    • Nikolai B

      “If they were so sure about that, they would not get irate when faced with dissension.” So if you believe strongly in something, it doesn’t make sense that when people who have no clue what they are talking about criticize your efforts that you might get a little upset? The “knowledge” and “educated opinion” of a luddite is not equal to, or as useful as the actual knowledge and actual education of an expert int he field.

      • SilverSet

        Let me guess, you’re a pro GMO activist?

        • Nikolai B

          I’ don’t know if I’m an activist, since all I do is share my beliefs in the benefits of GMO and attempt to criticize the lies often told about both them and their manufacturers. I simply agree with the scientific community that they are perfectly safe and could be a great benefit to the world.

          • SilverSet

            Then maybe you should tone down the insults buddy. But your wrong, GMOs have been proven by science to not be safe, if you don’t want to believe it that’s your problem.

          • Nikolai B

            “But your wrong, GMOs have been proven by science to not be safe”

            Several thousand peer reviewed studies and dozens of well-respected international health and science organizations say otherwise.

          • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

            then why not mention the MAIN sticking point between gmo activists and non gmo activists. IF and that is a HUGE if, it is SOOO DAMNED SAFE, WHY NOT LABEL IT?

          • patzagame

            Because the brain washed,bought off FDA says they don’t have to.

          • Avery

            Because of the damage it would do to their business, because of the huge number of credulous people who buy into the anti-GMO propaganda they read on the internet.

          • Thomas Parker

            Nikolai, don’t bother. Conspiracy theorists are immune to facts.

          • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

            the FACT is, if there was nothing to hide, and nothing to worry about, labeling wouldn’t be a big deal, nor would they put forth so much money to defeat every bill trying to be passed, and they would not try and SUE the places passing them in the first place. if the product is safe, then label it. tobacco is labeled. alcohol is labeled. gmo’s need to be labeled for those who do NOT want them in their food. plain, simple and irrefutable.

          • Thomas Borreson

            Unless, perhaps, such labelling entailed costs to producers for no quantitative gains. Or the label were to be used to perpetuate imaginary fears about their product.

          • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

            such labeling wouldn’t cost anything more than the basic re-branding they do periodically anyway. that is just an excuse.

          • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

            so you are saying that people don’t have the right to know what thye are putting into their bodies because it might hurt the manufacturers? that is the dumbest argument I have ever heard. my husband is highly allergic to cumin, we have to steer clear of anything containing it. but a lot of products just says spices and not specific spices. if he dies from undisclosed cumin, you can guarantee I will be suing the company. same thing with gmo’s people have a right to know what they are eating. plain and simple. fuck company profits over human health concerns. the people have a right to be safe in their food consumption, and if you feel otherwise, you are an idiot

          • Thomas Borreson

            Not really, no. But good straw man.

            I can understand labelling for cumin. Just as I can understand labelling that a product contains corn. It just doesn’t make any quantitative difference health-wise if it’s GM corn or non-GM. Ditto (if it existed) if it were GM cumin or non-GM. The people do indeed have a right to be safe in their food consumption, but if you feel that GM is the threat, there’s actually a pretty good chance that you are the idiot, not me.

            I can understand labelling for genuine health concerns. I just resent making everyone’s food more expensive for the sake of a bunch of scientific illiterates and their paranoid fantasies.

          • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

            it’s NOT going to make food more expensive, and unless you are a geneticist, or scientists in the field of plant genomes, you CANNOT quantitatively say that gmo’s are not dangerous. There are too many studies coming to light saying they ARE.

          • Thomas Borreson

            Really? Given that GM and non-GM varieties of corn, canola, soy, etc frequently go into the same silos after harvesting it’s not going to impose any sort of logistical headache on producers or manufacturers?

            >> you CANNOT quantitatively say that gmo’s are not dangerous.

            I’m sure they can be dangerous, since non-GM crops can also be dangerous. Like those organic zucchini in New Zealand which just started producing enough toxins to seriously harm people. They just don’t seem to be any more dangerous than non-GM crops, quantitatively.

            >> There are too many studies coming to light saying they ARE.

            Which conspicuously only publish in pay-to-publish “journals” without peer review, or contain glaring methodological errors, and even then are still quite rare.

          • Thomas Borreson

            Oh. And please feel free to cite some. If your references go anywhere near Seralini, you’re already wrong. 🙂

          • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

            haven’t been doing your homework eh? the Seralini study has been RE PUBLISHED along with ANOTHER long term study that proves the exact same thing. I shouldn’t have to do your homework for you. I keep abreast of things, YOU obviously, do not.

          • Thomas Borreson

            Yes, I’m aware that the Seralini study has been republished, and that it was republished without peer review. It was also published in a journal which has scarcely published anything, and if it had enough publications to calculate an impact factor for, it would be about 0.25. I’m also aware that it STILL demonstrates no dose response, and given the tendencies towards cancer among Sprague Dawley rats and the small sample sizes it’s still utterly meaningless.

            >> It’s this simple , eating a plant designed to kill the very insect that is eating it to stay alive is not something I am going to voluntary ingest.

            Then you will want to stop eating all plants regardless of GMO’s because production of toxins in response to insect predation is ubiquitous, in particular tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini and cucumbers.

          • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

            but you will defend the monsanto study which uses the same amount of mice, and shorter timeframe? Also how about the other studies using the SAME rats? they haven’t been retracted because of the supposed tumor issue.

          • Thomas Borreson

            You will also want to steer clear of organic food in particular, because that Bacillus thuringiensis delta endotoxin is in widespread use in organic agriculture because it’s “natural” given that it’s excreted by soil-dwelling bacteria. I mean, I’ll cheerfully eat foods treated with it or which excrete it since I’m scientifically literate and realise that its toxicity to humans is rather less than that of table salt (or organic gluten-free Himalayan pink salt for that matter) since we don’t have alkaline guts, but if you’re that irrationally paranoid about it…

          • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

            roundabout talk that means nothing because YOU CANNOT JUSTIFY NOT LABELING IT> And IO highly doubt that you know what the proteins being secreted from gmo’s are doing to the human bodies. you fail to overlook the increasing amount of childhood problems, the new obesity epidemic et al. Because you will continue to defend garbage foods for garbage science because it’s a huge corporation trying to control the worlds food supply while ignoring the fact that the gmo’s are NOT doing what they proclaim they do, and ARE doing what they proclaim they don’t do.

          • Thomas Borreson

            The complete lack of actual necessity for it isn’t a justification to not to not do it? That your reasons for wanting it amount to scientifically illiterate, irrational fears isn’t a justification not to?

            >> you fail to overlook the increasing amount of childhood problems, the new obesity epidemic et al.

            Couldn’t this be because kids are eating more fatty foods and getting less exercise?

            >> Because you will continue to defend garbage foods for garbage science

            I’m not sure how failing to use inappropriate controls, mishandle statistics, omit details of methodology, or overlook such variables as the typical cancer tendencies of Sprague-Dawley rats is garbage science.

            If your “science” is so good, why does it have to use such consistently and transparently shitty methodology?

          • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

            you should ask those defending gmo’s and monsanto.

          • milotais zvirbulis

            I am an expert on my own body. I want to know what I put into it. I
            don’t get sick if I don’t eat GMOs. Before discovering that simple
            truth, I was ill for 9 years. Now, if I get dosed, I get sick. If
            someone is sick every time he/she eats, the remedy is to remove
            conventional corn, soy, peas, tomatoes, canola, strawberries, papaya…
            those are the top ones, but there are many more that are on our shelves.
            If someone is sick, the symptoms go away in just a day, once those
            ingredients are removed.

            Organic is too expensive, but my health is worth it. I would prefer to not have to be so vigilant. It is maddening to be surrounded by ingredients in a grocery store, and only be able to find a few safe options. More and more people are figuring out that it is the food that is making them sick.

            Studies/ research will prove whatever the scientist wants proven. I live in an area where many of the world’s top bio-geneticists work. Many of my friends are grad students who are in the bio-genetics programs. Of course they believe in GMOs. Otherwise, they’d be in the organic agriculture program.

          • Thomas Borreson

            >> I am an expert on my own body.

            Mm. No. You’re probably actually not anything close to that. You probably don’t really have much of an idea of how most of it functions, except perhaps on a crude level.

            Further, you’re as vulnerable to placebo and nocebo effects as the next guy.

          • milotais zvirbulis

            You will never be able to convince me that I do not know my body more than a physician who was schooled on administering pharmaceuticals. I have achieved success in healing myself by diet. I have also learned how to avoid disease by avoiding dis-Ease… mainly through adhering to the seven heavenly graces and abstaining from the seven deadly sins. When I eat GMOs, whether through primary sources, like corn, soy or canola or through secondary sources, like eggs, pork or beef, my body reacts. It took me almost 10 years to figure out the source. Doctors only prescribed anti-depressant meds. These drugs affected the nerves, which did subdue the symptoms. Doctors know how to mask symptoms, but not cure disease. It was only until I stopped eating conventional ingredients that my symptoms and dis-ease went away completely. I found 100% relief in less than 48 hrs. I have experienced this success for the last 3 years.
            You sound a lot like a person with whom I was in a long term relationship. He had an enormous I.Q. and could not comprehend that people with a lower I.Q. could possibly have any significant knowledge. I found that he was exceedingly easy to fool and manipulate because he had no idea the intelligence of those around him. Anyway, you sound a lot like him.

          • excusemebut2

            Afraid it is everyone’s problem silverset…GMO is contaminating and spreading everywhere, Canola growing by the roadside in Sask is pretty much GM type, it is found in Japan by the handling facilities, even though it is not grown there. Just the tip of the iceberg, once these genes are loosed on the scene, they cannot be controlled. They are working on GM bluegrass, round up ready for lawns, (great idea that, have every tom dick and harry dousing his yard with round up) non-browning apples, that you can cut and put in the fridge for fifteen days without oxidizing, products to feed and “save” the world. LOL Carry on Nikolia B.

          • Tony

            Are you saying Monsanto is working on non-browning apples? I doubt it – look at their website. The GM canola in Sask is Gm – how do you know that – do you carry a GM test kit with you. So what if GM canola is grown in Canada – they is zero evidence it is harmful – plenty of scary stories without a fact……..meanwhile people dying from food poisoning etc etc

          • excusemebut2

            The point re the GM canola is from tests done, and purely makes sense as that is pretty much all that is grown. I did not specifically say Monsanto is involved in the “Arctic” apple, it is being developed by Okanagan Specialty fruit, but if you knew anything about this subject you would know that. The bluegrass is related to Monsanto through Scott. Inform yourself.

          • milotais zvirbulis

            There is not just one scientific community. Thankfully, not all scientist have been bought and sold by Monsanto and Co.

          • Thomas Borreson

            Actually, they can’t even afford to buy a significant portion of it. This is why the oil industry, with so much more money, has not been able to make the scientific consensus on the reality of anthropogenic global warming just go away. Even when the Koch Brothers decided to directly fund their own research team, it produced and published conclusions which were inconvenient to their interests. The consensus on GM safety comes from the same place: academics.

            It takes about 12 years of education to get a PhD, and usually a lengthy post-doc grind to really get going in academics. It’s not going to take a small sum of money to get a person to throw that all away by deliberately publishing false results. As that Wakefield chap discovered, getting your work published in peer review doesn’t secure it; it paints a big bullseye on it as it invites other folks to try to replicate your results. And since it’s such an adversarial system, if you ARE wrong, all of your peers have every incentive to demolish your work and advance their careers.

      • milotais zvirbulis

        I am saying if they were secure in their resolve, that they would remain more professional. However, their resolve is thin because truth always makes itself known to the heart.

        • Thomas Borreson

          Remain more professional as in not correcting disinformation?

    • Thomas Borreson

      Why would a person not be bothered when false accusations motivated by anti-intellectualism are levelled against them? Would you be calm about being falsely vilified in a deliberate fashion because someone needs a scapegoat?

  • Nikolai B

    Of course they didn’t. An anti-Monsanto Myth. They had a contract with a firm who supplied food to a single cafeteria in the UK. That firm decided to go Organic, and that’s what that Monsanto cafeteria got, They no longer hold a contract with that firm.

    • excusemebut2

      They no longer hold a contract with that firm….why…organic kills?

      • Tony

        google this:

        Truthout / By Michael Meurer

        Americans Are 110 Times More Likely to Die from Contaminated Food Than Terrorism

        • Avery

          and 8 times more likely to be killed by babies than by terrorism.

      • Tony

        It’s true. In just the past two years, according to World Health Organization statistics, organic foods loaded with E.Coli bacteria have killed more people worldwide than all nuclear fission accidents and the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan combined.

        • excusemebut2

          Singling out organic as a sole source and a unique danger related to e coli is just pure cherry picking, and I am wondering if that WHO article even separates out the “organic” poisonings. The litany of poisonings NOT related to organic seems to fill volumes, millions of pounds of meat, non organic spinach, and on and on…..most outbreaks in the United States have been associated with raw or undercooked ground beef, unpasteurized milk, unpasteurized juice and leafy greens (spinach, lettuce, etc.), according to North Carolina Dept of Health and Human services. No mention of organic as a “killer” danger to avoid. In fact 106 people were sickened and one died, guess how….FROM A PETTING ZOO. Guess we should condemn petting zoos! E-coli is a risk for ALL foods which must be managed, to single out a reduction of pesticides and artificial fertilizers as extremely dangerous and not worth doing so that the chemical warfare we are carrying out in the name of agriculture can continue, at the risk of the entire ecosystems we rely on to survive on this planet is just plain stupid.

        • excusemebut2

          Read the article Tony…it is a condemnation of mass scale industrialized agriculture more so than of proper organic farming and methodology. “Yet, 23 deaths and more than 1,000 hospitalizations caused by an industrial accident at an organic farm in northern Germany” AN INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT Tony …..due to mass production and profit motives, not so much the fact it was purely organic at all. All of the organic proponents I know are supporting locally grown, locally known small scale producers, they hate large scale corporate operations.

  • Nikki Zozuk

    I am against gmo, and refuse to feed it to my family. I even run a page called Organic living. I am consumed with trying to have only natural product in my life and being nutritionally sound so as to alleviate many ailments that have reared their ugly heads in my kids, myself and my friends. We have beat depression, ADD, AUTISM, colitis, toxic shock, chronic fatigue and are working on keeping type 1 diabetes in one of my children under control this way also. My problem with the above statement by Mike Stephens, is that it clearly reads, ” I am not saying organic kills.” Am I missing something. The title of the article makes it look like his statement was read as saying ” I am saying organics kill.” For the record in my opinion GMO have got to go!!

  • Undecider

    Why is this a surprise? Ask most anyone in the military about the war on terror and they’ll tell you it’s legitimate.

  • Tony

    No they did not ban GMO in their cafe’s – this is a 14 year old story that was incorrect 14 years ago

  • Tony

    So the story that Michael Taylor who left Monsanto about 10 years ago for the FDA is really a Monsanto spy and is on the take – obviously makes us think that Taylor is a felon..seems like people need to stop telling fibs and fess up to their own lies.
    If someone thinks Taylor is a criminal they had better speak up or shut up. A public servant doesn’t deserve this crap from faceless idiots

    • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

      He IS a crook. he has NEVER ruled AGAINST monsanto in any case brought before him. what does that tell you?

  • Tony

    Today’s New Monsanto is not the same company as Monsanto pre-2000. You might as well blame present day German babies for Hitler. No-one who works at Monsanto now, or who is a shareholder now was involved with Monsanto in the 1970’s.
    Monsanto is literally not the same company -they took the name. Pfizer is technically the old Monsanto and the chemical part is now Solutia.
    But let facts get in your way.
    Also Monsanto is moving away from chemicals with only 15% of sales from herbicide – the rest being seed some even being organic seed.

    • excusemebut2

      Since 1970 you say?? been angels ave they…..they rebranded themselves because they ran into a wall….bought seed companies, why was that. A bit of history for you Tony, you brainwashed poor ol feller…

      1970s: Monsanto partner, G.D. Searle, produces numerous internal studies which claim aspartame to be safe, while the FDA’s own scientific research clearly reveals that aspartame causes tumors and massive holes in the brains of rats, before killing them. The FDA initiates a grand jury investigation into G.D. Searle for “knowingly misrepresenting findings and concealing material facts and making false statements” in regard to aspartame safety.

      During this time, Searle strategically taps prominent Washington insider Donald Rumsfeld, who served as Secretary of Defense during the Gerald Ford and George W. Bush presidencies, to become CEO. The corporation’s primary goal is to have Rumsfeld utilize his political influence and vast experience in the killing business to grease the FDA to play ball with them.

      A few months later, Samuel Skinner receives “an offer he can’t refuse,” withdraws from the investigation and resigns his post at the U.S. Attorney’s Office to go work for Searle’s law firm. This mob tactic stalls the case just long enough for the statute of limitation to run out and the grand jury investigation is abruptly and conveniently dropped.

      1980s: Amid indisputable research that reveals the toxic effects of aspartame and as then FDA commissioner Dr. Jere Goyan was about to sign a petition into law keeping it off the market, Donald Rumsfeld calls Ronald Reagan for a favor the day after he takes office. Reagan fires the uncooperative Goyan and appoints Dr. Arthur Hayes Hull to head the FDA, who then quickly tips the scales in Searle’s favor and NutraSweet is approved for human consumption in dried products.This becomes sadly ironic since Reagan, a known jelly bean and candy enthusiast, later suffers from Alzheimers during his second term, one of the many horrific effects of aspartame consumption.

      Searle’s real goal though was to have aspartame approved as a soft drink sweetener since exhaustive studies revealed that at temperatures exceeding 85 degrees Fahrenheit, it “breaks down into known toxins Diketopiperazines (DKP), methyl (wood) alcohol, and formaldehyde.”(4), becoming many times deadlier than its powdered form!

      The National Soft Drink Association (NSDA) is initially in an uproar, fearing future lawsuits from consumers permanently injured or killed by drinking the poison. When Searle is able to show that liquid aspartame, though incredibly deadly, is much more addictive than crack cocaine, the NSDA is convinced that skyrocketing profits from the sale of soft drinks laced with aspartame would easily offset any future liability. With that, corporate greed wins and the unsuspecting soft drink consumers pay for it with damaged healths.

      Coke leads the way once again (remember saccharin?) and begins poisoning Diet Coke drinkers with aspartame in 1983. As expected, sales skyrocket as millions become hopelessly addicted and sickened by the sweet poison served in a can. The rest of the soft drink industry likes what it sees and quickly follows suit, conveniently forgetting all about their initial reservations that aspartame is a deadly chemical. There’s money to be made, lots of it and that’s all that really matters to them anyway!

      In 1985, undaunted by the swirl of corruption and multiple accusations of fraudulent research undertaken by Searle, Monsanto purchases the company and forms a new aspartame subsidiary called NutraSweet Company. When multitudes of independent scientists and researchers continue to warn about aspartame’s toxic effects, Monsanto goes on the offensive, bribing the National Cancer Institute and providing their own fraudulent papers to get the NCI to claim that formaldehyde does not cause cancer so that aspartame can stay on the market.

      The known effects of aspartame ingestion are: “mania, rage, violence, blindness, joint-pain, fatigue, weight-gain, chest-pain, coma, insomnia, numbness, depression, tinnitus, weakness, spasms, irritability, nausea, deafness, memory-loss, rashes, dizziness, headaches, seizures, anxiety, palpitations, fainting, cramps, diarrhoea, panic, burning in the mouth. Diseases triggered/mimmicked include diabetes, MS, lupus, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, tumours, miscarriage, infertility, fibromyalgia, infant death, Alzheimer’s… Source : U.S. Food & Drug Administration.(5)

      Further, 80% of complaints made to the FDA regarding food additives are about aspartame, which is now in over 5,000 products including diet and non-diet sodas and sports drinks, mints, chewing gum, frozen desserts, cookies, cakes, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, milk drinks, instant teas, coffees, yogurt, baby food and many, many more!(6) Read labels closely and do not buy anything that contains this horrific killer!

      Amidst all the death and disease, FDA’s Arthur Hull resigns under a cloud of corruption and is immediately hired by Searle’s public relations firm as a senior scientific consultant. No, that’s not a joke! Monsanto, the FDA and many government health regulatory agencies have become one and the same! It seems the only prerequisite for becoming an FDA commissioner is that they spend time at either Monsanto or one of the pharmaceutical cartel’s organized crime corps.

      1990s: Monsanto spends millions defeating state and federal legislation that disallows the corporation from continuing to dump dioxins, pesticides and other cancer-causing poisons into drinking water systems. Regardless, they are sued countless times for causing disease in their plant workers, the people in surrounding areas and birth defects in babies.

      With their coffins full from the massive billions of profits, the $100 million dollar settlements are considered the low cost of doing business and thanks to the FDA, Congress and White House, business remains very good. So good that Monsanto is sued for giving radioactive iron to 829 pregnant women for a study to see what would happen to them.

      In 1994, the FDA once again criminally approves Monsanto’s latest monstrosity, the Synthetic Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), produced from a genetically modified E. coli bacteria, despite obvious outrage from the scientific community of its dangers. Of course, Monsanto claims that diseased pus milk, full of antibiotics and hormones is not only safe, but actually good for you!

      Worse yet, dairy companies who refuse to use this toxic cow pus and label their products as“rBGH-free” are sued by Monsanto, claiming it gives them an unfair advantage over competitors that did. In essence, what Monsanto was saying is “yeah, we know rBGH makes people sick, but it’s not alright that you advertise it’s not in your products.”

      The following year, the diabolical company begins producing GMO crops that are tolerant to their toxic herbicide Roundup. Roundup-ready canola oil (rapeseed), soybeans, corn and BT cotton begin hitting the market, advertised as being safer, healthier alternatives to their organic non-GMO rivals. Apparently, the propaganda worked as today over 80% of canola on the market is their GMO variety.

      A few things you definitely want to avoid in your diet are GMO soy, corn, wheat and canola oil, despite the fact that many “natural” health experts claim the latter to be a healthy oil. It’s not, but you’ll find it polluting many products on grocery store shelves.

      Because these GM crops have been engineered to ‘self-pollinate,’ they do not need nature or bees to do that for them. There is a very dark side agenda to this and that is to wipe out the world’s bee population.

      Monsanto knows that birds and especially bees, throw a wrench into their monopoly due to their ability to pollinate plants, thus naturally creating foods outside of the company’s “full domination control agenda.” When bees attempt to pollinate a GM plant or flower, it gets poisoned and dies. In fact, the bee colony collapse was recognized and has been going on since GM crops were first introduced.

      To counter the accusations that they deliberately caused this ongoing genocide of bees, Monsanto devilishly buys out Beeologics, the largest bee research firm that was dedicated to studying the colony collapse phenomenon and whose extensive research named the monster as the primary culprit! After that, it’s “bees, what bees? Everything’s just dandy!” Again, I did not make this up, but wish I had!

      During the mid-90s, they decide to reinvent their evil company as one focused on controlling the world’s food supply through artificial, biotechnology means to preserve the Roundup cash-cow from losing market-share in the face of competing, less-toxic herbicides. You see, Roundup is so toxic that it wipes out non-GMO crops, insects, animals, human health and the environment at the same time. How very efficient!

      Because Roundup-ready crops are engineered to be toxic pesticides masquerading as food, they have been banned in the EU, but not in America! Is there any connection between that and the fact that Americans, despite the high cost and availability of healthcare, are collectively the sickest people in the world? Of course not!

      As was Monsanto’s plan from the beginning, all non-Monsanto crops would be destroyed, forcing farmers the world over to use only its toxic terminator seeds. And Monsanto made sure farmers who refused to come into the fold were driven out of business or sued when windblown terminator seeds poisoned organic farms.

      This gave the company a virtual monopoly as terminator seed crops and Roundup worked hand in glove with each other as GMO crops could not survive in a non-chemical environment so farmers were forced to buy both.

      Their next step was to spend billions globally buying up as many seed companies as possible and transitioning them into terminator seed companies in an effort to wipe out any rivals and eliminate organic foods off the face of the earth. In Monsanto’s view, all foods must be under their full control and genetically modified or they are not safe to eat!

      They pretend to be shocked that their critics in the scientific community question whether crops genetically modified with the genes of diseased pigs, cows, spiders, monkeys, fish, vaccines and viruses are healthy to eat. The answer to that question is obviously a very big “no way!”

      2000s: By this time Monsanto controls the largest share of the global GMO market. In turn, the US gov’t spends hundreds of millions to fund aerial spraying of Roundup, causing massive environmental devastation. Fish and animals by the thousands die within days of spraying as respiratory ailments and cancer deaths in humans spike tremendously. But this is all considered an unusual coincidence so the spraying continues. If you thought Monsanto and the FDA were one and the same, well you can add the gov’t to that sorry list now.

      The monster grows bigger: Monsanto merges with Pharmacia & Upjohn, then separates from its chemical business and rebrands itself as an agricultural company. Yes, that’s right, a chemical company whose products have devastated the environment, killed millions of people and wildlife over the years now wants us to believe they produce safe and nutritious foods that won’t kill people any longer. That’s an extremely hard-sell, which is why they continue to grow bigger through mergers and secret partnerships.

      Because rival DuPont is too large a corporation to be allowed to merge with, they instead form a stealth partnership where each agrees to drop existing patent lawsuits against one another and begin sharing GMO technologies for mutual benefit. In layman’s terms, together they would be far too powerful and politically connected for anything to stop them from owning a virtual monopoly on agriculture; “control the food supply & you control the people!”

      Not all is rosy as the monster is repeatedly sued for $100s of millions for causing illness, infant deformities and death by illegally dumping all manner of PCBs into ground water, and continually lying about products safety – you know, business as usual.

      The monster often perseveres and proves difficult to slay as it begins filing frivolous suits against farmers it claims infringe on their terminator seed patents. In virtually all cases, unwanted seeds are windblown onto farmers’ lands by neighboring terminator-seeded farms. Not only do these horrendous seeds destroy the organic farmers’ crops, the lawsuits drive them into bankruptcy, while the Supreme Court overturns lower court rulings and sides with Monsanto each time.

      At the same time, the monster begins filing patents on breeding techniques for pigs, claiming animals bred any way remotely similar to their patent would grant them ownership. So loose was this patent filing that it became obvious they wanted to claim all pigs bred throughout the world would infringe upon their patent.

      The global terrorism spreads to India as over 100,000 farmers who are bankrupted by GMO crop failure, commit suicide by drinking Roundup so their families will be eligible for death insurance payments. In response, the monster takes advantage of the situation by alerting the media to a new project to assist small Indian farmers by donating the very things that caused crop failures in the country in the first place! Forbes then names Monsanto “company of the year.” Sickening, but true.

      More troubling is that Whole Foods, the corporation that brands itself as organic, natural and eco-friendly is proven to be anything but. They refuse to support Proposition 37, California’s GMO-labeling measure that Monsanto and its GMO-brethren eventually helped to defeat.

      Why? Because Whole Foods has been in bed with Monsanto for a long time, secretly stuffing its shelves with overpriced, fraudulently advertized “natural & organic” crap loaded with GMOs, pesticides, rBGH, hormones and antibiotics. So, of course they don’t want mandatory labelling as that would expose them as the Whole Frauds and Whore Foods that they really are!

      However, when over twenty biotech-friendly companies including WalMart, Pepsico and ConAgra recently met with FDA in favor of mandatory labelling laws, this after fighting tooth and nail to defeat Prop 37, Whole Foods sees an opportunity to save face and becomes the first grocery chain to announce mandatory labelling of their GMO products…in 2018! Uh, thanks for nothing, Whore.

      And if you think its peers have suddenly grown a conscience, think again. They are simply reacting to the public’s outcry over the defeat of Prop 37 by crafting deceptive GMO-labelling laws to circumvent any real change, thus keeping the status quo intact.

      To add insult to world injury, Monsanto and their partners in crime Archer Daniels Midland, Sodexo and Tyson Foods write and sponsor The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009: HR 875. This criminal “act” gives the corporate factory farms a virtual monopoly to police and control all foods grown anywhere, including one’s own backyard, and provides harsh penalties and jail sentences for those who do not use chemicals and fertilizers. President Obama decided this sounded reasonable and gave his approval.

      With this Act, Monsanto claims that only GM foods are safe and organic or homegrown foods potentially spread disease, therefore must be regulated out of existence for the safety of the world. If eating GM pesticide balls is their idea of safe food, I would like to think the rest of the world is smart enough to pass.

      As further revelations have broken open regarding this evil giant’s true intentions, Monsanto crafted the ridiculous HR 933 Continuing Resolution, aka Monsanto Protection Act, which Obama robo-signed into law as well.This law states that no matter how harmful Monsanto’s GMO crops are and no matter how much devastation they wreak upon the country, U.S. federal courts cannot stop them from continuing to plant them anywhere they choose. Yes, Obama signed a provision that makes Monsanto above any laws and makes them more powerful than the government itself. We have to wonder who’s really in charge of the country because it’s certainly not him!

      There comes a tipping point though when a corporation becomes too evil and the world pushes back…hard! Many countries continue to convict Monsanto of crimes against humanity and have banned them altogether, telling them to “get out and stay out!”

  • Tony

    You that cross pollinating soybeans is really difficult don’t you and you do know you can buy non-GM soy seeds if you want to. Have you tried to buy non-Gm soy and failed. Or is it that you just make up these stories as a hobby

  • Thomas Borreson

    Actually, the Monsanto of back then did advise the DOD of the dangers of contaminants contained in the Agent Orange they had been contracted to make. But it’s something of a moot point since the only thing they have in common is the name.

  • kurzweilfreak

    Can you name the other 8 companies that also made Agent Orange? I bet you can’t, because you probably don’t even have a clue who made Agent Orange, who used it, or why it was toxic. If you actually read anything about it, you’d realize how misinformed you are.

  • Avery

    Yep because, as all good conspiracy theorists know, anybody that disagrees with you is obviously a paid shill.

  • milotais zvirbulis

    Conclusive Link Between GMOs and Cancer | Brainwash Update on Breaking the Set:

  • SMattison

    “Then what did humans eat for hundreds of years before Monsanto ever existed?” Organic Food wasn’t even a thing until the term was coined in the 1940s, and not officially sold commercially in the United States until the laws were passed in the 1990s. DERP. For hundreds of years, humans have been eating food they have been genetically modifying through cross-breeding and other methods of plant husbandry. A Peach today looks NOTHING like the Stone Fruit we originally genetically modified it from. Meanwhile, Organic food has approved Nicotinoid pesticides for use in Organic produce; THE KIND THAT KILLS THE BEES.