School Cop Destroys 15-yo Student’s Face After He Tried to Call his Mom During Lunch

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by Matt Agorist

Gates, NY — Last week, Stephanie Petrillo’s 15-year-old son Joe was dropped off at their home — battered, bloodied, and with a fractured orbital socket. His mother says she was given no reason for the drop off other than Joe suffered the injuries after he fell on the floor while being restrained by officer Shawn O’Mara of the Gates police department.

After he was dropped off crying and severely injured, Stephanie Petrillo would soon find out about the nasty confrontation between her son and this Gates police officer.

In an interview with Activist and Blogger Davy Vara, Petrillo explained how her son’s cellphone led to his assault by a public servant who is nearly double Joe’s size.

According to Petrillo, last Friday morning, Joe, who was at school on his lunch break, asked the school’s principal, Mary Vito, for his cellphone. In high schools, it is not uncommon for students to have to leave their phones in the office every morning.

While he was on lunch, Joe merely wanted to call his mother. However, principal Vito was not going to allow him to do that, so the two went back and forth several times. At this point, officer O’Mara stepped in to force Joes’ compliance.

Gates, NY Police officer Shawn O’Mara was on school property and responded to the argument between the principal and the student.

“He grabbed my son, who is maybe one hundred and twenty pounds, like a bean pole, and he slams him on the floor, handcuffs him and then starts punching my son in his face,” Petrillo said.

“This is a police officer who weighs more than two hundred pounds, and he beat my son.”

Joe was then put into the patrol car and brought to his mother, bleeding and crying in agony. When this mother brought her son to the hospital, she learned that he had suffered an orbital fracture, a concussion, and multiple contusions — all at the hands of this police officer.

In a statement on Tuesday, Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode confirmed that O’Mara punched the teen in the face, but said that this officer, twice the size of his subject, was justified in the beating because the student became “out of control.”

VanBrederode also said that the officer was wearing a body cam that confirms Joe’s behavior. However, they have yet to release it, which is strange considering the fact that they have posted body cam footage directly to their Facebook page.

Gates police say they have statements from students who say they witnessed the altercation. But there are witnesses on the other side who say they saw O’Mara punch Joe while he was in handcuffs.

According to Joe’s girlfriend, O’Mara hit Joe in the face while he was in handcuffs.

The family has since hired attorney John Parrinello. The Free Thought Project spoke to Mr. Parrinello on Wednesday, and he told us that he is waiting to hear back from Chief VanBrederode so he and the family can view the body cam footage.

Police charged the teen with resisting arrest, and menacing, as well as grand larceny. But because of his age, the case will be handled in Family Court.

When asked about the menacing and grand larceny, Parrinello told the Free Thought Project that he does not know why the teen is facing these charges.

Only when the body cam is released will we know more about this story. But, even then, as we’ve seen in the past, body camera footage can often lead to more questions than answers.

Even if this 15-year-old boy was “out of control” the violent escalation by the officer was more than likely entirely unnecessary. All too often, the presence of police officers in schools turn typical student discipline problems into violent and confrontational legal issues.

H/t Davy V

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  • Reverend Draco

    My kid, tax leech would simply vanish one night – never to be seen again, except perhaps by an archaeologist.

    • Gambeir Bay

      A previous generation of law men would have solved the problem before you ever got to his front door, and yea they might have found him, twenty years from now, still wearing the handcuffs.

  • I forgot

    That cop should be beaten to more than a pulp then thrown in the general population of the nastiest prison in the United States with the words “COP” on his prison garb.

  • Elizabeth Greene

    This is one of those cases where a body camera would make a substantial difference.

    Scenario one: Kid is tweaked out and starts assaulting the principal. Officer gets a commendation.

    Scenario two: Officer grossly overreacts. Kid gets a check; officer gets a pink slip.

    This is why I support real-time non-disable-able mandatory cameras for officers.

    • Elizabeth Greene

      Turns out, there was a body camera on this. Quoting the linked source:

      “According to Gates, NY Police Chief James VanBrederode, his cop
      Shawn O’Mara did punch 15-year old student Joe but only after the
      15-year old threatened to punch his officer.[…]

      VanBrederode says video surveillance footage from officer O’Mara’s
      bodycam proves that officer Shawn O’Mara was justified in punching the

      • If he’d only punched him, as opposed to beating the crap out of him, assuming that the department authorizes retributive beatings.

    • Gambeir Bay

      I’m sick of body camera’s and this entire corrupted system hiring nutcases instead of good people like the ones I grew up with. Get twenty men together and drag that punk out in broad daylight for the community to judge.

    • Most body cams can be sabotaged or switched off easily by the officer. Since the school undoubtedly has video surveillance, where is the video?

  • Guillotine_ready

    Either we as a notion disband the out of control street gang that goes by the name police or cops and make certain they are no longer roaming armed, or this will continue.
    We are in the midst of a war and the agenda is to beat us into submission to whatever the whim, of the moment might be.
    If we do not fight back how can we win?

    • Gambeir Bay

      You’ve somehow accidentally hit the nail on the head for the solution to a whole host of problems. One, we have to start by removing the control over the airways from the communications cabal of organized family broadcasters and billionaires so that we can get fat ass number 12 to wake up to reality.

      Two, while the rich have been busy constructing private armies called security companies and conducting false flags to get the brain dead to give up their civil rights, it’s really the other way round which should be happening.

      So while they label you a potential terrorist for wanting to form a community based militia, they have allowed these private gunmen to become the gate keepers to the front doors of the very buildings our own government supposedly resides inside of. What’s up with that one huh?

      So yea, you could dispose of them and know what? That’s actually what President Washington intended. That our kids, drilling under an elected community leadership of military experience would be the law keepers, and assisting the appointed investigators when called upon, and in this way both the military becomes controlled and responsible to the people, and so too are the dangerous excesses of these unrestricted and unelected individuals done away with.

  • Elizabeth Greene

    They need to release the video. Until they do, all we have is biased guesses

    • Vows of Vengeance

      Hand cuffed kid. KID in HAND CUFFS. And you bring up biased? So what if he had a mouth on him or whatever else we don’t know. KID………HAND CUFFS beaten. Get it? Go beat a KID in HAND CUFFS and let us know what happens to you.

    • MW Hohimer

      Can’t release it till they have time to edit it.

    • We should demand that any video have a continuous timecode to preclude editing.

      • Elizabeth Greene

        @disqus_3BrONUAJno – that’s an excellent idea.

        • Thank you for the flowers, but it is just common sense to anyone who has worked with video. The timecode is used to do editing, and most editors lay down a new timecode on a master edit. I doubt that such sophistication is applied to body cams since the time code is embedded in the metadata.

  • You should have the app bambuser installed on your mobile phone, it will record and stream real time to the net to your bambuser account so when they erase the evidence it will be too late…. video’s already online, chump!

  • Mike

    cop needs to be disappeared slowly and painfully.

  • MW Hohimer

    Kids parents should put one in that pigs face.

  • TAG

    I’ve been called accident prone and NEVER have I fallen on the floor and looked like that.

  • CharlesH

    You beat a kid who is handcuffed and you actually have the nerve to wonder why some cops are “killed in the line of duty”. Hmmm

  • Andrew Miller

    Let’s not skip over what led to this, which is also bad. If my kid wants to call me during the school day, then the answer from the administrator should be YES. WTF is that?

    • lan

      Because in prison your jailers decide when you may call. Homeschool is the only way if you love your children

  • Julie Hargrove

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  • hamartia

    This officer demonstrates his unlimited potential.

  • Karen McKim-Altman

    The student was charged with ‘resisting arrest’? If I were the child’s parents, I would sue the Principal, school district AND the police for this travesty. The boy asked the Principal if he could use HIS phone to call his mother! And that simple request gets this kind of reaction? Out-of-control school and police thuggery.

  • Publeus


    That’s all they need to learn, now. Anything not dictated is disruptive to the education process.

  • OldPoorRichard

    Pig terrorists are either going to pay, or America will be an insufferable slave colony.

  • emmanuelozon

    Curious as to why there seems to be no cameras in the school corridors. I mean, you look at any school today and all you see are cameras. Kinda like the absence of cameras in these government facilities that are the victims of crazed gunmen.

  • Jon Geissinger

    We have this HUGE hammer out there looking for nails to pound, fed by fear, uncertainty and doubt; then we throw some of the new BigPharma psychotropics into the mix and we have a very predictable outcome: Violence.
    The police is rife today with reject from the military recruiters office who are aching for a chance to strap on a gun, legally, then claim their life was in danger (by an elderly person, mentally ill person, or in this case a high school student). Don’t forget the dogs! Police shows up at your house, put that pet into a kennel with a muzzle or he/she will become worm bait. Even cats are being shot. Can’t wait for the first report of a gold fish being shot!
    The problem is not the police (for the most part). The problem is an out of control government bent on having total control of your every breath.
    Schools are breeding grounds for mind control and fascist techniques. Critical thinking went the way of the Red Headed Woodpecker. GONE! They are building the new serfs, ready to serve the government.
    I am NOT an anarchist. I do believe in government; one that was designed by the founders….

  • Arizona

    THE MORE police gangs ,kill, murder,and maim americas children,the MORE AMERICA TRIES TO LICK THEIR BUTT,thats because americans are cowardly Yellow butt lickers,even if the children was just murdered………..

  • Unapologetically White

    The tax feeder was just doing what Mom (where’s Dad?) should have done.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Regrets. This sort of criminal yes I said it CRIMINAL behaviour is coming to the UK. And you wonder why peace loving men do Google searches on how to buy guns . . . and why we have 6 different Facebook accounts under false names to keep in touch with each other.
    You know I would shoot a Police Officer who bullied my son.
    I pray to God before pulling the trigger of course.