Seattle Police Leave AR-15 Gun Unattended, on Top of a Police Car- Citizens Take Picture

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By Cassius Methyl

Citizens took a picture of an AR-15 lying on top of a police car in Seattle, completely unattended, possibly loaded. Arming people who cannot hold the job if they have too high of an IQ, is probably a bad idea (yes, people literally cannot become police if they have too high IQ’s).

Citizen journalists from “Police the Police – (A Community Project)” have received a picture, showing an unattended AR-15, the gun that the government wants citizens to never use, laying on the police car completely unattended.

This is quite funny, considering that the government wants to convince citizens that only police and soldiers should be trusted with these weapons. I’m sure an average gun owner would NEVER do this, but a person who received the weapon for free and is paid to use force, would find no problem leaving this intense weapon unattended.

Would you like to know why a police officer would do this? Well, I’m sure they know they will NOT be held accountable for any mistakes they make. These cops are incentivized to go after petty criminals, cannabis smokers, and people like that, they shoot dogs and pets, disturb the peace, and do whatever they want with rarely any consequence. Even if an officer does face a consequence, for instance, for shooting a man with down syndrome (has happened before), they will more than likely get a PAID leave, or be at very most fired.


Cassius Methyl is a writer for , a liberty activist in any way possible.

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  • Barn Cat

    Or did someone put their gun on the police car and take a picture?

  • late2theParty

    Try possible old story – 2011.

    “Apparently an officer, who was unloading his vehicle in the police garage, set the rifle on the trunk of a nearby car. Another officer then got in that car, drove off and went to a Starbucks. ” HOW can you leave AFTER loading a weapon? Long enough for someone to get in, start it, and drive off. NEVER noticed. I can tell you where every weapon in our house is and it’s status – loaded or not, live or not.

  • Andy

    If a cop left his rifle on the trunk,and it is theirs it is an AR-15,but if it is a department gun it is an M-4 variant of the M-16,and is selective fire,which means it can be fired full auto,wouldn’t that be nice if it got into the hands of a gang member?But I forgot ,the Feds in DC can’t keep up with their guns or radios either.And these are the folks that are going to take us to the reeducation camps,good luck,because I got one just like yours,and will use it when needed!Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • Northern Canuck

    Any good citizen would have secured that weapon and stored it safely.

    • SKIP

      I think I may have actually taken the weapon and left, adding said weapon to my unlisted stash.

  • OH,no the police gangs only have an IQ of 45-50,or they can’t get hired,who would have ever guessed?..maybe thats why they have fat pigs for women too……….

    • Jean

      Q: How can tell which one’s the female?
      A: Choose the short one with the bigger balls, that’ll be the female of the species…

  • Jean

    Should’ve stolen the gun.
    RARE opportunity to expedite justice.

  • I’m thinking that this is a setup by looking at this picture 🙂