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Scientists Discover New Technique to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water

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November 29th, 2012
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by Andrew Puhanic

Around the world, it is estimated that tens of millions of people are affected by both dental and skeletal fluorosis. In many cases, it is the addition of fluoride into drinking water supplies by governments that is the primary cause of both dental and skeletal fluorosis.

Common techniques used for defluoridation are coagulation-precipitation, membrane process and ion exchange.

The problem with these three techniques is that they are either too expensive or they further pollute the water.

Researchers from the National University of Sciences and Technology in Pakistan have discovered an effective method to remove fluoride from drinking water that is less expensive than conventional filtration processes and is safe to use.

The study, published in the Journal of Chemistry, concluded that the removal of fluoride from drinking water using modified immobilized activated alumina (MIAA) resulted in a removal efficiency that was 1.35 times higher than normal immobilized activated alumina.

Modified immobilized activated alumina (MIAA) was added to water that was tainted with fluoride and then analysis was conducted to evaluate the quantity of fluoride that was removed from the water. 

Effect of an adsorbent dose on the removal of fluoride at 20 ¬Ī 1¬įC.

It was discovered that MIAA, at 20 +/- degrees Celsius has the capacity to remove more than 95% of fluoride from water. In fact, the adsorption capacity of MIAA was much higher (0.76‚ÄČmg/g) when compared to the adsorption capacity of activated charcoal (0.47‚ÄČmg/g) for the same concentration fluoride samples.

The adsorption method that is used by modified immobilized activated alumina (MIAA) is much more cost-effective (Ali, I., & Gupta, V. K. [2007] Advances in water treatment by adsorption technology. Nature Protocols) than the popular Reverse Osmosis Filtration method.

Considering that both MIAA and Reverse Osmosis Filtration remove more than 90% of fluoride, MIAA could be a viable alternative to removing fluoride from drinking water supplies in developing countries.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to the use of MIAA in removing fluoride from drinking water. The greatest challenge in the use of MIAA for removing fluoride from drinking water is filtering MIAA once all fluoride has been absorbed.

Real water samples with initial fluoride concentration and final concentration

However, considering that the granules produced by MIAA varied from 3 to 6‚ÄČmm, all that was required during the study to remove the MIAA granules from the water was basic water filtration.

Ultimately, the primary challenge faced when trying to removing fluoride from drinking water is cost.

The use of modified immobilized activated alumina (MIAA) to remove fluoride from drinking water could become a viable option that would enable communities in both developed and developing nations to remove fluoride from drinking water.

To download a copy of this publication, click here.

Andrew Puhanic is the founder of the Globalist Report. The aim of the Globalist Report is to provide current, relevant and informative information about the Globalists and Globalist Agenda. You can contact Andrew directly by visiting the Globalist Report

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  • gazinbali

    Im so glad i live in a backward 3rd world country that doesnt put Fluoride in the water to begin with.. and clean freshly filtered,(reverse omosis)oxygenated and UV sanitised drinking water is just 50c for a 20 Ltr container..
    Long live Indonesia.. so far ahead in so many ways.. ways that matter.. clean water.. NON GM food, fresh local grown crops from Volcanic soil, with minimal pesticides.. if any..

    Folks…sell up and move here now.. before you are dead from the barrage of poisons they feed you..


  • Bill X

    Any real scientist would realize that fluoride prevents tooth decay and presents no health hazards.

  • c

    Are you referring to natural flouride or sodium flouride which is the by product of aliminum production and highly toxic? Perhaps you are referring to the tests that showed that small amounts of natural flouride applied directly to the teeth may promote resistance to decay. Recent studies have shown that oral intake of flouride in any form provides NO benefit to the teeth. And if you turn your toothpaste tube over you will see a warning that says if you swallow any of the pea sized toothpaste you are to call the poison control center. Hummmm what could that be about?

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