Seattle Mayor Steps Down Following Fifth Allegation Of Child Sex Abuse

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Ed Murray

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced his resignation Tuesday, hours after a fifth man publicly accused him of child molestation.

“I am announcing my resignation as mayor, effective at 5 p.m. tomorrow. While the allegations against me are not true, it is important that my personal issues do not affect the ability of our City government to conduct the public’s business,” Murray’s resignation statement reads.

Murray’s cousin, Joseph Dyer, said Murray molested him at age 13 when the pair shared a bedroom in Dyer’s childhood home in the 1970s.

“There would be times when I would fake sleeping because I didn’t want him touching me,” Dyer told The Seattle Times.

“And that’s when he would molest me. And my mother would be right there in the house, she’d be in the living room … watching TV, at that time it was probably “M*A*S*H.” And my sisters would be in their rooms, sleeping. And I would be in my room, and he would be in there, molesting me.”

Murray denied Dyer’s accusation, attributing his claim to familial hostilities.

There’s been numerous fights between our two families for many years, and much ugliness. I guess they see me down and out, and they want to finish me off,” Murray told The Seattle Times.

Murray has been haunted by molestation allegations since his foster son, Jeff Simpson, accused him of sexual abuse in the 1970s. Records, obtained by the Seattle Times, indicate that an Oregon Child Protection Services investigator found the allegations to be credible though Murray was never indicted due to a perceived lack of credibility on the part of his accuser. (RELATED: CPS Claims Seattle Mayor Sexually Abused His Foster Son 30 Years Ago)

Dyer is the fifth man to accuse the Democratic mayor and former state legislator of sexual abuse. Murray has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, arguing the claims are the product of a malicious political vendetta.

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  • Phil_Ossifer

    Interesting point from the article: “Oregon Child Protection Services investigator found the allegations to be credible though Murray was never indicted due to a perceived lack of credibility on the part of his accuser.” The allegation was believable but the only “witness” wasn’t believable? Typical shitlib CPS – allegation equals guilt, no evidence required.

    Interesting, too, that these allegations always surface decades after the alleged crime, and only after the “perpetrator” has achieved some sort of social, financial or political prominence. Is this guy guilty? Maybe, maybe not…but something sure sounds fishy about this whole thing.

    • TickTock

      I noticed that contradiction as well, but this guy and Sandusky are cut from the same cloth

      • SP_88

        Actually, I heard someone give a really compelling argument that Sandusky was also set up. It’s been a while since I heard it, but his reasoning made a lot of sense. He also put serious doubts about the credibility of the accusers. I regret that I have no link to provide because I never thought I would need to show it to anyone, but it’s likely that if you do an internet search, you can find it. I thought it was pretty interesting, and it seemed pretty credible to me. If I do find it, I will leave you a link to it.

    • Ned Carbine

      We need to study the social mechanics of this perversion before we say stupid shit. CPS is a perversion in and of itself.

  • tonye

    Murray has been molesting the people of Seattle for years…

  • John C Carleton

    Why isn’t he climbing the steps of the scaffold?

    • tonye


      • No better than a Republican. Equally experienced in political and economic sodomy.

        • tonye

          Not true… the Democrats in King County are as bad as you’ll find in San Francisco.

          Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters would be right at home in Seattle.

          • Ratcraft

            I’m 20 miles north of Seattle. 1/2 those bark eating coffee sipping kayak kooks condone this crap “born that way” Pathetic liberal dirt bags. But muh mother earth, lemme put a earth first sticker on my Lesburu.

          • tonye

            When we retire I want to buy some land in Snohomish Cty and build my house. Maybe a fourplex if we get some left over money for income.

            Just so long as we’re close enough to the Udub’s hospital. As you get older, access to good medical facilities is important.

            But King County… Seattle… no thanks. I got friends over in Issaquah and I really like that place, but it’s in King County. I also got family in Seattle… Conservatives.. .ex Navy… Fantastic S/SW view on a hill overlooking the Sound.. they hate the City.

          • Ratcraft

            I’m in Snohomish county. No state income tax, but 10.4% sales tax. Ridiculous. King county is insane, makes me feel for those living in eastern King co. They are stuck with Seattles decisions. Even Snoco has some loons but not as bad. A Trump sticker is a no go. There are a lot of conservatives but that doesn’t stop the loons from smashing your stuff. Bring lots of money, housing market is nuts here.

          • tonye

            (1) Housing market is the Puget Sound is nuts but is is simply NUTS down here. I could move laterally into Bellevue or the East Side of Lake Washington and still keep a small fortune in the bank.
            (2) What is your real estate tax?
            (3) Down here we got prop 13. We’ve lived in our house for so long, that even after the tear down and rebuild, our real estate tax is $4K a year!!!
            (4) May Reno….. I hate Vegas.

          • Ratcraft

            I’m about $3,500 a year. Of course with every year come a hike because it’s value based. They say it’s worth 500K you pay those taxes. Even if you bought it for 175K oh the wonderful government.

          • tonye

            What is the RE tax in Snohomish Cty.

            In CA it’s generally 1.1% plus local excises (city and county) and additional assessments like Mello Roos (1%) that pay for infrasctructure but only run for 30 years.

            You can imagine that someone buying a new home with Mello Ross could be paying 2.3% of a $1M property… which is average…. that’s a yearly RE tax of $23K, plus State Income Tax, plus average of 8.5% sales tax, plus taxes and regulations on everything, plus expensive water and power surcharges….

            No wonder our Public Employees are so well paid and retire so early.. and so many illegals are living the good life.

          • Ratcraft

            That’s nuts. Here on average it’s 0.89%. Up or down depending on the levies passed. I know I pay an extra $500 a year for all the new schools.

          • tonye

            YES!!! In four years or less I’ll be your neighbor.

            The only thing that holds me back is the quality of the public schools. Where I live ALL have a 10 rating… My cousin in Edmonds sent her kids to private school. Now, my kids are out of college, but you got to think about the possibility of grand kids.

            Also, the rain. I’d lived with it before, so long as we spend January and February in Kailua Kona my wife will handle it fine. Summers are great up there. But, I’ll have to build a greenhouse… I grow tomatoes year ’round chez moi out on the open in big pots (keeps the roots warm).

            Other than that, the only thing that will slow us down are the slow pokes on the I5 all over Oregon (once upon a time, WA drivers were slow, OR were faster.. today, it’s the opposite). 1270 miles from The OC to Snohomish.

          • Why would you have to slap any bumper sticker on an Acura?

          • tonye

            Because, last time we went to the Puget Sound we drove an Acura RDX.

            Tech, AWD, great stereo.

          • Driving a yuppiemobile tells them everything any bumper sticker would.

          • tonye

            Acura is not a yuppie mobile… I don’t know what world you live in, but Acura is a very nice car. I’ve had them since the 2nd week they came out on the US market.

            A German car IS a yuppie mobile. A Subaru is a weird car. But stuff made by Honda is not yuppie stuff.

          • It still doesn’t need a bumper sticker to tell anyone anything about its driver. How many people will know it is a fancy Honda?

          • tonye

            The Acuras and most Hondas are made in the US, while I assume that those “cowboy Cadillacs” are those overpriced trucks sold by the Big Three that are made in Mexico.

            If you won’t stick to the point and bring in useless, biased and frankly, ignorant, comments, I’ll just have to block you and ignore you.

            I have my reasons why I drive an Acura, very, very nice car with an outstanding stereo system. For one thing, it can take a corner on a highway at speeds that make large pickup trucks nothing but pylons on the road.

            And in my part of town, those big pick up trucks are few and far in between. And our politics, my dear fellow, are as Libertarian and Laisez Faire as they come.

          • Block away my neolibertarian hallucinator. You were the one that invoked my world, where horse trailers vastly outnumber the cutesy teardrop travel trailers in yours. If you’d rather insult than understand, it won’t be my loss.

          • tonye

            You implied that because I drive an Acura I must be some kind of Pelosi voter.


          • In your own scattered mindset. Just as a true libertarian would never quibble over the point of origin of an automobile.

          • IMO, if it resides on the left-right spectrum, it is in the same swamp.

  • One has to wonder why they didn’t finish him off in court, unless their allegations are about as solid as the ones against Trump.

  • straight shooter

    “Murray has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, arguing the claims are the product of a malicious political vendetta.”

    Yep, must be part of the same ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ that was dogging Hillary a few years back.

  • SP_88

    As much as I’d like to think that this mayor is probably a dick, it sounds like this is a politically motivated accusation. The only ones who seem to think there is any credibility to the accusations is CPS. And I wouldn’t trust a damn word from them.
    The last thing I would think CPS does is protect children.
    As another commenter said, isn’t it funny how these accusations only come out after the accused has achieved some sort of financial or political position?
    Where were all these accusers long ago, right after the alleged abuse took place?
    We must consider the fact that there was no political career to destroy back then.
    Now that he’s resigned from office, I bet these accusations will disappear, having achieved their goal.

    • How would a politically motivated accusation differ from one that isn’t politically motivated?

      • SP_88

        I suppose what I mean by that is a politically motivated accusation is one where the accuser doesn’t really care about the accusation, but rather they are only interested in a conviction in the court of public opinion, and the subsequent destruction of their political career.
        By contrast, a non politically motivated accusation is one where the accuser actually believes that the accused is guilty, and should be punished. Of course there can be other reasons for a non politically motivated accusation, but that’s basically what I believe the difference is.
        The giveaway is when someone suddenly achieves a political position or political power, and suddenly there are accusations of various types of misconduct and such that nobody has ever heard anything about before, but should have if the accusations have any merit.
        None of this should be considered proof that an accusation is true or false, it’s just speculation, and it shouldn’t change the fact that an unbiased investigation is necessary to prove whether an accusation is true or not.

        • CPS is about as trustworthy and honest as the DEA or BATFE. They are all like prosecutors, looking to improve their conviction records. There is probably just as much internecine occurrence of such accusations as not.

  • JacktMeoff

    Perhaps the good mayor will serve his time in apartheid Israel’s prison, Gaza?

    • darkhorse

      I heard Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the world…wonder if true?

      • They seem to be pretty happy over there.

        • darkhorse

          you would know

          • I have never been there, and unless you are a homosexual yourself, why would it matter if they are “gay” or not?