Sandy Hook Hysteria: Five-Year-Old Girl Treated Like a Terrorist Over Hello Kitty Toy Bubble Gun Threat

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by Alex Thomas

In the little over a month since the horrific Sandy Hook mass shooting we have seen a massive amount of fear and propaganda in regards to the dangers children are now supposedly facing when they attend school.

From calls for gun confiscation, to limiting the free speech of those who question the details around the shooting, corporate media mass hysteria has taken the country by storm.

Now, a five-year-old girl in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania, has been harassed, interrogated, and held for hours without her parents knowledge because she apparently “threatened” other children with a Hello Kitty toy bubble gun.

report by a local mainstream news station shed light on this ridiculous display of what is slowly becoming known as the new American police state. Without the report quoted below, the public may not have even been told about a 5 year old girl being treated like a terrorist.

A 5-year-old kindergartner who told classmates she was going to shoot them, and then herself, with her pink bubble gun, was grilled for three hours by Mount Carmel school officials without her mother’s knowledge, then suspended, a family attorney said.

The girl was initially kicked out for 10 days in what the school categorized as a “terroristic threat,” according to the kindergartner’s mother and confirmed by the family attorney.

That suspension was reduced to two days and labeled as a “threat to harm others.”

Robin Ficker, a lawyer obtained by the girls parents voiced her disgust at how the school treated the young girl in what was apparently an absurd response to the recent shooting in Connecticut.

After describing how the child was merely telling her friends that she would shoot them with the bubbles and then herself so that they could be together, Ficker lambasted the ridiculous actions by the school.

“This logic, which was not said in malice, came from the mind of this beautiful 5-year-old child who was playing with her friends, whom she hugs every day,” Ficker said.

“You’re telling me that this child was questioned by adults, in a situation where there was no parent or parental guardian, and then she was, initially, given an incident category of ‘making terrorist threats?” “And this from a 5-year-old? What’s going on here? Can’t kids be kids anymore?”

This case highlights the growing hysteria now gripping many schools and other public places throughout the country since the Sandy Hook shootings, a hysteria that can be directly attributed to the nonstop fear mongering coverage by the corporate media.

“This is a good-natured little girl,” Ficker said. “And this shows how hysterical people who work at schools have become since Sandy Hook.”

As the media continues to claim that all our children our in danger of being killed by assault weapons, it is important to remember that they could care less about the lives of kids, rather they are pushing the propaganda in order to secure strict limitations on private gun ownership in America.

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