Secrecy and Mysteries Challenge the Official History of Antarctica

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by Jordan Sather

In late 1946, Admiral Richard E. Byrd led troops from the U.S., Britain and Australia on a mission to Antarctica called “Operation Highjump“. This mission involved 4700 soldiers, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft in what was officially called a research expedition.

The part of the story that is seldom told outside of official circles is what Byrd encountered there. While conventional knowledge of World War II states that Germany was defeated in Europe, which is true, little is often said about the Nazi escape South to their bases in Antarctica. While the Allied powers won World War II on the ground in Europe due to their industrial might, the Nazi’s had far more advanced technology, and many members of Hitler’s regime reportedly fled to the icy continent after the war.

It is highly likely Operation Highjump was a military operation to engage these enemy forces, and was apparently unsuccessful, as Byrd and his battle group suffered heavy losses and retreated to South America. A Chilean newspaper, the ‘El Murico’, ran an article detailing Operation Highjump on March 5th, 1947, where Admiral Byrd stated in an interview:

“It is necessary for the USA to take defensive actions against enemy air fighters which come from the polar regions…[America could be] attacked by fighters that are able to fly from one pole to the other with incredible speed.”

German secret societies, such as the Thule and Vril, are believed to already have had access to electrogravitic, or antigravity, technologies, and had created what is known as the “Bell craft”, named after it’s bell like shape. These craft, with their advanced propulsion systems, are thought to have been effective in neutralizing the 13 ship battle group. In the years after World War II, many Nazi scientists immigrated into America to work within the medicine, aerospace, and intelligence corporations. This situation makes one wonder if American hands were essentially forced to accept these refugees.


The world then entered the Cold War years, but the mystery surrounding Antarctica persists.

In 1959, the Antarctica Treaty was signed by 12 nations, including Argentina, Chile, the UK, the US, and the Soviet Union, who had scientists operating in and around Antarctica. Fast-forwarding nearly 60 years, another Antarctic protection deal was recently ratified in October 2016, this time signed by 24 different nations along with the European Union. This set aside the largest marine conservation area in the world.

Now the question is, why are America, China and Russia cooperating on the preservation of the wildest regions of planet when so many of their current policies are producing increased enmity and tension, and the rest of the world has become an expendable war zone?

At the same time, there has been a rise in reporting on events in Antarctica, albeit mostly from tabloid journals. On November 21st, an article in The Sun, reported on “mysterious new pyramids” found buried on the icy continent, largely discussing a video showing Google Earth images detailing geometric, pyramidal structures in the icy tundra. Another article, this time by The Express, also detailed these pyramid structures, while outlining scientific evidence supporting the theory that Antarctica used to harbor vegetation and life. Lastly, The Daily Star published an article also describing how an ancient civilization would have been possible due to the scientific discoveries that Antarctica was possibly ice-free in the past, also touching on the intriguing Piri Reis map, a 500-year-old document showing Antarctica on it, centuries before the official discovery of the icy continent.

Oddly enough, several significant figures have recently traveled to the Antarctic region in recent months, and under mysterious or vaguely defined circumstances. During the election, Secretary of State John Kerry flew down to the continent to ‘study global warming.’ Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin also visited in recent weeks, and was forced to cut short his journey due to a sudden medical emergency.

Furthermore, other notable researchers have been reporting in recent weeks on the potential for a “partial disclosure scenario” involving Antarctica, with the potential to reveal hidden technologies, information on ancient civilizations, and elite plans for maintaining their powerful grip on planet earth, however, such speculation is above and beyond what we can actually prove at this point.

Never the less, continuing Antarctic research expeditions, combined with Antarctica’s suspicious political past, today’s reported findings of megalithic structures on the barren continent, recent high-profile visitations, and updated political treaties for Antarctica, are giving rise to a growing public curiosity about what may really be happening on the uninhabited continent.

What is really taking place in Antarctica?

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  • Disarmed in CA

    Nothing to see here, move along… that’s an ORDER!

    • Barn Cat

      Right. LITERALLY nothing to see in Antarctica except ice and penguins.

      • Is that why nobody is allowed to go there without a NWO chaperone? To protect the ice and penguins?

  • landy fincannon

    Operation paper clip brought many German scientist over to the US. While hundreds more, with the help of Catholic church went S America

  • SP_88

    In this day and age, not even a photo is considered evidence anymore. So unless people get to see it up close and personal, they won’t believe it.
    It’s so easy to fabricate evidence these days. So who knows what is really going on down there. It could be anything. Or nothing.

    • Why did John Kerry go to Antarctica the day after the election? Why do many prominent figures travel down there if it is just “ice and penguins”? Inquiring minds want to know..

      • Tim Webb

        The Penguin Liberation Front has been agitating recently for full accession rights to the UN, as the official governing body of the continent.
        Archbishop Kirrill has been confirming their belief structure, and Kerry their political affiliations; and their potential requirement for jet aircraft, ships, submarines, American advisers, etc.
        The Pope has been checking their young, regarding their suitabilty to act as interns in the Vatican.
        So it’s all good.

      • SP_88

        Did he really go down there? Are there pictures of him in Antarctica? Did he bring back some ice as a souvenir?
        It looks like the government is hiding something. Not sure what. But a lot of government figures going down there sure looks suspicious.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    I used to really enjoy this website because it contained practical information on how to cope during an economic collapse. Antarctica has zero indigenous people so moving there is not an option. The ice has been lockdown solid for about 30 million years and it is not going to melt. Greenland might, and yes one is very concerned about environmental issues. Please Daily Sheeple post more pressing concerns than fantasy, conspiracy and speculation.
    Happy new year for 2017.

    • Canadave

      Oh don’t be such a spoil sport. Conspiracy speculation is fun.

    • Tim Webb

      Antarctica has the potential for massively upsetting the status quo ante.
      Those who know about these things understand that there is good evidence that this locality is not simply the mirror-image of the region known as the North Pole.
      No wonder, then, that the so-called Southern Continent is effectively-off-limits to those who have neither sworn the Military Oath, not are practising members of the Ancient and Honourable Order of Freemasons.
      And there I will leave it, lest I be accused of disseminating fake news.

  • Barn Cat

    Total BS. You wonder where they get this crap.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      Try the U S government, Admiral Byrd to start with.

  • Rayven Wrathchild

    Pseudo Archeology 101. Lies mixed wit 1/2 truths.

  • What is beyond Rockefeller Ridge?

  • Tiger

    There are many mysteries all over the world. Why on earth when we have skeletons of giants all over America and Europe do people deny they ever existed? Things that are under wraps and not for the average man/woman. Some of us get lucky and see some things we were not supposed to see but most never have a clue.

    That is governments all over the world for you and if we could get all the books and artifacts that the Vatican holds we might have a plethora a world of knowledge opened to us.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      how absolutely true your comment is.

      • Tiger

        Thank you. I watched a documentary on the giants and they were all over America and people have known about it for ages. They even have some of the mounds where some skeletons found and the skeletons sent to the Smithsonian and destroyed. Why ya know why wold they do this?

        As to the Vatican they infuriate me the amount of evidence from all over the world and documents that won’t ever see the light of day, I would read a document concerning religion and the end would lead me to the Catholic Church buying them up and hiding them.

        Just as every now and again they let out another message that was given by Mary, who gave them this right to with hold information? Still makes me angry.

        • I wonder if they removed the books first before burning the library of Alexandria. I would think that power-hungry, selfish, degenerates like that wouldn’t be dumb enough to destroy knowledge because it is precisely knowledge that they use to separate themselves from us and hold power over us.

          • Tiger

            Heaven only knows. It is a conundrum and yes Religion has been changed to meet the needs of those who think they only should be in charge and have knowledge. We are powerful creatures and I truly believe in a higher power and when you read the New Testament Jesus tries over and over to tell everyone that we are powerful. When he shriveled the fig tree and the followers were amazed he told them, if you have the faith of a mustard seed you could tell those mountains to run to the seas and they would. All through his teachings but what did the religious leaders do, they took that from us, tried to make us dependent on them for information.

            My fight has been since 12 to get all the information I can. There is so much people just don’t understand but if they did, I know because I have had miracles in my life as my children have had also. and I have received everything I ever asked for by believing. As an RN we see miracles. I have seen people with tumors showing in X-rays and then they go to a healing somewhere and they believe and that tumor is gone. We know that children can visualize their tumors and be told they can destroy them with an imaginary rocket attacking them and they do. Now people say well how come others die, lots of reasons, we have Free Will and if we believe we are helpless then I suppose we are.

            My best friend said to me once: “Tiger if I could have just one thing happen to me like you have had happen, or see or hear what you have I would believe. ” I said: “That is why you won’t because you don’t believe.” I have been Blessed to see wonders in the sky and to hear and see things and live all over the world and I have always believed, unconditionally.

          • Frank Lee Annoid

            Tell your friend, ‘seeing isn’t believing…Believing is seeing!’

          • Tiger

            She fell into the mire of that old demon Rum and she became a flaming alcoholic and she wanted me to drink with her. So our friendship after 20 years went by the wayside. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions in our lives, thank God I have the strength to do it. It led her into dating and having affairs with married men, I believe alcoholics can be turned around but I know they have to want to and she never wanted to.

          • Tiger

            Like your name LOLOLOL RollyJoger LOLOLOL too funny.

          • Yeah, I’m a dyslexic pirate 🙂

          • Tiger

            Or a dyslexic jogger. LOLOL

          • Frank Lee Annoid

            Perhas there never was a fire at Alexandria…after all, it is the liars that are telling us there was….just a thought…

      • Tiger

      • Tiger

        • used_to_be_a_liberal

          I have seen these Tiger, and much more. Far too much has been hidden from us. The Brookings Institute after 1947 re: Roswell had advised the U S Government to cover all this stuff up because it was believed that if people knew, it would up-set the balance so much that it would make government and religions useless.
          Even in the 400’s ad when the Christian Bible was being written they decided then to leave out so much “stuff” because it didn’t fit the narrative. The Book of Enoch, and the Gospel of Mary are just two examples.

          • That’s why dogma is dangerous, it lends you to be victimized by manipulators.

          • Tiger

            What they don’t consider is the millions of us who heard the first reports on Roswell or as in my case I was able to read them in a book. Then they actually, like O lie to us and believe that we swallow it. As to the Bible look to the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Gnostic Verses and the Lost Books of the Bible along with the new documents unearthed the Book of Judas. I have gone deep and taken long looks at it all. Started at age 12. When I was in grade school living in Dallas, Texas flying saucers were seen and pictures taken and put in the paper. I took the article for show and tell and already the pictures were labeled BS. I became interested in the search for truth long ago.

            Seek and ye shall find, I found and I continue to search.

          • used_to_be_a_liberal

            That is about the same for me too.
            It is hard to believe that we are supposed to believe that the Egyptians built the pyramids using chicken bones as tools.

          • Tiger

            Not only that remember the pictures on a particular tomb showing what looks to be a helicopter and other modern inventions? The hieroglyph showing a battery? Then you have so much more around the world that is mysterious but then people like you and me don’t buy into those who want us to remain ignorant. Don’t mean to get political on you but Hillary’s emails that were leaked showed that the New World Order she was taking us to included keeping information from us. Just like Kerry was shown saying awhile back if the media didn’t talk about terrorists the people wouldn’t know. It is who these people around our government are.

          • used_to_be_a_liberal

            Unfortunately any with-holding of information from the general public is political in one way or another.
            There is new dating on the Pyramids, from Egypt, to the Americas to India, and it is now believed that these structures maybe at least 17,000 years or older.

          • Tiger

            Yes and if we can keep ISIS and Terrorists from burning them to the ground would be good. ISIS helped by destroying over 25 ancient sites in the ME.

          • used_to_be_a_liberal

            ISIS is another military wing of Islam. It is Islam that must be prevented from destroying all these relics, as they believe that anything that is not Islamic must be destroyed.

          • Tiger

            Exactly my friend good to see you know but not surprised you do.

          • Tiger

          • Tiger

            The pictures on this tomb were made 3,000 years ago and they surely look like a submarine, helicopter and another flying machine. So people drew what they saw and to say this isn’t what it looks like is ludicrous. They found the ancient battery in Iraq and we see the same type of battery in a drawing on another Egyptian tomb.

          • Tiger

          • Tiger

            I remember this story and this has happened many times.

          • Tiger

            The UFO flying over the WH in 1952 is the picture I took to Show and Tell.