School Shooting at Atlanta Middle School, Injuring at Least Two

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In what seems to be an increasingly common occurrence as the push for gun control continues, a shooting at an Atlanta Middle School has left at least two wounded and the corporate media once again pushing fear onto the masses.

According to a report by the Associated Press, two suspects are in custody and one teen was rushed to the hospital after being shot in the head.

School officials say two people were injured in the shooting. One 14-year-old victim was rushed to the hospital after being shot in the head, the Associated Press reports.

Atlanta Fire Cpt. Marian McDaniel says the shooting victim was taken to Grady Hospital but information on the teen’s condition was not immediately available.

WAGA reports the student was shot outside of the school and was alert and conscious before she was taken to the hospital.

McDaniel says a teacher suffered minor cuts and bruises but was treated on the scene at Price Middle School.

A report by revealed more details.

Alford said the shooting suspect was apprehended by police. Atlanta Police spokesperson Carlos Campos said the suspect was tentatively identified as a student. Campos went on to say the shooting happened outside the school building.

Price Middle School has been placed on lockdown, and parents are being asked not to come to the school to avoid any additional confusion in the area.

According to 11Alive’s Julie Wolfe and Sam Crenshaw on the scene, the assistant principal of Price Middle School came out to tell assembled parents that their children are okay.

Although this shooting most likely had nothing to do with a law abiding citizen having the ability to own a firearm, the corporate controlled media and elements of the federal government are sure to once again seize upon this tragedy to push their political goal of disarming the American people.

Stay tuned as more details come to the light.

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  • Cnsay

    The shooter was a student but failed several years and was 21 years of age. Typical of the hampster mentality in Atlanta.

    • SKIP

      Don’t you mean BLACKlanta?

  • ncjoe

    Pushing fear on the masses? You are puhing fear onto the masses in aneven bigger way, idiot.

    • JoeShmo

      Dude every post you comment on is the same thing … you calling someone an idiot. Didn’t your mommy ever teach you that when pointing your finger at someone that there were 3 pointing back at you?

      Yeah there yah go Joe. Think about it for a second. Okay long enough don’t wanna smoke what little grey matter thats floating in that big empty space between your ears.

      I still haven’t figured out what fear YOU say this articles writer is pushing. Its obvious the media is pushing gun restrictions leading up to outright ban if they can manage but this story is about the media actually using this incident like all the others, as a stepping stone to that ban they all say they would like if they could get the votes. It seems pretty tame to me.

  • Michael

    What was the weapon? I guess it wasn’t an AR 15,otherwise it would have listed it all over the news.

  • RickE.

    I find it very interesting that most of these tragedies are happening on Obama’s watch! Sure, there was Columbine, before Obama, but look at the number of gun-related tragedies since Obama has been in the Whitehouse.

    Is this simply coincidence? Or is it contrived? Are these “false flag” events orchestrated for an anti-gun agenda, and an increasing police state? OR, is it simply a mad coincidence haunting the dictator in the Whitehouse?

  • Heimdall

    False flag and mind controlled patsy attacks are rampant.

    These incidents and the gun control hysteria are convenient not only for Obama/Soetoro’s disarmament plans for the American People but they also have completely drawn attention away from his and his administrations FELONIES and treason in their actions concerning the attacks on our personnel in Benhazi. Barry Soetoro aka Obama is a criminal and most of his administration are also criminals. IMPEACH!

    • SKIP

      IMPEACH HELL! We will need a “final solution” the the Obamuslim question. History buffs will recognize the final solution analogy.

  • Heimdall
  • Heimdall

    P.S. There is no doubt that Benghazi was a crime, not incompetence, as the article cited above claims. In fact, punishing flag officers for trying to send help is just one of a long list of facts which prove criminal malfeasance rather than incompetence.