Sandy Hook Lead Investigator Dies Suddenly at Age 49

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Podgorski speaks at a roundtable on gun control in Stamford, CT

Major William Podgorski, one of the lead investigators of the events at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut, has died suddenly of undisclosed causes.

His obituary reads:

A state police major from Farmington died Monday at Yale-New Haven Hospital after a brief illness.

William Podgorski, 49, was commander of the state police western district, which includes the barracks in Canaan, Litchfield, Southbury and Bridgeport.

Trooper Kelly Grant said Podgorski underwent surgery on Friday, and then was transferred to Yale-New Haven, where he died. She said she did not know the cause of Podgorski’s death.

Podgorski was a 24-year veteran of the state police and served in a variety of assignments, including the traffic division, the forensic lab, the governor’s security detail and homeland security.

He is survived by his wife and three children, aged 11, 12 and 14. (source)

Many people believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax geared towards scaring the public into giving up their guns.  Given the recent public outcry against the official narrative, those who are suspicious will likely have a lot of questions about the sudden illness and death of a 49 year old man who had the inside scoop.  The skeptics will be certainly be waiting with bated breath to hear about Podgorski’s cause of death.

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  • Mark

    Wrong homonym.

    bated |ˈbātid|adjective (in phrase with bated breath)in great suspense; very anxiously or excitedly: he waited for a reply to his offer with bated breath.ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from the past participle of obsolete bate‘restrain,’ from abate.usage: The spelling baited breathinstead of bated breathis a common mistake. Almost a third of citations for this idiom in the Oxford English Corpus are for the incorrect spelling.

    • Thomas Parker

      Makes sense to me.

    • Whoops! Fixed – thanks for your input~


    • haha!

      Hey grammer nazi, what is “breathinstead” & “breathis”? Now you just look like a d-bag. D-bag!

    • CMRedwood

      Thanks for the tip. It’s always good to learn something new.

      To “Joe” and “haha”, Mark is apparently trying to be helpful, not rudely critical. We’ve been dumbed down long enough! Isn’t that the primary reason there are so many sheeple?

  • Barn Cat

    There was probably more than one shooter. But yes, real people died there.

    • u an eyewitness to such and will swear out an affidavit under penalty of perjury and under full commercial liability?

      • DontLikeWimps

        Barn cat is too ignorant and cannot wrap her head around the truth because its too scarey…

        • Thomas Parker

          Barn is one of yours, stupid. Or do you just shit on everybody? I’m sure you live alone.

          • DontLikeWimps

            Wrong! read what Barncat wrote again! He said Yes real people died there! NOT!!!! Your brain sure doesn’t function very well does it?!

  • whitefeather

    This thing gets more bizarre by the moment…..Have tried to keep my feet on the ground on this, but sometimes a duck is a duck.

  • kinthenorthwest

    Too many people are going 6 foot under that are involved in questionable episodes in Obama’s life and administration.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed, NW brother. The list is long and seems to include those who KNOW the truth about the things that these cretins are doing. This began in earnest during the Clinton regime. Most people know a few people who have died. For the Clintons, it was a single spaced and typed list of 2 pages. Obama may be trying to out-do the Clintons in this regard. It is HIGHLY suspicious, IMO. People 49 years old simply do not keel over and die of ???? causes. I would LOVE to see the toxicology report on this man. It sounds to me as if he was poisoned.

    • AL KIPF

      Kind of like Bill and Hitlery?

    • teapartyguardian

      During killary’s run, the Clinton’s brought up owebama’s phoney BC, and a close friend was shot at the dem HQ in AR. It’s rumored Chelsea was next…

  • Thomas Parker

    A drunk Florida felon accidentally shot his neighbor today, just as the neighbor was meeting his new-born son for the first time. The sot was attempting to pick up his 9mm pistol when it went off and hit his neighbor in the head.

    • efmbman

      How is that related to this article?

      • Thomas Parker

        It’s another second amendment killing.

    • FalconMoose

      Paid shill!

    • Justin OB

      too bad it didnt hit you

  • DW

    Well. One more loose end tied up.

  • Free People

    Sounds like Andrew Breitbart who was going to blow Obumbler out of the water but right before the elections he mysteriously died of a heart attack in a restaurant where he went to ‘meet’ somebody. We know they have ways to induce heart attacks, just as how they have CONtrols in vehicles to make the driver mysteriously die in an auto accident.

    • DontLikeWimps

      Yep…they do it all the time. There is a computer chip in your car they can take it over and turn it off and cause acceleration.

      • Corey Gray

        That would require either a contact hack, or a radio receiver attached to the computer system…which isn’t there in any normal car (though they ARE trying to change this, with the push towards “black boxes” for cars that are purportedly for recording automotive behaviors after a wreck)

    • Thomas Parker

      Potassium can do it, right Elaine?

      • DontLikeWimps

        yes potassium chloride will give you a heart attack as well….and it’s hard to detect in an autopsy…

        • Corey Gray

          I think you might be thinking prussic acid….potassium chloride is a salt, and can even be eaten in small amounts as if it were table salt. You find it in sports drinks, too.

          Prussic acid, on the other hand has a faint citrus smell, is easily inhaled, is almost undetectable in an autopsy, dissipates entirely within 72 hours, even in a dead body, and causes muscular contractions that are severe enough to cause fibrillation of the heart…which can easily (DOES, if severe enough) trigger an actual heart attack of high intensity.

          Of course, large enough doses of potassium chloride will do the trick…but they’re far more obvious than you seem to think, as a simple body chemistry test will show FAR too much potassium in the blood and muscle tissue to be natural, and the chloride gets “separated” in the process of scavenging that potassium, so there’s an unusual amount of ionized chlorine in the system, if the KCl is high enough for the potassium to kill.

          But unless there are highly noticeable secondary problems, you’re not going to be killed by doses you wouldn’t be fully aware of receiving…it’s sold as a blood pressure or chronic low potassium suppliment under names like K-tab, K-Lor, and Epiklor.

      • Free People

        Since you’re an obvious gubmint troll you should know Thomasina…..

  • Angela

    Read all about the CIA’s Intelligence PRODUCTIONS here – that is their function, to HOAX you and create “intelligence”:

  • DontLikeWimps

    Thomas Parker trolls the INTERNET and threatens to call your job and Report you to your employer what you comment on these posts if he disagrees with you…he threatened me on another posting… He’s psycho…

    • Thomas Parker

      Shhh Elaine Haakenson.

      • DontLikeWimps

        Liar…you were threatening to get in touch with my employer too… What do you have dementia too on top of being psycho?!!!

      • FalconMoose


    • Not me!

      Shit.. call mine! 503-919-4227! I double dog dare you!

  • syzygos

    Not saying someone wasn’t tying up loose ends, but I’ve twice been to Yale-New Haven Hospital and wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that their ineptitude killed Podgorski.

    On the other hand, why ask a “trooper” what killed the guy? Don’t police departments usually have official spokespersons to provide that sort of information? A public information officer, perhaps?

    • DontLikeWimps

      The Hawaiian government representative that helped forge Obama’s Birth Certificate also died in a plane crash a few months ago…she was the only one killed everyone else survived….Hmmmmm!!!

      • Thomas Parker

        Hey Elaine! How ya doin’.

  • Thomas Parker

    He’s in jail because he had a gun.

  • FalconMoose


  • Justin OB

    He died of natural causes. Natural to being around the center of a black op hoax

  • freaky

  • Why don’t you just state the facts upon which you base your claims?

  • dabbobean

    Wonder if they’ll get that crazy fake medical examiner to perform the autopsy?

  • BeaveVillage

    Sandy Hoax.

  • barry soetoro

    (Forensic PROOF) Sandy Hook = HOAX.

    William Podgorski was a Federal Agent (DHS) who got reassigned under a new name. USGOV pretended he “died” because they couldn’t allow him to testify in court and blow their GUN GRAB SCAM wide open.

  • sayitaintso

    All Crisis Actors beware, you keep looking over your shoulder, this administration is not finished with you yet.