Safe Spaces Full? Go To The ‘Cry Closet’ Instead

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The University of Utah installed a “cry closet” in the library to help students cope with the stress of final exams.  Remember, most of the students old enough to use the cry closet, are old enough to vote.

One student’s tweet about the cry closet went viral.  The rules ask that those who choose to lock themselves in the closet to cry only do so for ten minutes…supposedly for the other crybabies waiting in line?

The photo of the inside of the cry closet is reminiscent of the liberals safe spaces – for when they hear facts or opinions they don’t like – complete with stuffed animals.  It might be a nice place for some conservatives who see a person look cross-eyed at a flag too.  So many uses come to mind…

The small room in the middle of the Marriott Library on the Salt Lake City campus features a narrow door with a dark lining, a plush floor and stuffed animals inside, according to FOX13 Salt Lake City. “A Safe Place for Stressed Out Students,” a note on the door reads. “This space is meant to provide a place for students studying for finals to take a short 10-minute break.”

Jana Cunningham, the school’s communications specialist, told the station that the Cry Closet is mainly for students who are feeling overwhelmed with the stresses of finals.

The school said the cry closet will come down next Wednesday, once finals are finished. At that students will just have to cry in their own dorms or cars instead of going to the snowflake chamber.

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