Sandy Hook 911 Calls Must Be Made Public, Judge Says

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Sandy Hook

A judge has ordered Newtown police to release the 911 calls from the Sandy Hook school shooting.

State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III, the lead investigator of the Sandy Hook case, has been trying to block the release of the calls, citing concerns about possible harassment of the families and respect for their privacy. In September, the state’s Freedom of Information Commission ordered him to release the recordings. Sedensky appealed.

Now Superior Judge Eliot Prescott has ruled that the recordings must be made public by Dec. 4 at 2 p.m:

“At that time, unless otherwise ordered by a higher court having jurisdiction over this matter, this decision will become effective. At the same time, this court will also order that the audio recordings that were reviewed by the court in camera be unsealed.”

Sources say the calls include the sounds of two gunshots but no graphic sounds from victims.

In his 33-page decision, Prescott wrote that he “reluctantly” listened to the recordings in which callers described the events “in a harrowing and disturbing manner.” But no children were identified by name and no caller reported seeing any child injured. The only wound described involved an educator shot in a foot, he noted.

Prescott acknowledged that some do not want the calls released, but stated that the recordings would eventually become public anyway:

“The public airing by media of some or all of the recordings that will undoubtedly follow their release will likely be a searing reminder of the horror and pain of that awful day. Further delaying their release will not ultimately serve to ameliorate the pain the recordings will likely cause those directly impacted by the shootings.”

Prescott wrote that airing the recordings would let the public decide whether any procedural changes might be necessary:

“Releasing the recordings will assist the public in gauging the appropriateness of law enforcement’s response to calls for help from the public. In fact, public analysis of the recordings may serve to vindicate and support the professionalism and bravery of first responders … who themselves have undoubtedly been subject to emotional turmoil and pain in witnessing the scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

The judge added that withholding the calls “only serves to fuel speculation about and undermine confidence in our law enforcement officials.”

Sedensky said he is reviewing the judge’s decision and will determine what action he will take.

Victor R. Perpetua is an attorney for the state Freedom of Information Commission, which ordered Sednesky to release the calls back in September. He said he is pleased that the judge upheld their decision:

“I am delighted to see the system work and that we have a thoughtful judge who wrote a careful, lawyerly decision. I hope that the result will be further disclosure of the actual and complete records of the investigation, not simply the ones picked and chosen by law enforcement officials. I think the judge sends a powerful and cogent message that it’s not solely for law enforcement officials to decide what should be represented to the public. People have a right to know how their law-enforcement officials are working for them.”

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  • Horsenut

    I don’t know that releasing the 991 calls will make any difference. There a a lot of questions in the whole story that beg an answer. The fact that this Kid got the weapons used from his mother, Why did she have a Bushmaster AR15 and a Glock? The Kid reportedly fired 347 rounds of ammunition in a 5 minute span and still had 150+ rounds left. Where did he get the 500 rounds of Ammo? If his mother actually had these weapons and the ammo, Why did she? Was she a prepper?

    I have gone on tactical shoots and carried 3 30 round mags + one in the weapon, and a 9mm pistol, That a lot to carry. Did he have a tactical vest? how many Magazines did he have with him? 340+ rounds, that would be 11 mags and 30 rounds…. Where did he learn to use the weapon…. Firing 300 rounds in 5 minutes isn’t something that a mis-fit kid that spent all his time in his room would know how to do. I have a friend that was Special Forces, I have gone shooting with him and I would have a hard time firing 300 rounds in 5 minutes.

  • ted

    I doubt if he shot 300 rounds in 5 minutes. It might have melted his barrel.

    • 420it

      Actually it wouldn’t have melted. I’ve done it in army. It would be super hot though.

  • jaydi

    the tapes are finally ready after a year of preparation.

  • julia

    Forget the phone calls, I want to see the video those cameras took of that skinny, autistic kid carrying all those weapons and ammo and blasting through the school window !

    We never will because it didn’t happen! There is absolutely NO evidence to support that it did presented to the public. NONE.

  • carroll price

    The government’s version of the Sandy Hook story is as full of holes as the government’s version of 9/11. The Sandy Hook 9-11 recordings will never be released to the public, because a superior judge can always be found and bribed into blocking their release. There are a couple of classified documents relating to the Pearl Harbor attack (correspondence between Roosevelt and Churchill) that the government, to this day, refuses to release because doing so would prove that Roosevelt and Churchill knew several day prior to the attack exactly where and when the attack would occur. The same thing applies to the Kennedy Assassination, Bay of Pigs fiasco, the staged Tonkin Gulf affair, the 9/11 inside job, and the fake Bin Laden Raid.

  • “LONE NUT GUNMAN” -> lol

  • RickE.

    Just like Obama obscuring his past, the authorities HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE, or there wouldn’t be any reason to obscure everything about the incident. PERIOD.

  • 3inhawaii

    Recordings of crisis actors from a “drill” that had been planned for YEARS. What parent goes on tv…hours after a supposed horrific event, with makeup and hair done, smiling and laughing and reminiscing AND advocating for gun control …within 24 to 48 hours of losing a child ? Those moments of reminiscing were scripts. Crisis actors, similar to surveillance role players, are hired by the DoD, Lockheed Martin, Masy Group and others (counterintelligence HUMINT). They are also known as gangstalkers. A silent coup has occurred. Just as NSA code breaker, William Binney, said, “we are like frogs in boiling water..they slowly heat it up so it’s not noticed and nobody jumps out”. Even Karen Hudes (Yale attorney who worked for the world bank for 20 years) admits they use ACTORS.

  • Arctor

    Glad they’re finally finished faking the 911 calls and they’re gonna release them. Hope there’s some good actors on this one, not like the twin tower ones. Countries becoming a joke with them all trying to hide info and evidence of crimes and cover-ups from the eyes of the American people. Liars and criminals the whole lot of them.