Sanctuary Cities Aren’t Just For Illegals; They Can Be For Guns, Too

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For decades America’s most liberal cities have thumbed their noses at the federal government, by becoming sanctuary cities and refusing to capture and prosecute illegal immigrants. The issue has gained renewed interest since the election of Donald Trump, who has threatened to revoke funding for these cities unless they begin to comply with federal immigration laws.

States like California have responded by trying to push through legislation that would make the entire state a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, and by even threatening to withhold taxes from the federal government. As much as it might pain conservatives, it appears that sanctuary cities are going to continue to thumb their noses at the feds and the Trump administration for the foreseeable future.

However, as upsetting as it is that entire cities are ignoring laws that protect our sovereignty, the idea of a sanctuary city isn’t as bad as you might think. I don’t see anything wrong with the basic premise of a community or a city ignoring laws that they think are harmful to them. I only disagree with it in regards to illegal immigration. Cities should be allowed to do this, provided they’re willing to face the consequences, such as defunding by the feds.

The only real problem with the idea of sanctuary cities is that conservatives and libertarians haven’t utilized the concept in their own communities. They haven’t worked up the nerve to ignore the onerous rules of a government they have long complained about. For instance, why haven’t they decided to create sanctuaries for gun rights? Places where cities and towns can ignore state and federal gun laws that they don’t like?

Well we may be about to see that very situation unfold in Oregon for the first time.

LAKEVIEW, Ore. – A measure challenging gun regulations is popping up around the state. Since 2015, four counties have passed a measure known as the Second Amendment Preservation ordinance, and commissioners in Malheur, Union and Lake counties have heard the same measure in the past few weeks.

The ordinance is a reaction to the Oregon Firearms Safety Act, passed by the state Legislature in 2015, which requires background checks for transfers of firearms between private parties. These county ordinances allow sheriffs to ignore this law – which gun advocates see as unconstitutional…

…Rob Taylor of Coos County is one of the chief petitioners for the Second Amendment Preservation ordinance. He said he wants Oregon to have what he called “sanctuary counties” for the Second Amendment.

“The same way Oregon has become a sanctuary state for immigration,” he said.

So far the legality of the measure is still being debated in Oregon, but hopefully it’ll succeed. At the very least it will give libertarians and conservatives a few ideas, and show them that yes, sanctuary cities and states aren’t just for the left. If the left decides to ignore federal laws that they don’t like, then two can play at that game.

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  • MarkovDeBeeste

    Cities and counties thumbing their noses at their state is not quite the same thing as flipping off the feds but the basic idea seems sound. Many would argue that the elected county sheriff and the elected (not appointed) municipal police chief are the only true law enforcement in existence because he was chosen by the people. Did the people vote for the head of their State Police? Did the people vote for the heads of the various federal “law enforcement” agencies? This will prove interesting to watch and, as the article says, two can play at that game.

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  • Sloopofwar

    Everythings unraveling at federal, state,county , and city level. Things are about to get real interestin.

    • MarkovDeBeeste

      Old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

      • Sloopofwar

        The curse may well be right

      • Tiger

        Old American saying ” Don’t Tread on Me or you will not live to see interesting times.”

        • Sloopofwar

          I love interesting.

          • Tiger

            Nothing better. I am an Adrenaline Junky. Served as an Army Combat Support nurse in two wars.

          • Sloopofwar

            Well, I do thank you for your service.

          • Tiger

            Family tradition and you are welcome.

          • Sloopofwar

            So glad to hear it.

    • Tiger

      Ahhh Haaa you got it. They going to get it.

      • Sloopofwar

        That they are. That they are

    • Tiger

    • Tiger

      • Sloopofwar

        Love that song. Been awhile since I’ve heard it thanks.

        • Tiger


      • Sloopofwar

        Had to play it twice

        • Tiger


  • tscull

    Eventually the states will break up without there even being a “hot war” among them, except for maybe a few racial based skirmishes and such. The political polarization is becoming too great for the states to remain united as one nation that abides by the same laws under a federal government. Slowly, or maybe all at once, the states are going to begin taking matters into their own hands to the point that it would be futile for any federal force to even attempt to prevent it. When the cons far outweigh the pros for any state to remain as one with the “union”, it will begin, and we are getting closer to that point all the time. Eventually, it will become amicable and the states won’t even fear foreign interferences or “invasions” because the military will remain intact as an alliance between the states in order to prevent just such an action, but our military will become mostly defensive only in nature and the American global presence will disappear.

    • Duddly Doright

      IMHO, a MUCH BETTER solution would be to repeal the 14th Amendment.
      EVERY anti-American “RIGHT” which went against the overwhelming desire of people in the “Fly Over” states (Abortion, Sodomite Marriage, even mentioning Christ in “Holiday decoration and so and so on) was created by the Jewish-Papist Supreme Court based on the legal BS theory that it violated the Constitution which was extended to the STATES by virtue of that Amendment passed in violation of the Constitution in as much as the Federal Army prevented While Males from voting in the occupied territory of the South even though not ONE had been convicted by a Jury of their peers as required by the 5th Amendment.
      Revoking the 14th Amendment would go over well with Liberals in places like New York, California etc. since it would allow them to outlaw guns.
      Granted, the very few true Americans would loose what little rights they have left – however they could always move to a state that believes in personal freedom.
      A lot less messy than a bloody civil war.

  • Tiger

    Sigh……our immigration laws are clear and anyone who harbors illegals, aids them, gives them jobs, helps them in anyway are subject to serious fines and punishments. Now that Trump has his AG he will begin to move.

    • David

      Good! then they can start by arresting & Imprisoning Governor Jerry Brown of California.

      • Tiger