Satellite Image Reveals the Extent of Russian Base in Syria

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When Western media outlets first started to report that the Russian military had arrived in Syria, the Russian government was quick to clarify the situation. Putin admitted that his nation’s military was providing equipment and training for Assad’s military, and left it at that. “To say we’re ready to do this today — so far it’s premature to talk about this. But we are already giving Syria quite serious help with equipment and training soldiers, with our weapons.”

Within the same day, anonymous intelligence agents with the US government revealed that the Russians were actually preparing to help Assad in a more direct way. They claimed that a new military base was being built in the port city of Lakatia, that would include an air traffic control tower and several prefab structures that could house over 1000 military personnel.

Nearly two weeks after we heard about these events, a defense official told Fox News that the Pentagon had tracked over a dozen Russian cargo flights, which were dumping a steady stream of military supplies into Syria. At least two of these flights included a shipment of tanks. The defense official added that “This is the largest deployment of Russian forces outside the former Soviet Union since the collapse of the USSR.”

Of course, no one can say for sure what is really going on. While none of this would be all that surprising considering Russia’s blanket support for the Assad regime, as well the Russian military’s appreciation for clandestine warfare, it’s hard to say whether or not these anonymous government sources are telling the truth, misinterpreting their intel, or are just blowing smoke.

However, the first real proof that Russia is up to something in Lakatia has finally arrived. recently purchased a satellite photo of the area, which seems to show what those anonymous officials have been talking about.


You can check out their website to see a larger photo, and a comparison with an older, Google maps image. Something is definitely being built there.

The satellite image shows far more than prefabricated housing and an air traffic control station. It shows extensive construction of what appears to be a military canton at Bassel al-Assad International Airport (named for Bashar’s elder brother, who died in a car accident in 1994). This canton appears designed to support Russian combat air operations from the base and may serve as a logistical hub for Russian combat forces.

In recent days, using aircraft tracking sites, a number of analysts have begun to document the near-daily arrival of Russian transport planes to the base. The Russians are also sending ships to Syria, though the ships often declare for a nearby non-Syrian port, like Port Said in Egypt, and then take a wrong turn at Albuquerque, so to speak.

If there’s one thing we can learn from Russia’s growing presence in Syria, it’s that they’re no longer content to simply fight our proxy forces with theirs. As time goes on, they seem to be stepping up their game, as they take a more direct interest in the conflict. And with that, the potential for a real war between Russia and the US, grows a little more.

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  • NonYo Business

    All i know is that American troops and their leaders are the true terrorists.

    • YeahRightOkay

      …don’t say the troops…leaders yes…politicians yes…but not the troops…most will protect your sorry butt…when the SHTF…unlike your local police or sheriffs office…

      • NonYo Business

        Without the troops the leaders have 0 power. They cannot run the world without their foot soldiers. . . Sooo try again.

        • YeahRightOkay

          …that is right…O power…without the military…and I am a 30 year retired Vet…and everyone I knew…and still today…with a small exception…would never turn their guns on Americans…

          …try again if you never spent a day in the military…and read the oath we took…farking a wipe…

          • NonYo Business

            Tell that to your brothers guarding drug fields and flying drones and invading countries just to protect corporate assets; robot. Take it personally all you want keyboard commando. Try again.

          • freewheelinfranklin543

            The US military has a long history of killing Americans!Since Korea the US military has deployed to numerous wars without a Congressional Declaration of War,which is a violation of the oath all service people take.
            We as Americans are responsible for what we let our leaders do.
            The US military is the greatest killer of civilians in war that the world has ever seen and we are hated around the world for what the service people do to the people of the planet for their bosses! Wake up!

          • YeahRightOkay

            …you are absolutely bizarre…

            …leadership…which happens to be CIVILIAN…who your lame a$$ voted in…did and does this…

            ….90% of American troops would never turn their guns on Americans…due to taking their oath seriously…but rather turn their guns on the leadership…

            …quit drinking whatever koolaid you are drinking…

          • Muhammad Abbass


          • YeahRightOkay

            …go wrap that rag back around your head…and then tighten it up a bit…it may or may not help with your IQ…but give it a try anyway…

          • bilejones
          • Ryan Law

            lol you need to learn more about the fraternity you belonged to, the army looks out for the army the day the american people cant pay is the day they turn their guns on the american people

          • YeahRightOkay

            …so delusional aren’t you…???…one can tell you never spent one day in the military…or…even know a person that has…go back and drink your koolaid…

          • Muhammad Abbass

            They DID turn their guns on Americans during that war, I’m old enough to remember. American troops are among the most undisciplined in the world and at the same time the least thoughtful so I doubt they’d hesitate en masse to shoot anybody if told to.

          • YeahRightOkay

            …and if you care to learn a bit of history about Kent State…I will give you a hint…the person who fired the shot was a Guardsman…or as we call then…weekend warrior…he was a desk jockey…and not qualified to shoot any weapon…him and his supervisor as well as commander were removed from service…but I will let you find out what else happened…to all those involved…

          • bilejones

            Just one more murderous tool of the vicious zionist treasonous state.

      • EnditsoonLORD

        BS. They volunteered. They will kill you if their masters tell them to. And they have never protected any Americans “sorry butt”.

        • YeahRightOkay

          …really…and how many days did you spend in the military…???…me…???…I spent around 11,000 days…and lets see…how many Americans did I kill…hard now to count…since there were so many…lets see…here comes the grand total…ZERO…!!!

          • EnditsoonLORD

            So you never heard of Kent State or Waco or the Bonus Army? Wow! What country do you live in?

          • YeahRightOkay

            …no never heard of that shit…MOR ON…since…I AM A VIETNAM VET…

          • EnditsoonLORD

            It obviously takes one to know one, or think he knows one. With that answer, no matter how it is taken, you have stepped in your own ignorant doo doo.

          • YeahRightOkay

            …you are quite correct…it takes a Vietnam Vet to know a Vietnam Vet…and you dumbo…are no Vietnam Vet…

            …ps:…better wipe you butt…since you doo doo’d them…and then wipe your face with your shorts…

          • EnditsoonLORD

            Wow! Are you two years old or just an idiot? If you don’t know the instances I listed and you are truly a Vietnam vet then you are the dumbest person in the world. But by your childish speech I think you are just a child echoing your stupid fathers ignorance. Break free dude.

          • YeahRightOkay

            …Hey MOR ON…I already told you I did know those events…

            …I am at piece with myself…too bad you are not…

          • EnditsoonLORD

            LOL. Go away child.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            You are not a vet. As someone himself barely old enough to be one, (and I am not) I recognise your age is way below adequate for such a thing. You’re not even old enough to enlist I’d guess, which would also explain the lack of knowledge of history and the childish ideas of US military. True vets know WAY better than any of us that you are wrong.

          • YeahRightOkay

            …bold statement from a mooslim POS…however, I will continue to hold on to my blue card and continue to receive my retirement on the first of each month…

            …ps:…you wouldn’t know a TRUE VET if one showed you their DD214…

          • NonYo Business

            How many innocents have you or your brothers killed? Likely hundreds of thousands… or 1 too many no matter how the count goes. Training ISIS, arming terrorists… seems like the military is a big enough problem all on its own, creating as much trouble as they “fix”.

          • Ryan Law

            we kill 20000 children a day via starvation to prop up the price of food, we pay to have it rot in warehouses rather then devalue the product by incrasing its availablity and feeding those people, 20000+ every day, every day i wake up i know im only in a comfortable bed today because yesterday 20000 children died to keep me in it and today another 20000 and tommorow another 20000 and thats a old figure theres more dieing of hunger now that we are supporting terrorist organisations to try and destabilise syria ive seen the pentagon leaks from back in 2007 showing they thought there was a opertunity to create a takferi area in north east iraq, ive seen the pics of mccain visiting al bagdadi planing the mosul push, ive seen the km’s long convoy of pickup trucks filled with millitants that the us spy satalites never seemed to be able to see heading for mosul. america runs isis it drops them food arms and advisors and is currently even attacking syrian army positions in a atempt to stop syrian army from cutting the raqqa to mosul supply route. or we could talk of yemen which has even more people at risk of dieing from starvation 10 million people in that small country alone, why? because US UAE and saudis are impposing a total food embargo to help ISIS and aq in yemen to take over the country against the national army and most tellingly a very large popular resistance army the houthis. the USA dosnt even do anythign about the massive base isis is making in lybia after they helped them take over, even killed a their top diplomat because he caught onto the cia rat line that had a base of operations a km from embassy.
            the evidence of saudi/US/UK/fench/german/Isreali/TurkishEgyptian support for ISIL is well documented but we will never see any charges layed look at mccain hes still a senator lol and theres a massive cash trail right down to pr pics with him and leader of isis al bagdadi before it was even rebranded isis and hes still an american representative. if you wonder why turkey is allowed to buy and resell isis oil without anyone stoping them, its because they are just a minor partner doing the bidding of the USA and isreal and via them then bidding of the few 100 mostly old white men who own more of the worlds wealth then the other 7 billion of us combined

          • Ryan Law

            hell isreal even got caught out back in march or may i forget, treating then releasing al bagdadi after he was injured and the un has documented many incidents of uninjured takferi types crossing into isreal having gates opened for them and crates being transfered from isreal to takferi groups in golan hieghts.but i have come to terms with the fact that having some of the highest standards of living in a capitalist society means that most people wont live as well as me and since i can barely aford 3 meals a day and my country has one of the highest standards of living in the world i know by comparison how crap the rest of the world must have it and i get pissed off so how pissed off they must get ….. its no supprise we have to have kill squads going around decapitating people to keep them in line in the worst off places in the world

      • patriot1407

        ‘military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as tools of foreign policy” Henry Kissinger Whatever you think of the military that’s what your leaders think of you. It’s a good thing the empire has lots of 18 year olds devoid of critical thinking skills

        • EnditsoonLORD

          And apparently some of them are so devoid of intellect that even 30 years later they still don’t have a clue. Funny thing is the guy was probably drafted.

          • Ryan Law

            puting someone thruough boot camp causes a permanent change in the brain, culhoun called it a behaviour sink in his rat utopia experiements, they either go feral all tribal and the squad comes before everything or they go buitifull ones which go all reclusive and are the ones that “fail” boot camp, but once you have gone though boot ccamp your brain isnt a standard human brain anymore the structural changes in it make is something different to a humans

        • Ryan Law

          barracks training boarding schools prisons they all create permanent brain damage via simulating a over population scenario

      • Muhammad Abbass

        If you’re a father of a family who has just been the victim of US troops in their home, and I leave it up to the imagination what treatment may have been inflicted since we’ve had everything from insults and house wrecking to rape and murder, I sincerely doubt that the terrorists that day will be anybody but those troops.

  • Mr Reynard

    OMG ! Now ISIS & the most moral army in the world will face real soldiers & not old men, women & children with stones only…… I am outraged, I am horrified,I am appalled… What is the “international community & the world” doing ???

  • Mark

    How amusing that Foreign Policy has their knickers in a twist about Russian assistance to Syria. Foreign Policy is the official propaganda magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations, middle management for Zionist command and control.

    Thank God that Russia, as it did in the days of the Czars and once again re-awakwning to Jesus Christ, opposes hegemony of the synagogue of Satan.

    Notice that, though it did for decades, Foreign Policy no longer touts its connection to the CFR:

  • BaronGreenBack

    Hmm Russian boots on the ground I wonder how long before a accidental air strike on the base.

    • YeahRightOkay

      …didn’t take long for Slick Willie to hit their embassy in Bosnia…

      • EnditsoonLORD

        Or the Chinese embassy in Serbia.

        • YeahRightOkay

          …that too…

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Russia was very weak at the time and led by corrupt puppets. I’d like to see it tried this time round, indeed I would. 🙂

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      The Russians are bringing in fighters for top cover and ground assault aircraft. They are bringing in numerous SAM systems and their fleet has thrown a SAM umbrella over Syria.Israel lost an F-16 a few weeks ago to an S-300 as well as several assault choppers.They haven’t bombed Syria since then.
      If we try to bomb that base we will lose pilots and planes. The Iskander missiles Syria already has can take out bases in Turkey or Israel if need be.
      Ignorant fool you be IMHO!

    • Muhammad Abbass

      If that happened you do realise the response will be very painful and when push comes to shove, everyone knows Russia will hand NATO’s butts to them after a good kicking.

      • BaronGreenBack

        Israel has lost a F16 and some Helicopters as well within the last couple of weeks. Which would suggest the Russians have the S300/S400 air defense system up and running.looks like the Israelis and every one else have got the message loud and clear “Stay Out Of Syrian Air Space” .

  • Bo Wetstone

    aiding isis in the battle against assad will get millions killed.
    Obama is not just a buffoon Obama is pure evil. where is a military coup when so many lives depend on it?

  • One has to wonder if Joshua Krause is a covert neo-con, as he continues to demonize the Russians for the same sort of actions that Dick Cheney pursued when he was setting up the attack on Saddam.

    • Rick E.

      I think that you’re correct about Krause, as he’s also starting to sound like Michael Snyder too.
      But this situation won’t go like it did in Iraq if it goes hot.

      • Agreed.

      • Ken, Megapolis

        The trolls thought I was Joshua’s lover. I will find out where they live LOL. Often when these issues arise, you see how 1 person has set up multiple accounts just to appear to present wider public opinion than a lone wolf can. Facebook gets this all the time.
        Joshua has been added to my watch list. There may be nothing to watch LOL but eternal vigilance is the price of Freedom.
        So help me God.

      • That is true, since Russia is in a mutual defense pact with China and Iran, which would bring all three of them down on anyone with the temerity to attack any of them, or their forces, anywhere in the world.

  • Rick E.

    It is none of our business as to what Russia does there! NATO and the USA are surrounding Russia as much as they possibly can with military installations and bases.
    So Russia is not the aggressor here, NATO, the EU, and our government are the psychopathic aggressors.
    And we do not own the world, nor do we rule the world, which is a politicians wet dream!

    We need to back off, shut our politicians’ mouths, and take care of the out of control immigration’s treasonous policies that will ruin what’s left of our country!

  • tomw

    Considering Russia has had a Naval base in Syria since 1971, you would expect to find some ‘boots on the ground’

  • Teodoro Cervantes-Leon

    Have to consider the source of the photo. How likely to be real?

  • dago dingo

    If it means destroying U.S capabilities to kill & maim sovereign Syrian army troops, fucking great work Putin. The real terrorists in our world today are America & Israel. They pull the strings in all that is evil.

  • YeahRightOkay

    …wow…!!!…this is so horrible…how could Russia build a military base to defend one of its allies…and no less the 14th…how horrible…guess it intrudes with our over 800 military bases throughout the world…

  • Stew E

    Why is our idiot presid not supporting ISIS? We are more aligned with Syria than ISIS. Assad is a moderate who treats Christians well.

  • emmanuelozon

    How do we know that that picture is from Syria? Could be from Russia, or China, or North Korea.

  • EnditsoonLORD

    Finally, a fighting war between Russia and the U.S. Just what the U.S. has been itching for. Wonder how long until the U.S. sends in troops to help ISIS.

  • Jason

    This entry – “Race of Father = African” is actually contained on the Official Copy of the Official Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama in the Department of Records in Hawaii, which was added not only by a professional medical doctor who supposedly delivered him in 1961, but also a Department of Hawaii official transciptionist, with the approval of the Director of the Department of Records of Hawaii.

    Unfortunately, “Race of Father = African” – AFRICAN IS NOT A RACE – Racial designations available to add to an official Birth Certificate in Hawaii in 1961, the official year of his birth, included “Negro”, “Hispanic”, “Caucasian” – “African” was not even a choice.


    Because Africa has 47 unique countries with lots of different races of people within its continental borders and everyone in Africa, is African.

    Putting an entry such as “Race of Father = African” and getting it approved to an official document, especially when an “African” racial designation was not availabe, is just as ludicrous as adding “Race of Father = Californian” to a Birth Certificate of a baby born in New York, it just would never happen because there are too many different races in New York and “African” is not a choice for a racial designation.


    The Birth Certificate copy in Washington D. C. of the Birth Certificate Original in Hawaii is a 100% Forgery, and there currently is no original from which the copy was made.

    America has a foreign national, who is himself not even a U.S. citizen, occupying the White House.

  • Rupert Chappelle

    ISIS – Ethnic Cleansing done dirt cheap.

    Only Putin will stand up to the Zionists.

  • Ellis Dee

    Putin preaches diplomacy while the US knows only war and use of force. And the US has a proven track record of lying about absolutely everything. So, decide for yourselves.

  • patriot1407

    Good luck Mr. Putin kill all those western/zionist backed criminals

  • Carl Corey

    What the hell do people expect out of Russia? When we do it it’s alright. When Russia does it it is somehow a big deal and looked at by the mainstream media as something provocative and evil. Syria and Russia are very close allies and have been for a very long time. We’ve been encircling Russia for decades by way of NATO and the mainstream media doesn’t say shit about it, or if they do it is always in a positive light, something that must be done in order to counter Russian “aggression”.

    I honestly haven’t seen a lot of Russian aggression since their failed war in Afghanistan. Since then its been pretty peaceful going. I know, they “invaded” the Crimea. I say more power to them. We should mind our own damn business. Compared to our misadventures Russia is doing pretty well for the most part.


    God Bless Mr. Putin and his beautiful Russia!! His goal is to help Dr. Assad stomp ISIS into the dirt! He stated he would prefer nations to work together to destroy ISIS… however…
    Obama’s goal is to keep ISIS armed, well fed, and to continue destroying Syria, the Churches and Infrastructure… and murdering people who remember living peacefully in that beautiful country –before Obama pulled his terrorism trick.

  • Ken5745

    The real reason the US Khazarian mafia wants Assad out is that it
    will enable it to install a compliant govt that will let the Qatar gas pipeline pass through Syria, then to Turkey and Europe, thereby cutting off the gas business of Russia. Assad stands in the way.

    Who are these evil Khazarian mafia who wants to take revenge on Russia? See link: