Schumer Slams AT&T For Not Helping Workers Just As Company Announces $1K Bonuses For 200K Workers

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Nice timing.

From the Free Beacon:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) on Wednesday attacked AT&T by name for not passing along tax savings to its employees immediately after the telecommunications giant announced that it would do just that.

[…]”I love the example of AT&T,” he said. “Over the last ten years, AT&T has paid an average tax rate of eight percent a year. They have 80,000 fewer employees today than they had then.”

“Tax breaks don’t lead to job creation,” Schumer continued. “They lead to big CEO salaries and money for the very, very wealthy.”

Wells Fargo and Fifth Bank Bancorp both said Wednesday they’re going to raise their minimum wage to $15 as a result of the tax bill passing. Fifth Bank said they’ll also pay out $1,000 bonuses to around 13,500 employees.

Comcast also announced they’ll pay out $1,000 bonuses to over 100,000 employees due to the tax bill and the repeal of net neutrality.

While it’s true AT&T is looking to merge with Time Warner — against the will of Trump’s DOJ — Trump is acting as a union boss on behalf of American workers to pressure these companies into giving higher pay.

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  • Mayday911us

    Wow I wonder when Chucky is going to get his staff a bonus?

    • roger

      the 12th of never……….

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        • darkhorse

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  • mrmodee

    I pray Chucky “Chicken Lips” goes away for a long time when pedogate explodes.

    • darkhorse

      oh no! Don’t tell me even Chucky is a bad boy like all the rest of them?? LOL!!! First I’ve heard of that but, hey… not surprising!

  • phicrappazappa

    Continuing with Chuck Schumer’s “News From The Martian Front”,…………………

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  • Fingal Carson

    AT&T is a monopoly nearing if not now exceeding the size of the biggest telecommunications monopoly: Verizon. These two monopolies need to get broken up.

    • roger

      where were you in 1983?? when judge green broke up at&t.?

      • Fingal Carson

        Where were you when AT&T pieced itself back together and its bastard child Verizon became its own monopoly, too?

    • darkhorse

      and overtaken by We The People… also Con ED and this Zionist government. I didn’t get these things under the tree this Christmas but there’s another year ahead to make it happen!

  • SP_88

    Nice job Chuck. Tell us again about how these evil corporations are the ones robbing the people. And meanwhile, you can tell us how the democrats fighting against a tax break for the middle class is somehow a good thing too.
    The real thieves are in Washington.

  • Rich Hillegass

    There he is- the biggest asshole in the DNC, Chuckie Schumer!

  • da6675

    I don’t care for Schumer, he is an Israel Firster like Trump.
    Corporations and billionaires are getting massive tax cuts for no particular reason but greed. Loopholes were not eliminated for corporations, they were increased! There seems to be a kind of whistling-in-the-graveyard desperation for Trump supporters to turn this tax plan into a winner-winner-chicken dinner , but by fall elections the REPUBs will be frantically trying to show love for Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, as the facts of this secret tax crime against the American people are exposed.

  • TickTock

    Ugh! I just took a giant Schumer after that burrito supreme, then I wiped my HRC