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January 12th, 2013
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  • jessica

    all the hair on my body stood up when watching this video at 8:37 when they showed the black man – he was someone who shot up a hair salon about 20 min away from my house last october. how did they have this info??? its all starting to make sense… all the conflicting reports on that story – it was the azana spa in brookfield, wi if you have any interest in looking into it. he killed three people and then killed himself. the police reports for like 6 hours after it happened was that they were looking for his car, yet the whole time he was dead at the salon. this is just too weird.

  • OldGuy

    Okay I cry BS to this crap. Whoever did the video and screwed with the dates made an error. All the images show the bad guys before the events they were involved in occurred. The image at 6:29 shows the bad guy AFTER the event, while he is sitting in court. There is no way that the image could have been taken and posted in June as suggested because the dude had not been to court yet. YOU FAIL !!!

    I am always game for a good cover-up and suspense who-dun-it. Well this time they shot their wad before the story ever took off LOL. Good try though.

  • Storm

    I was with him until he said to get the FBI and UN involved!

  • ncjoe

    The people who put this crap together are idiots. The people who believe it are even bigger idiots.

  • Deoband

    I know the feds were involved in Sandy Hook but I think these sites shown were recently made and the times dates were changed. The video is bogus flat out

  • R. Freeman

    Times dates changes: who would have personal authority to do that? Web hosting has control of those dates. Yet I readily admit this is somewhat weird but I would also ask for the proof that the dates were hoaxed and photos tampered with. Proof please!

  • aahrats

    Posting this BS as truth destroys the credibility of this whole site and does an in incredible injustice to the alternative media. Idiots.

  • Korhi

    Take this shit down!

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