Say No to War: A New Bill to Abolish the U.S. Military Draft

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Whether you live in the United States or not, you have an interest in abolishing the U.S. military draft, and now the U.S. Congress might do it.

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To: The United States Congress

Pass the new bill to abolish the military draft: “H.R.4523 – To repeal the Military Selective Service Act, and thereby terminate the registration requirements of such Act and eliminate civilian local boards, civilian appeal boards, and similar local agencies of the Selective Service System.”

Why is this important?

A bureaucracy unused since Richard Nixon left office, an institution that has served no purpose since before people already too old for it were born, a machinery whose only function is to send huge numbers of unwilling young men (and some hope to expand it to include young women) into immoral actions should be abolished. This bipartisan bill would make that happen. The selective service budget is $23-26 million every year. There are also costs to the states and financial aid offices that must ensure people are registered before administering benefits. Many states automatically register men who obtain driver’s licenses for selective service; that technology should remain in place but be used to automatically register men and women to vote. Opponents of war and supporters of conscientious objection back this bill. You can too.


David Swanson,

Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Alice Slater

David Hartsough

Maria Santelli, Center on Conscience and War

Leah Bolger

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  • StevetheHun

    When the draft first started, During the Civil war, people knew it was a crock of poo. They revolted.

    Why do people think that involuntary servitude is okay now? Have they forgotten something? The best argument I’ve heard is that “in order to be free, we have to make some people slaves”. The last war we fought for actual freedom was the War of 1812, and there was no draft.

    But the Civil war was fought over … tariffs and trade restrictions (not slavery). WW I was about a bankers and getting rich and to a lessor extent, Zionism. WW II was also about bankers and the Military industrial complex and … Zionism.

    The reason they needed the draft is because too many people regarded them as stupid wars for the elites that they didn’t want to fight.

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  • Reverend Draco

    I see how it is. . .

    When it was only males that had to sign up. . . no problem.

    Soon as the fembots get their “equal right,” suddenly it’s bad. . .

    Oh. . . you can also go fuck yourself with this fucking nonsense: that technology should remain in place but be used to automatically register men and women to vote.

    Suck my fucking dick.

    • Frank

      You have conveyed a good point, Rev, in your usual grand eloquence. Now that “Equal Rights” is moving full-speed-ahead, Selective Service is yet another benefit that women can share with men….and now the calls to abolish it are very timely. Although the current Selective Service system may be out-dated and out-sized costly, the premise of maintaining a roster of potential recruits in a time of national need, I think, is a smart thing to maintain. How about add some caveats like 1) Register for the Selective Service or be ineligible for government-insured student loans (?) 2) Serve two years or more in the military or the Peace Corps to be eligible for subsidized college (?) If we could get more US Citizens to serve in the military, our politicians wouldn’t be so gung-ho to allow foreign-nationals to join (“as a path to Citizenship”), get trained in the use of modern weapons, an potentially use them to harm Americans, or as a soldier in a criminal organization. No, this is not the time to do away with the Selective Service concept, and if the cost of the program is being used as justification to abolish it, bring in the bean counters and find a way to cut overhead costs.

      • Reverend Draco

        How is keeping a list of potential slaves a smart thing? In case there’s a shortage of cotton?

        How about this caveat: As a self-owned human, it is my duty to put a cap in anyone who promotes or enforces laws that require me to give up my self-ownership.

        • Frank

          Take a step back and realize that what I was proposing was voluntary. So, your “self ownership” can remain intact, you just won’t be eligible for gov-backed student loans or subsidized education. You can be your own person, free from such encumbrances (shackles).

          • Reverend Draco

            Trading open coercion for weak, mealy-mouthed, passive-aggressive pussy coercion makes the unethical ethical. . . Why didn’t I think of that before?

          • Razedbywolvs

            Or to ensure the premise of maintaining a roster of potential recruits in a time of national need we can use the National gun owners database.
            What could possibly go wrong?

      • Oren Player

        Also add the following requirement:
        NO ONE may serve as a public servant who has not fulfilled a mandatory 2 year service either in the military or Peace Corp.
        Without this, there is no way a Congressman or woman, or Senator can appreciate what it means to called a citizen of the USA. All you have to do is look at the mess in Washington today as justification.

        • Frank

          I’m good with that. In order to effectively represent The People, you must have first “walked a mile in their shoes.”

        • Loretta Stacey

          Viewing war from the inside would deter rash decisions to start other wars.

  • Oren Player

    Sorry folks, but the utopia you wish to see come about will NEVER come about as long as a) there are people or countries out there that want to do us harm, b) will only happen when EVERYONE does the same. Regardless, until there is no threat to the safety of this nation, there will be a draft or expect to be attacked and carved up.