Satanic Temple Holds First State-Sanctioned Ceremony at Michigan State Capitol

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Just in time for Christmas, The Satanic Temple of Detroit held a Satanic ceremony on the steps of the state Capitol in Lansing, Michigan on December 19, 2015. Members dressed in black held black and white American flags. The group has posted a video of the event on YouTube, and a transcript can be found here.

The speech began with, “Hail comrades. Hail sisters and brothers. Hail Satan.”

“We are gathered here to celebrate the spirit of humanity and the dawn of a New American Era…”

While some argued this constitutes freedom of speech and religion, others argued it is a sign that America is (literally) going to Hell.

In a related story, Satanic Temple Unveils Nine-Foot-Tall Baphomet Sculpture in Detroit

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  • Strongsafe

    Absolutely asinine. I do not know what else to say. May they reap the full benefits of their worship- if they will not repent-. May Christ shed his mercy and grace on their souls.

    • Ian MacLeod

      It’s worse than asinine – it’s obscene and, if it’s genuinely a Luciferian “church”, there are things going on in there that are illegal in most of the world. And there IS a genuine Luciferian High Church, but I doubt they’d welcome run-of-the-mill Devil worshipers. The “elites” and their higher-ranking servants and fellow “elites” people those here and in Europe. They’re evil, they’re insane but it doesn’t matter – that is, it has no effect on them; they’ve gotten away with it for a VERY long time. They’re good at it.

  • Jay Crossbow

    What a crew of morons. Must be about 15 people there. Goth gone wild.

  • Mike

    Yes it is freedom of speech and of religion, but if christians wanted to do this they would be run through the mud and probably denied because the christian religion offends non-christians.

    • They just want to get a rise out of people, ignore and move on.

      • Mike

        It is hard to do at this point.

      • jaguar

        It’s people like you that stood by and watched America being destroyed !!! FREAKING Lazy INSECT BRAIN !!! Stand up or shut up !!!

        • Umm.. you live here too, shit-fer-brains! At least I call out the zionists and not apologize for them like the communist scum YOU are!

          • jaguar

            You’re the dumb cluck on here ….thinking its OK to worship Satan!!! Dumbass… How dumb can you be?????????????

          • I am no “dumb cluck” but you surely are a cuckservative!

  • whiteberry

    To each their own…

    • Yep, they can make new gods up if they want to and worship those too, as long as it doesn’t cost me money I don’t give a f.

      • jaguar

        That’s why America is doomed !! Because of IGNORANT Bastards like yourself!!! Go stick your head back in the ground!!!

        • You support zionism but call ME ignorant? Psst… GFY!

          • jaguar


          • If you think it’s stupid I know I am on the right track so thanks you worthless ZIONIST stooge!

          • jaguar

            I’m not a Zionist… I just have common sense!!! Something you obviously don’t have !!

          • You ARE a zionist, just too stupid to realize it!

          • jaguar

            You’re the epitome of STUPID !!! YOU HAVE AN IQ OF A ROCK !!!

          • Says the stupid ziniost that doesn’t even realize they are a zionist, hahaha!

        • whiteberry

          I think you are a better example of why this world is doomed.

    • jaguar

      What??? Stop being a IGNORANT !!!! Stand up for what’s right and good and moral !!! Not some evil Satanic Rituals !!! Dumbass !!! You gonna watch America burn to the ground too????!!!! Moron !!

      • Yeah you are just the bastion of “good & moral” trolling around comments with your insults, lol!

        • jaguar

          Look who’s talking??? A knuckledragging Creton !!!

          • I’m just defending the thread from a zioinist troll.

          • jaguar

            You’re just showing your Stupidity !!!

          • The only one acting stupid around here is you, hence why I engage.

          • jaguar

            You couldn’t engage a kindergartener!!! Your IQ is 10 !!!

          • Then why can’t you beat me online then? Why are your retorts nonsense childish insults? Why are mine true?

          • jaguar

            Only in your own retarded mind!!! You haven’t evolved past a one celled amoeba yet !!!

          • but you keep proving my point, hahaha!

          • Ian MacLeod

            It SHOULDN’T BE a competition! Have either of you ever heard the phrase, “Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”?? THAT is what this childish name-calling is! Things are getting down to where it’s possible to see that SOME of us at least are going to end up standing back-to-back and taking down as many of those who show themselves to be complicit with The Enemy as we can before we fall. If I’m lucky I will be one of those. There is a woman and six children I love, and my son and his two and his wife… Those are worth dying for; so is my country!

            I’m a disabled old vet with “massive nerve damage and Chronic Intractable Pain”; I’ve had 7 back operations. I’m 60 years old, and I’m trying hard to regain the huge amount of weight I lost after a bunch of junkies broke in and stole every drop of food I had – three times. I essentially went without for about a month, and lost almost 70 lbs. I’m just one person, and I can’t watch a half acre and four buildings, one with 6 rooms, by myself, so they stole everything but the old nails that hold the place together. Add to that the medical establishment is again under the influence of a group of fanatic anti-opiate doctors who, for the second time in about 5 years, have launched yet effort to take opiates away from people with chronic pain (add “intractable” and it connotes a level of pain that can kill). In the E.U. there are pain patients taking as much as 6 grams of morphine a day. The dose varies widely between people; it can be as much as what half a gram does for one, another takes 6 grams to achieve the same level of pain control.

            I can’t run – my legs give out after three steps; can’t stand very long. Sitting HURTS, but then almost everything does.

            Per the “new” guidelines (because people are supposedly suddenly dropping dead like flies without altering anything of what or how much they take; I think it’s a crock, myself) the MAX dose is now 90mg per DAY, for no longer than 3 months. Apparently if the pain is permanent or the “allowed dose” is too small to notice, that’s too bad. So we’re ALL being titrated down.

            I was U.S.N. Hospital Corps, an EMT 1, then a Neonatology Paramedic; a rock and mountain climber; a lifelong martial artist; an amateur mycologist and E.R. resource for local mushroom poisoning cases; a senior electronics and mechanical design drafter (aerospace industry); an entertainer/singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist… The V.A. and SSDI don’t pay a lot, either, and I’m required to make a 300 mile drive every month in order to get a prescription – that is now being titrated down to literal uselessness.

            Some of us are dealing with a lot, but this is more important! I won’t live a lot longer no matter what happens, but my children, my grandchildren and others I love, and at the very LEAST my country, should live on! This is about all there is that I can do to work toward that, so I’m here doing what little I can, learning what I can, teaching what little I know. These arguments that start sounding like they were taken from recess on a third grade playground are NOT helping. It’s no WONDER America is going down the tubes! Scoring points off of each other is fine elsewhere. Here it just puts people off, takes up time and attention and offers nothing constructive. I don’t think we can afford it! You both seem to be all for the survival of America as a country; secure that FIRST and we can fix the rest. If you need to snipe, ow about doing it usefully – go find a target range, blow away old beer cans.. The time will likely come when the practice could stand you in good stead. Not here, though. Okay?

          • I agree and sorry you had to read that. That person has pissed me off for quite a while and I finally had it but again I apologize to you for having to read it. They will NOT be on our side though because the “line” in this battle is between zionist and anti-zionist, nothing else, of which I am anti-zionist because Zionism = NWO!

            I wish you had access to cannabis because that would help you more than any drugs will and yes I do know that for a fact(experience). You can get rid of your pain without using drugs by using this:

            *If you ever get this CBD oil you may want to get a vape pen with it to save $$$ but there is no guarantee that merely using a vape pen will kill your pain, you may need to eat it but that costs $$$ which your “medical” SHOULD be paying for!

      • whiteberry

        Enjoy your subservience… moron…

  • AllodialTitle

    Moscow is starting to sound like Paradise

  • God damn jimmie rustlers, the whole lot of ’em! 🙂
    Really though, who cares? I sure don’t.

  • Chancho Bandito

    Worshipping the enemy of humanity and God, talk about living in darkness.

  • Plextt Plextt

    Visiting Lucy in the Sky is one way to enhance ones reach to ultimate success; both psychologically, and financially.

    • You are Luciferian?

      • Plextt Plextt

        lol No, I am the end result of youthful LSD.

        • oh, lol

        • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

          Lmao-I’m the end result of an incredibly mixed bag of youthful substances!

  • doucyet

    Hopefully some Christians will come along and hold a “ceremony” (service) right in the same spot!!

    • lilred

      Where are the black lives matter protesters when you actually finally need them?

      • lol, right? That would be so funny, one side trying to worship the devil and the other side is mindlessly chanting racist phrases at them. That would be comedy to me.

  • Reverend Draco

    Good for them!
    Freedom of religion means that they can worship whichever christian god they want.
    That they picked the honest one doesn’t surprise me.

    • jaguar

      Shut your pie hole, you freaking moron !!!

      • Says the troll…

        • jaguar

          You’re the IGNORANT insect BRAIN, standing up for Satanism !!! How dumb can you be??!!!

          • And you are a zionist piece of shit and a HUGE reason we are where we are! They can only pull this off with people as dumb as you being the majority of the populace so congrats for doing your part!

          • jaguar

            You need to climb back into the SEWER !!! SLIMEBAG !!!

          • Sorry but I don’t associate with zionist TRASH other than letting them have it online like I’m doing right now! You deserve it too!

          • jaguar

            You’re nothing but a useless piece of crap!!! You need to be flushed down the toilet!!! That’s all you’re good for !! Flushing !!!

          • I flush you zionist trash apologists out every single day and I will continue to do so.. ZIONIST TRASH!

          • jaguar

            Again, I’m not a Zionist… I stand for good, wholesome morals…not garbage like you !!!

          • You are indeed a zionist, you don’t even know what it means with your “high IQ” and all, lol!

          • jaguar

            I have a Medical and a Law degree, I can run circles around you all day…Dunce!!! But I have better things to do…I’m off to the hospital now…so enjoy your retardation…

          • Well you’re surely having a tough time here today, zionist, and I have a hard time believing that. Masonic indoctrination certificates prove that you can remember things for tests, ooOOoo! Intelligence isn’t calculated by memorization, “genius” lol!

          • gato felix

            And while your off to the hospital please ask for your refill of your psychiatric meds!

          • whiteberry

            “Ignorant insect brain”… HAHAHAHAHA! Do your parents know you are on their computer?

          • gato felix


      • Reverend Draco

        How cute! You said that like you know what a clue is. . .

      • gato felix

        jaguar jaguar if this is the way those that defend “christian” values act and “talk” well then the “darkside” looks very inviting!

        • jaguar doesn’t see or understand that, calls everyone a moron instead, somebody get jaguar a mirror for them to look into.

          • whiteberry

            Yep… projection is the wonderful way people tell on their selves.

          • What a great statement, I really like that!

          • whiteberry


        • whiteberry


    • lilred

      Wasn’t hell and Satan created to instill fear into weaker minds? To think of it, I think that’s why Christianity was created too.

      • whiteberry


  • taisen43255

    This is why judgement has come to America. Worshiping the devil in full public view with no worries, I never thought that I would see this day. Put on the full armor of God, because things are going to get alot worse, before it gets better. Nevertheless, stay safe everyone, and God bless!

  • WeeSee

    Cant have Jesus in schools right
    no Christmas stuff oh cant have religious stuff there to but yet this is allowed

  • jaguar

    Just read the Bible… It tells our history and truth !!!

    • lilred

      That’s why the bible is located in fiction sections of libraries and book stores?

      • I have never found it anywhere else than religion or psychology, but I don’t ever go looking for it, so I may have to defer to your greater exploration.

    • From Paul’s point of view after Jesus had left the planet.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    As a Christian, I disagree with their beliefs. As an American, I support their ability to speak their beliefs publicly. What I don’t like is the public flogging Christianity receives from every corner, while Islam and Satanism-one and the same to me-are given the benefit of a free pass and the occasional place at the bully pulpit. As has already been pointed out, these displays are meant as much to create division, which clearly it has done. Shame on us for being blinded by their shiny, tawdry display.

    • Completely agree, they say religious freedom but then go after the Christians which is hypocritical BS.


    Well, Michigan and especially Detroit are hell holes anyway. What else could be expected to emerge out of the previously backed up sewers?

  • lilred

    Idk why everyone is so pissed. The exact same ceremonies go on begin those closed doors daily.

    • Sure do, always have, you can even buy fame if you want it.

  • Ian MacLeod

    Maybe no skin off YOUR nose, but if that’s a genuine Luciferian Temple, then SOMEONE is going to die in there as a sacrifice, maybe SEVERAL someones, most likely a preponderance of infants, and fairly regularly… I understand the so-called “elites” are very much into using blood rites. And no, I’m not joking at ALL. So I’m trying to figure out how a thing like that could possibly be legitimized and permitted?!?

    • They run the gov. “they” are the ones at the “top”(sewer). If you look at the layout of washington D.C. it wreaks of hidden knowledge and sacred geometry.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Since there is no devil, this is just a bunch of plain old people acting silly.

  • ccambridge

    Can’t they get creative with their outfits and flag? I thought the pic was one of ISIS

  • Just a note, if you read the whole exchange, I never supported the satanists, just their right to do it, Jaguar just made that leap all on their own.

    • gato felix

      You’re absolutely correct!!

      • Thanks!

        • gato felix

          You’re welcome, I hope that troll made it to the hospital like he said in an earlier post, maybe there are beds available at the hospitals psychiatric ward!

  • gato felix

    Spot on!!