Scientist Terrified of Geoengineering Technology Being Developed under Guise of Halting Global Warming

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By Ethan Huff

A prominent climate scientist who’s actively involved in developing technologies to thwart the natural weather patterns of the globe says he’s disturbed by the prospect of having to make such drastic changes to the common order of things in order to fight so-called “global warming.”

Dr. Matthew Watson from Bristol University in the UK told the media recently that he’s “terrified” by many of the geoengineering projects currently in the works to thwart man-made climate change, which is still being hawked by many in mainstream science as a threat to humanity.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Online, Dr. Watson explained how futuristic technologies like spraying chemical particles into the sky to reflect sunlight back into space have the potential to disrupt how rain falls, how plants grow and how life lives.

Right now, Dr. Watson is working on a $2.8 million project of this exact nature. The plan is to inject sulfur particles into the earth’s atmosphere with the stated goal of blocking the sun’s rays from reaching Earth, ostensibly to keep the earth from getting too warm.

“Personally, this stuff terrifies me,” Dr. Watson told reporters. “Whilst it is clear that temperatures could be reduced during deployment, the potential for misstep is considerable.”

“By identifying risks, we hope to contribute to the evidence base around geoengineering that will determine whether deployment, in the face of the threat of climate change, has the capacity to do more good than harm.”

Geoengineering will likely cause irreversible damage to planetary ecosystems

The simplistic nature of such projects ignores the immense level of irreversible damage that could result from interfering with the normal functions of the planet. By blocking sunlight, plants won’t be able to engage in photosynthesis, for instance, which means no more oxygen and no more food.

Similarly, humans won’t be able to obtain natural vitamin D if the sun’s rays aren’t allowed to penetrate the atmosphere, triggering an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency and resultant disease.

One proposed method of mitigating excess carbon dioxide, which many would argue isn’t even a real problem, involves planting and irrigating millions of trees in the world’s deserts. But this would directly counteract the natural reflection of sunlight from desert sands back into space, contributing to more warming.

Another proposal involves dumping iron particles into the world’s oceans to supposedly improve the growth of photosynthetic organisms capable of absorbing carbon dioxide. But this concept would only further toxify the world’s oceans, harming sea animals in the process.

Sulfur particles will destroy ozone layer, leaving animals and humans exposed to deadly radiation

Building upon an earlier idea pioneered by Dr. Watson, climate scientists are also working on ways to pump sulfur particles into the sky in order to disperse and reflect sunlight back into space. But this process threatens to destroy atmospheric ozone, leaving plants, animals and humans exposed to harmful solar radiation.

“Geoengineering will be much more expensive and challenging than previous estimates suggest and any benefits would be limited,” maintains Professor Piers Forster from the University of Leeds, who has long tracked climate engineering projects of this type and determined them to be more threatening than beneficial.

Professor Steve Rayner from Oxford University, who specializes in the legal and ethical ramifications of geoengineering, seems to agree. He told the Daily Mail Online that too little is known about the long-term effects of geoengineering, including their impact on planetary ecosystems.

“Mostly it is too soon to know what any of these technology ideas would look like in practice or what would be their true cost and benefit,” he stated.

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  • Ken, North Face

    Sorry to disappoint again but listen to me. Most visitors to this website don’t give a fuck about geoengineering when they have permanently injured their ability to get a good nights sleep through stress and worry about Ebola and the Islamic State.
    Geoengineering is real and it may be used as a military weapon eg to punish States which don’t play ball with the U.S. with drought until they finally submit. Climate concerns are just a false excuse so stop wasting your journalistic efforts here. Get back to the superstar celebrity of Ebbie the Ebola Virus.
    Thank you.

  • jim_robert

    Pssssttt!!! Shhhh!!! Don’t tell anyone… but there has been ZERO global warming since 1998, which now even the IPCC admits (forget ClimateGate, of course).

    BUT, don’t tell anyone! The billions behind BIG GREEN MONEY global warming scam might get mad

  • Sir TuberKopf

    It’s amazing the wild inane crap government can find to waste our tax dollars on, as the economy falls apart under the weight of their irresponsible spending!

  • M Fr Nch

    A lot of the efforts that I have heard about which are billed as combating global warming, which is a made up excuse for toddlers, seem to be to more useful for human depopulation. I will not say that is definitely the plan but it is well known to be one of their favorite things.
    I just wonder when people will stop sitting around stressing out and worrying about when the snake is going to bite them and go ahead and take out its fangs, Certainly someone out there has a set of balls. I hope 3 or 4 percent of the population may fir the bill, but time my friend is something I wonder about too.
    We do not need to start a war, all we need to do is get hem out of positions of power, retake the media and expose all of their corruption, all of it. I know tall order so I would like think we might get it done. The entire country is greed and corruption based right now, justice is a joke. We cannot do this through the system we have to arrest and try these morons ourselves.

  • Rogoraeck

    Don’t you people worry about all of this !
    Obama is sending US Marines to Africa to fight Ebola. So you will see Ebola becoming toast soon.
    As to V. Putin not to be outdone ,he is sending the Russian Navy to Antarctica to stop ice melting & fight GLOBAL WARMING.
    So you just sleep easy ! All’s well…………..

  • Rachel Flanagan

    American’s will look back in horror when they recall the days when humanity was sprayed like bugs by their own US military.
    I used to respect the US military, until they began dropping nano particles of heavy metals and other toxic nasties, they’ve literally altered the course of my health and life, under the BS ruse of global warming.