Scientists Claim That The T-Rex Didn’t Really Run Fast Enough To Hurt You, So Do NOT Worry About DNA

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If the movie, Jurassic Park, scared you as a little kid and made you fear the unethical scientists behind the rise of the dinosaurs, then researchers have some good news. A new study uncovered that the T-Rex didn’t actually run all that fast and was an even bigger slowpoke than initially assumed.

A research team at the University of Manchester School of Earth and Environmental Sciences published its new findings on the T. Rex in the journal PeerJ on July 18. The team, led by William Sellers, conducted a series of “biomechincal techniques” to see how a T. rex would actually run. They used multi body dynamic analysis, skeletal stress, and machine. –Yahoo

A simulated image of T-Rex running an be seen below:

Researchers say that this proves that the T-Rex couldn’t run, at least not quickly, so we should all settle down when biologists want to replicate the DNA of the T-rex. According to comments, as you can see, the T-rex wasn’t that fast (and its notoriously stubby arms were pretty useless). But, the research team concluded that the T-Rex could only run 12 miles per hour. If the dinosaur ran any faster, its bones would break due to its weight. This, of course, means the T-Rex probably couldn’t have chased down Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park as he tried to get away in a Jeep Wrangler.

What do you think? Unnecessary biological science? Or a government conspiracy to bring back carnivores that most humans cannot combat?


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