Seattle Councilman Proposes Ridiculous Firearm and Ammo Tax

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Seattle sure is turning into a real progressive utopia isn’t it? Between enacting a $15 minimum wage and letting little girls receive birth control without their parent’s consent, they seem to be selling themselves to the progressive agenda, lock, stock and barrel. Of course, it won’t end with those measures. It never does. Recently, Seattle City Council President Tim Burgess proposed a piece of legislation that would tax gun and ammunition sales, and force gun owners to report any firearm that is lost or stolen.

As egregious as this measure sounds, ordinarily it wouldn’t be out of place. After all, governments routinely tax all manner of products and services, and force their onerous regulations on just about everyone. What sets this measure apart from most bills though, is the reason why they’re doing it.

“Gun violence is very expensive,” Burgess said, noting that the direct medical costs of treating 253 gunshot victims at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center last year surpassed $17 million, with taxpayers covering more than $12 million of that. “It’s time for the gun industry to help defray those costs and this is a very reasonable way to do it.”

The tax, imposed on gun sellers, would be $25 on each firearm sold in the city and five cents on each round of ammunition.

Sales of antique firearms and some other sales could see relief from the tax while individuals selling no more than one gun per quarter would be exempted.

Not reporting a lost or stolen gun to police would be enforced as a civil infraction carrying a fine of up to $500.

Zach Silk, campaign manager with the Washington Alliance for Gun Safety, hailed the proposals.

“We often attach taxes to things that cause harm to our communities and we know that guns are causing harm,” he said.

So let me get this straight. Burgess wants to tax violence, am I right? Does that make any sense? Even it weren’t an utterly nonsensical thing to do, does it make sense to tax honest gun owners for the activities of criminals? (I know he says that this is a tax on gun dealers, but obviously the costs will be passed on to their customers).

Think about it. There were over 16 million gun applications in 2012. That means at least several million Americans buy a firearm every year. However, there were only 16,121 homicide deaths in 2013, of which 11,208 involved a firearm. Seattle is apparently responsible for a couple hundred of those, but its safe to say that just like everywhere else in this country, the vast majority of firearms that are bought and sold are never used to inflict any kind of physical harm. So basically, they’re forcing honest, law-abiding gun owners to pay the damages inflicted by criminals, and they’re going to fine people who’ve had their property stolen.

Typical progressives. Make everyone collectively pay for the mistakes and malice of the few. Whatever happened to just punishing criminals?

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • Reverend Draco

    “Whatever happened to just punishing criminals?”

    It’s easier to punish everyone else who didn’t do it – punishing criminals takes too big a percentage of the severely limited amount of brain juice these cretins have to work with.
    Besides. . . punishing criminals might hurt their feelers – and hurt feelers are top be avoided at all cost. . . even if the cost is your life.

  • jarhead1969

    Their are prophecies that have warned that the West Coast will soon undergo a massive earthquake so big it will take off the entire West Coast up to Vancouver Canada up to 100 miles inland.
    And the Navy has put out a map describing what they think will shortly come a massive earthquake up to 200 miles plus inland thus taking out the entire West Coast.
    Between California, Oregon and Wash. State – we have the “Left Coast” – liberal, homosexual, Hollywood, Marxist – Hope they can all swim well, couldn’t happen to better deserving States, although Mass, Jersey, New York, and Maryland need their own tidal wave or earthquake also.

    • Bubba T

      We can only hope….it would at least take out 50% of the illegals and 40% of the political rats

      • Illegals are throughout the nation, unlike knowledge of that fact.

        • Bubba T

          No shit Sherlock. Go away troll.

          • You would never be able to have a career in media, given your inability to express an idea without use of expletives, which is a primary tool of trolls, so maybe it is you who should go way.

          • Bubba T

            Awwww, I am crushed. No career in media, no way? Do kindly fo. I asked nicely.

          • fo? Must be a capitalization aversion, if that is a acronym.

    • Reverend Draco

      ♪♫If you only had a brain. . . ♪♫

    • The Navy has a map showing the same thing at the MIssissippi River when the New Madrid fault lets loose, letting the coastal shelf fall.

      • sunshine

        Where is this map? What will happen to FL and the Gulf Coast??

        • John Moore of the Republic Broadcasting Network gave an interesting presentation a few years ago at a preparedness convention I attended in Springfield, MO. That is the sole source of what little I remember about what he said, which boiled down to the Mississippi becoming the east coast for the southern half of the New Madrid fault, putting Florida and the Gulf coast under the Atlantic ocean and the gulf of Mexico disappearing. It was supposed to be triggered by the return of Nibiru. I’m sure you could much more current and complete information from him, at RBN.

          • sunshine

            Thanks very much I’ll check it out!

          • Please let us all know what you find out.

  • Bubba T

    When we start shooting these criminal rats all this bs will stop.

    • BW83

      Apparently they have been shooting the rats. Look how much of the medical expenses were covered by taxpayers lol

      • Bubba T

        The real rats, the politicians.

        • BW83

          I long for the day as well

    • But, hopefully, prosecutions will stop your vigilante premise.

  • BW83

    Five cents per round?! Beyond being a ridiculous proposal in the first place, the tax per round is ridiculous.

    My favorite part is the medical expenses covered by tax payers. They won’t come right out and say it, but sounds like the majority of gunshot victims are lower class. Guess to phrase it how it actually is would be “offensive” or :gasp: “racist”. The reality is telling it like it is wouldn’t surprise anyone

  • Bring it

    O but the left isn’t coming for our guns right? The liberals are nothing but liars

  • plaso20

    If the city council is going to use the logic they intend to, then that would apply to all manner of vehicles, knives, hammers, screw drivers, baseball bats, etc.

  • The watcher


    • Just don’t get caught in the act, which would lead to an embarrassing prosecution of yourself for indecent exposure.

  • Undecider

    Conversely, there could be a tax for NOT owning a firearm. Possession and presence of firearms stops more crimes than are started. More guns means less crime. Less crime means reduced costs.

    • How about there is no tax as all, as specified by the Constitution that we have neglected as much as they have ignored it?

  • Gun owners should be pushing for criminal politicians to pay taxes to cover the costs of their malfeasance, nonfeasance, and treason.

  • If by “The II” you mean the second amendment, you need to read it again. It is not a guarantee of a right, it is a prohibition of Congress doing what they have always done, infringing the right. Our ignorance does us more damage than it does them.

  • RE



  • If by “The II” you mean the second amendment, you need to read it again. It is not a guarantee of a right, it is a prohibition of Congress doing what they have always done, infringing the right. Our ignorance does us more damage than it does them.

  • Mike

    Any tax pushed on the industry is pushed right back on to the customer. Thus the taxpayer still pays for it. This is just to drive firearms and ammo prices up so they can get more sales tax out of it.

  • Frank

    Doesn’t Obamacare cover all of these “uninsured” hospital visits? This tax is coming too late, as all citizens are now REQUIRED, by law, to have insurance – so Harborview Medical Center, and any other medical facility, won’t be stuck with the costs of uninsured patients. Any patient that shows up and is unable to show proof of insurance should immediately be fined for non-compliance with the ACA. Alas, but most of them can’t afford insurance, let alone the fine, so the ACA is (again) an abysmal failure of an idea – that’s costing each American thousands of dollars that only goes to perpetuate the grand illusion of “fairness.”
    Also, the esteemed Mr. Burgess seems to have (conveniently) forgotten recent history and efforts to tax or otherwise burden the firearms and ammunition industries with the liabilities of unintended and criminal acts of product users. The misuse of legal products is not the responsibility of the manufacturer – example: Is Stanley Tools responsible for all of the murders that are committed with their hammers? NO, they are not.

    • Kountry Bumpkin

      Thank you, I was going to point out that this should be an unfounded issue given that everybody is now choking on over priced worthless obamacare.

  • SKIP

    How bout we harvest the organs of criminals instead and sell them to the highest bidder to defray the costs of their crime. 1 kidney, 1 lung maybe one eye! Skin taken from them for possible grafts.

  • MrApple

    I guess the poor in the area can resort to the classic pointy stick for self defense if they can’t afford the new taxes.

  • Michael Hill

    gas tax, mileage tax, what more tax do they need? Tax s_x next?

  • Gearmoe

    Thank-you for investigating and running article. Now millions of people can read how ridiculous the Seattle City Counsel and the progressives Seattle base are.

    The wonderful Republic of Seattle. In some ways i feel this is an attempt to close down FFL’s inside Seattle City limits.

    I’m not a criminal, I just wanted to buy a product at your store. What, a tax I must pay to pay for healthcare when criminals break the law? WTF?

  • Tatiana Covington

    He assumes that he is entitled to command and threaten others. No, he is not. He’s just another man. All he did was win a popularity contest.