Scorpions on a Plane! Passenger Stung on United Airlines Flight, Twitter Stings Back

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United Airlines is not having a good week.

Still feeling the sting of the public backlash for its “drag and drop” nightmare, the airline now has another potential PR disaster to handle.

Richard and Linda Bell were on a United Airlines flight home from Houston to Calgary on Sunday when a scorpion fell from an overhead bin and stung Richard.

United confirmed the incident to CNBC today. Airline spokesman Charles Hobart (gosh, I’d hate to be that guy this week) told the news outlet that the airline crew immediately consulted with a physician on the ground who provided guidance throughout the incident. The company said the man’s injuries were non-life threatening.

“Medical personnel met the aircraft after it arrived in Calgary,” Hobart said.

How the scorpion made its way onto the flight is not known, but it probably hitched a ride inside someone’s luggage. United Airlines is investigating the incident.

Sure, this kind of incident could happen on any airline (and this is not the first time it has happened on a flight), but it doesn’t seem like the public, still upset about United’s treatment of Dr. David Dao, is going to go easy on the company…

Also in scorpion-related news: a few days ago, a couple in Maryland found one of the stinging critters crawling around in a bag of spinach they purchased at a grocery store.

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  • This is just sad. Remember kids, you had to get either groped or molested just to get here, and you even had to wait in line with the other sheeple who are busy spending their meager vacation visiting foreign places just to find some semblance of serenity before they go back to their corporate 9-5 jobs to pay (((income tax))) to fund more wars for Israel.

    It’s almost as if (((they))) don’t want us to leave the country…

    • Smarty

      And THAT my friend, is why the “wall” will be built. Remember the “wall” that all the sheep cheered for (except me, and possibly you)….yeah…THAT wall. As you always starts out “nice” and then you quickly get to see the real picture…as you gently get bent over so slowly that it’s hard to notice…

      • I cheered for the wall initially, until I thought critically about the wall and realized that it was a stupid fucking waste of tax dollars, and only going to be used to keep Americans in.

  • Dan Morgan

    Flight attendant: “We have a passenger in need of medical attention, is there a Doctor on board?”
    Passenger: “Well, there was, but………”

    • Sloopofwar

      That’s to funny