Scientists Discover Psychedelic Substances Raise Consciousness Level (Video)

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Scientists claim to have found the first evidence that psychedelic drugs create a “higher level of consciousness”.

LSD, ketamine, and psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms) were all found to increase tiny magnetic fields produced by the brain.

Joe Joseph shares the details in this News Shot.

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Source: First Evidence Found That LSD Produces ‘Higher’ Level of Consciousness, Scientists Claim

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  • tonye

    Hmmm….. we knew that decades ago…..

  • DUH!

    • Clementine

      That was my thought exactly!

  • David E

    well, the story is about how scientists finally found out. A classic example of science lagging because no-one would listen thinking hippies and the like aren’t credible.

    • It is not Paranoia

      Same thing with “conspiracy theorists”. In a few years, people will find out it’s all real and we’re all gonna pretend like nothing happened, no apologies or anything needed.

      • David E

        We already found that out too, it’s just the media sticking their head in the sand

      • 667..neighbor of the beast

        Funny how that that’s always a few years away…..

  • It is not Paranoia

    No shit Sherlock!

    Thank you oooh mighty scientists for always finding out that which we already know. This made me laugh 🙂

  • Honestly, what the heck does “raise your conscious level” actually mean? You can smell your neighbor’s fart from the next apartment over?

    • Ken S., As Seen On Watch Lists

      It means nothing. It’s breathless, excited, magical thinking about chemical stimulation of the brain. It’s as insightful as calling a grand mal seizure a “heightened state of motion,” or saying that atrial fibrillation “raises your circulation level” because they both result in heightened electrical and magnetic fields.