Scientists Warn New Supercharged GMOs Could Be Turned into a Bioweapon

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The title kinda sounds like the plot of a bad Sci-Fi movie, doesn’t it? Oh NOOO! THE SUPERCHARGED FRANKENCORN IS TAKING OVER!! RUUUUN!!!

Sadly, though, it’s true and it’s called “gene drive”.

Scientists are now warning that “supercharged” GMOs may be “misused” to “accidentally or deliberately” cause environmental disasters or health emergencies.

Of course proponents of this new “gene drive” technology being rolled out in the GMO arena claim it is supposed to revolutionize everything and make the world a wonderful place where we can all skip merrily through a wheat field with a basket of Labrador retriever puppies wearing little bows around their necks like a Hallmark card calendar shoot.

But “gene drive” tech was built specifically to spread rapidly throughout the population wherever it is used like a virus. This means if a mad scientist or, say, an evil global multi-billion-dollar megacorporation hell bent on destroying all natural crop species so it can takeover and force the entire world to be dependent on its patented GMO technology gets hold of this “gene drive” technology, it can, in effect, be turned into a bio-weapon.

Oh come on, scientists! They’d never do that… would they?

Just how scared do scientists have to get before they finally sound the alarm over GM organisms anyway? Obviously it didn’t happen when Bill Gates threatened to invest more money into his plan to send swarms of genetically modified mosquitoes to end malaria. Did you hear them banding together to save us all when the Pentagon mailing live anthrax all over the world? It sure does seem like laboratories are even more likely to screw up when they are screwing around with things they have no business messing with.

At least a few scientists still have a brain left that has been bought-and-paid-for by governments, lobbyists or big business.

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  • BDBinc

    Yip and the eugenics venture capital club released millions of GM mozies with terminator technology. The spikes in dengue fever following the release is not a surprise but is denied by Oxitec.
    To release the GMO Oxitec committed fraud as there was no proof that the GM mozzies( with terminator GM technology) could reduce the disease that they were being sold to the taxpayers to do.

  • sunshine

    They had a guy on Coast to Coast AM last night talking about GMOs. Very interesting stuff. A good book on the subject is called “Seeds of Deception” by Jeffrey Smith.


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  • That which is inherently a bioweapon need not be turned into one.

    • Guillotine_ready

      Precisely, good point

    • They should be sold in the pesticide section of Home Depot and Lowe’s, not at the supermarket.

      • Shouldn’t GMOs that make their own pesticides be sold likewise?

        • That’s what I’m saying, they’re inherently pesticides and should be sold in the appropriate aisle at the hardware store. With things like neem oil we don’t even need BT toxin products.

          • If we converted all of our hydrocarbon-fueled power plants over to methane and ran the water vapor and carbon dioxide exhaust into four season greenhouses, we wouldn’t even need neem oil. Pests wouldn’t be able to get inside and the plants would love the elevated carbon dioxide atmosphere, which is more like they were used to when they were evolving.

  • Mike

    They are already being used as bioweapons. They are causing a decline in bee population, contaminating soil so only GMO’s can be planted, causing cancer and other health problems. Monsanto needs to be shut down and all arrested for the use of bioweapons worldwide.

    • “They” own the courts too. It will have to be a people-led effort to jail them.

      • We could use the elitists’ own solution, just assassinate them faster than they can be replaced.

  • Brenda Tenerelli

    The last sentence has a type, if you could please change the has to hasn’t. I have posted this & shared it, but people are confused by the last sentence & sadly, many judge typos as sloppy. I’d rather let you know & have it fixed so people pay more attention to & get the real intended meaning of it.

  • LeAnn Addleman

    GMO’s have been around since the middle ’90’s and they have known for years that they are “possible” carcinogens and cause many issues in the GI tract and other vital organs. They tested GMO corn on rats and the rats developed huge tumors. This should tell all of us something.
    Many countries around the world have outlawed growing GMO crops but haven’t gone far enough to block the consumption of GMO’s that are imported from US. They are out to kill us. This is not the only threat to mankind.