Schumer: Veterans Should Take a Pay Cut But Congress Should Not

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Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) believes that it’s time that US military veterans do their part for America by taking a cut to their retirement benefits.

Because, of course, veterans haven’t done enough for the country.

Members of Congress, however, should take no such cuts. According to the rather despicable gun-control advocating Senator Schumer, the government officials have sacrificed enough.

Civilian federal employees have been cut, cut, cut. I think there was a feeling, if you’re going to cut them further, which was done, that the military retirees should have about an equal amount. It’s small,” the New York Democrat told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.

“I think (Rep.) Paul Ryan and (Sen.) Patty Murray looked everywhere they could to try and find compromise. Everybody had to take a little,” Schumer said.

“They’re going to have to pay a tiny, little bit into it, which they never have,” he added.
But Schumer maintained members of Congress should not be forced to take a pay cut. He said they have already sacrificed, since they have not seen a pay raise “in a long time,” and explained most of them are paying more for healthcare insurance.

“We have taken pretty big cuts,” he said. (source)

Let’s tally up the numbers to put things in perspective:

  • The average pension for a retired veteran was $9,669 in 2011. (source)
  • The salary for a US Senator is $174,000. (source)

Just so this statistic is perfectly clear, the members of Congress bring in over 17 times the amount that retired vets do.

Despite this, veterans under the age of 62 will be looking at a 1% per year cut in their benefits. Members of Congress will not be looking at any reduction.

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  • Quitthevictimhood

    We’ve done our part already for this country. Enough is enough Schumer! You need to take the pay cut. You have lived a life of luxury and you want us retirees to give more??? You make me sick with your thought process and honestly you will break the force or is this the plan from the beginning? Folks are fed up with people like you. Your a LIAR and DISGRACEFUL!

  • Thomas Rice

    Actually, congress should be lined up and executed!
    That way we save on all those entitlements they voted for themselves.

  • GreySailor

    Scum that he is…the only danger he’s ever faced is the possibility of getting trampled at a lobbyist fundraiser open bar.

  • Heywood Jablohmee

    And Jews wonder why people are anti semitic,., Jews control the USA and there is NOTHING you can do about it,

    • phdinlogic

      Not the Jews; Rothschilds disguised as Jews..

  • Heywood Jablohmee

    What bothers me is how many idiot American servicemen support Israel. The country that is screwing them, Talk about Stockholm Syndrome,

  • Cracker122049

    What its really time for and long over due might I add,is for people like Schumer and the rest of the traitors up there to become wind chimes!

    • DDDuane

      Like we did to Leo Frank….

  • jarhead1969

    Firstly Senator Schumer should be arrested along with all the Democrats and many Republicans for treason.

    I would advise all in here to hold that name “Schumer” and read immediately the following article online:

    “The Hidden Tryanny – Part 1” – a 1976 interview with Mr. Harold Rosenthal, then aide and assistant to Senator Jacob K. Javits. Mr. Rosenthal was ultimately killed for giving this shocking and arrogant interview.

  • DDDuane

    Don’t forget, everyone of them works for AIPAC….
    The $174,000 per year plus an expense account (they pay for nothing), Free luxury cars, Insider stock trading, best medical plan available in the world, quid pro jobs for their friends and family…Collect a huge pension the minute they are voted out (or arrested like Jessie Jackson Jr)…
    The average imbecile Federal paper shuffler makes $122,000…Why? payback for negro vote…..

  • Strayhorse

    Hey Schumer, how about you give up your postage stamp allowance/expense? You ungrateful has been. The United States government owes every honorably discharged American military veteran 20 acres and a truck, at least. We fought for it, we deserve it. Sit down Schumer, shut up, and truly listen to what the people are saying. It isn’t what you think! It isn’t what your buddy Kissinger thinks either.

  • Gnowark

    Well at least MY senator schumer is arrogant enough to tell us that we should be happy with what he wants to give us (veterans didn’t earn it? somebody else made that happen?) and he is not one of the lowly proletariat. I think he should be the poster-jerk for Term Limits, (captioned “self-described” believer in the right to keep and bear arms)

  • laura91

    Schumer should get a giant boot in his ass along with the rest of the sycophants in congress. I am personally fed up with their lies, greed, stupidity, narcissism, and passivity to what the AMERICAN PEOPLE demand.

  • Heywood Jablohmee

    American GI’s are the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet. They support the terrorist genocidal state of Israel and the Jews that CONTROL the USA. Meanwhile those KIKES are fucking you in the ass 24/7 and you STILL will go fight for them, Remember this fucktards , it wasn’t muslims that did 911, it was Israel and the CIA/Mossad. using 19 Arab patsies.

  • failedevolution
  • Christopher Pringle

    The consensus appears to indicate a lack of respect for elected representatives – this tiny adjustment to income remains part of the government’s austerity program to fund the necessary wars against terror and freedom. A small cost to pay. As for the politicians and civil servants – perhaps we should consider off-shoring these positions to save more money for war and the toys for the boys.

  • Tacjam4

    Only Schumor thinks a medially retired Veteran that lost two limbs to an IED needs to do his part!

  • Pete Bundy

    How about we bring the troops home and send these idiots over to take their place-this way we can cut their retirement as well as we do not want them to feel left out. Vote them all out.

  • face looks like literal psychopath

  • phdinlogic

    Schumer and company need real short cut; from the neck down.

  • Alan Joseph

    Mr. Schumer, there are more graceful ways to end your time with Congress. This is, however, a very effective one. Congratulations on your retirement.

  • Tom2855

    Somebody needs to put him out of his misery.

  • Seth

    We need to have a massive overhaul of Congress. Most of these Democrats have proven themselves to be just as bad as Republicans. Fucking hell.

  • Pat

    It’s not a cut in their retirement. It’s a cut in the increase in their retirement pay until they reach age 62, then their retirement will increase with the rate of inflation. Not a bad deal by most standards. It’s enough though to save taxpayers $7 billion though.

  • Brenda Bell

    If half of them had served, they wouldn’t be here because they don’t have the intelligence to have survived.