Samsung Makes Fun Of iPhones And The People Who Buy Them

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Some Apple junkies aren’t taking a new commercial by Samsung very well at all.  The advertisement makes fun of not only the iPhone but those who are loyal Apple customers too.

Samsung and Apple have always been at odds, and the Korean giant has historically pulled no punches when it comes to mocking its adversary.  Now though, the company has gone “no holds barred” as they poke fun at those who spent their money on the iPhone X.

The infamous ad shows a protagonist who is an avid Apple fan. We see images of Apple’s famous long queues outside its stores, an old-fashioned unboxing, and even a long wait in the rain. As the years go by, the iPhone-loving man is inadvertently taunted by his girlfriend, who is seen using a variety of Galaxy smartphones in just the right situations where it would have been more useful than an Apple smartphone. While he’s typing a phone number, for instance, she whips out her S Pen to comfortably handwrite it. They then both fall in a pond — her Galaxy S7 is safe, while his iPhone 6S can only pray that a bowl of rice will do the trick. –Business Insider

The commercial is actually quite good, for all intents and purposes.  It basically shows all the stereotypes of a typical iPhone user, and not in an offensive way. At the end of the commercial, called “Growing Up,” the protagonist, seemingly fed up with Apple’s problems, gifts himself a brand-new Galaxy Note 8. The gist of it is a common argument laid out by Android users: that Apple adopts every feature long after Samsung. Whether that is waterproofing, camera quality, wireless charging, a larger screen, etc.

It’s been some time since Samsung mocked Apple with this ferocity over the inferiority of the iPhone because the exploding Note 7 set that argument back a fair amount. But the gloves are off once again with this new video released right after last week’s iPhone X launch.

If you know someone who has stood in those crazy long lines just to spend hundreds of dollars to get the newest iPhone, you may get a little smile out of this commercial.  Heck, if you’ve stood in one of those lines, who knows, maybe you can relate. Of course, whether or not you bought the new iPhone may dictate what degree of humor you see in the ad.


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  • Hundreds of dollars for devices that cost a dozen to make has never made any sense from the economic point of view.

  • Todd Burgess

    They better never make my dumb phone obsolete or I’ll have no leash. I will never choose to own a smart device. If I get infiltrated b the InternetOfThings, then shame on me for lack of vigilance.

  • Herman Nelson

    If Samsung phones did not wear out almost 2 years to the day of purchase, I would probably buy their product again.

    Not an Apple fan here either.

    • EliseCares

      You’re confused. It is the iPhone that suddenly gets slow and suspiciously “wears out” just as a new model hits the market. Happens every time.

      • Herman Nelson

        Naaa.. I wore out 2 in 4 years. Both died with the black screen of death. Same make same model.

        I do question providers of slipping an “update” and suddenly you’re needing a new phone.

    • You can call me Al

      Absolutely spot on regards the Samsung. For 2, maybe 3 for me as don’t use it much and then bang a full recharge last 2 minutes + everything else going wrong.

      But never anything Apple for me.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Hey, Scamstunk has a point. $1k for a goddamned FONE?? REALLY??? You fux are pathetic. ALL OF YOU, no matter WHAT BRAND of shartfone you carry two inches from your blank, lost faces…..

  • Will you buy them bogus high school diplomas so they can scam their first jobs?

  • Get off the Gov’t tracking devices, Get off ‘Droid’s, Get off the iDiotPhone’z also…..Get off The Fecebook’s, The Twatter’s, The Kloud’s, and instaScam’s if one desires any shred of privacy anymore…

  • isnogood

    I was always downloading the system updates on all of my phones (both apple and android). And I always ended up replacing the phones every one or two years because they were getting too buggy and too slow. With my current phone, I have not installed a single update, and it still works beautifully after 3 years!!