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Judging from the content of several texts recommended by the Common Core State Standards, it seems apparent that both the creators of the standards and the U.S. Department of Education (by way of its continued endorsement and funding of the standards) consider sex, profanity, and violence to be somehow beneficial to the education of children.

Thanks to a few attentive parents, we know that at least two Common Core Text Exemplars, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison and Dreaming in Cuban by Christina Garcia, contain pornography and vulgar language.

For details on these books, go here and here.

Dutchtown High School in the Ascension Parish School District of Louisiana recommended both The Bluest Eye and Dreaming in Cuban to students in 2012 as part of a required summer reading assignment. In addition to these two books, several others on the school’s summer reading list contain sexually explicit material, sexual themes, graphic violence, and profanity. Some of them recommended reading, some required.

dutchtown high school

As shown in the screen shot above, 11th grade English III AP students were required to read Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. This book was previously banned for offensive language and sexually explicit content.

Another required text from the Dutchtown High School list is Thomas C. Foster’s How to Read Literature Like a Professor.  Sounds harmless enough (and boring), right? Hardly.

In this book, Foster jumps immediately into race baiting his readers, in the Introduction no less, by comparing white people to the devil.

Many pages, including a chapter titled It’s All About Sex, are dedicated to “finding the sexual component in literature”. Readers are taught to look for sex in everything — such as identifying lances, swords, guns and keys as phallic symbols and chalices, grails and bowls as symbols of female sexual organs.

Unfortunately, CCSSO and the Obama administration have cunningly managed to evade accountability for The Bluest Eye and Dreaming in Cuban by way of liability waivers and by labeling these trash texts as ‘recommended’ and the standards as ‘voluntary’ and ‘state-led’.

States and districts, however, can and should be made accountable for this obvious attack on our children and on parental authority.

As explained here, at the heart of the Common Core State Standards is a political and social agenda. These standards are a means to further infiltrate and then take over schools for the purpose of indoctrinating and controlling our children, a vital step in an attempt to decimate the social and moral fabric of our country.

Ascension Parish has long been a politically conservative district boasting some of the highest performing schools in the State of Louisiana. The district recently ranked 7th out of 70 in the state. Today, however, it appears to be the district most enthusiastic to embrace the morally corrupt agenda of the Common Core State Standards.

Read more about Common Core in Louisiana and Ascension Parish here.

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Contributed by Joe Wurzelbacher of Joe For America.

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  • Kait

    If parents are more interested in their kids being the star athlete, then this will never change. People especially teachers are non learners. We need teachers who are life long learners in the schools willing to baulk the system. Educations mission is not to manufacture minds, but rather to break them from preconcieved thought patterns.

  • Andy Fife

    Da’ Ruskie has a point. ENGLAND and USA INC are sworn enemies of freedom.
    Fake governments schools are just programming centers for the filth the pukes in unauthorized office vomit up.

  • Free thinker

    The sexual content is so that they get more slaves to work from broken families. check out

  • Natalie Huddleston

    I don’t understand where the links that you have provided backing your statements on Common Core are opinion based information? This is directly quoted from the Common Core website (

    “What types of texts are recommended for the English language arts standards?
    Common Core State Standards require certain critical content for all
    students. In addition to content coverage, the standards require that
    students systematically acquire knowledge in literature and other
    disciplines through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. English
    teachers will still teach their students the literature and literary
    nonfiction texts that they choose. However, because college and career
    readiness overwhelmingly focuses on complex texts outside of literature,
    these standards also ensure students are being prepared to read, write,
    and research across the curriculum, including in history and science.” Common Core doesn’t provide specific texts, it provides standards meant to help children who move from one state or even town to another to have the same level of education. I am currently a senior in the Elementary Ed program and have learned extensively about them, IRONICALLY my home state of Indiana just opted not to use them because the Indiana standards they spent tons of money developing are actually better and more rigorous. I am not in ANY way condoning the use of these books containing such material for children; if either of my children brought home a book like that I would be outraged, and the arrest of the parent in New Hampshire over voicing his concerns out of turn is ridiculous. I am merely saying don’t blame this on Common Core. And I am saying that from a standpoint of I honestly think our entire education system is not geared towards the learner whatsoever, and this factory-type mentality of education is failing our kids. But put the blame where it is meant to be- these schools should have educators and principles and superintendents that are making better choices for their children, not encouraging and putting these horrible, graphic thoughts into the impressionable minds of our youth. Instead of going with the opinion of “it’s no better than what’s on TV or in the movies” they should be standing up against such graphic material content on TV and in movies. It starts with one, to make a stand, and say THIS IS NOT OKAY, to make change. Our children are our future, and what kind of future do we have raising them in this way???