Sadly, Another Gun-Free Zone “Success” Story

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Clackmas, Oregon, The Aftermath

Once again, the nation has witnessed another high-profile shooting, where a cowardly thug made the conscious decision to inflict terror in a gun free zone.

On Tuesday night, a masked gunman killed two people at the Clackamas mall in Oregon, before killing himself.  According to local residents, the Clackamas Town Center has a “no guns” policy, even for those who are authorized to carry guns legally.

Earlier this year in Colorado, James Holmes specifically bypassed closer theaters — where guns were allowed — to target the particular theater in Aurora where guns are prohibited

Like Holmes, several shooters in recent years have targeted gun free zones where their potential victims were disarmed by law:  Columbine High School (1999), Virginia Tech (2007), and even Fort Hood (2009).

However, several potential massacres have been cut short — some by average citizens, others by off-duty officers:

* Armed citizens prevented several potential tragedies from occurring in 2012.  Samuel Williams came to the rescue of several patrons utilizing an internet café in Ocala, Florida.  And in Garden Grove, California, a 65-year old woman sent five burglars fleeing from a jewelry store.  In both cases, security cameras captured the heroic efforts of armed citizens who sent the bad guys fleeing — even tripping over themselves, as they stormed out the doors.

* Five years ago this month, Matthew Murray entered a large Colorado Springs church, armed with several weapons and a thousand rounds of ammunition.  But a woman with a concealed carry permit critically wounded him, thus saving the lives of hundreds of people.

* And at a Salt Lake City mall in 2007, an off-duty police officer brought a shooting rampage to an abrupt halt.  “I was in a situation that I was carrying my gun,” the hero, Ken Hammond, told reporters.

In all the above cases, where citizens were able to stop evil, the good guys were carrying guns.  There was no time to run to their cars.  There was no time to run home.

The lesson is clear:  good guys with guns save lives.  And while bad guys may be evil, they are not stupid.  They don’t typically target gun stores or police stations to perpetrate their crimes.  No, they consciously select areas where their victims are disarmed by law.

Erich Pratt is the Director of Communications for Gun Owners of America, a grassroots lobbying organization with 300,000 members.

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Contributed by Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America.

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  • KorHi

    I have a gun in the car everywhere I go for that one day that hopefully never comes. I’m def going to step it up a notch next week by getting a CCP. Don’t want to fall victim, get a CCP!

    • Legion03431

      My concealed carry permit is the 2nd Amendment.

      I am not jumping thru bureaucratic hoops; giving money to the gangsters with badges; appealing to brain-dead, no-saying clerks; and wasting my time all in order to get on a government list that makes it easy for them when the confiscations begin, in order to help defend people who want to ban (or “sensibly regulate”) guns.

      After this last election, I give up trying to save everybody, or have them take the red pill & see the truth that they live in a corrupt corporatist nanny police state. From this point forward I concern myself with just me, my family and all those lovers of independence, responsibility and freedom.

      Sad but true that every pacifist that gets killed bc they refuse to protect themselves or allow others to protect them, is poetic justice.

      my name is legion, for we are many. expect us.

  • Nexus789

    For every incident cited there are many that were not prevented even though there were people around that probably had weapons, or they were in environments where it makes no sense to a sane person to carry a weapon.

    When the US Congresswoman was shot a person in the crowd was armed and was going to intervene but admitted in the confusion, I believe, that he would have probably shot the wrong person.

    Glad I live in a country that treats guns seriously in an adult way and not in a frivolous way as consumer fashion accessories, etc.

    • Anonymous


      Are you from Norway? They treat guns in a so called “adult” fashion. That didn’t help all of those sheep that Anders Breivek killed now did it. In fact, it would seem that they were perfectly socialized victims. When the police were alerted to the massacre that was occuring on the island, they took something like an hour or more to bother showing up. Breivek even asked them what took them so long when he was arrested. Enjoy being a victim of armed street thugs and government goons in your “adult” country.

  • B-Do

    It’s obviously a psyop.
    If you listen to the news (here anyways, on NPR), they specifically say that the shooter “had an AR-15, a semi-automatic assault rifle”.
    I don’t remember often hearing about the specific type of weapon used. Usually it’s just “handgun” or “rifle” or “gun”.
    But they want it to be very clear this time. The shooter was using the very weapon that the government is trying to ban. What are the odds that the average journalist even knows that?
    They’re being fed the lines to parrot on radio and in the news, and they’re coming from the top.

    • Jean

      More to the point, since when is an “assault rifle” semi-automatic?
      Or is the M-1 Garand an assault rifle, too? What about a Thomson sub-machine gun? Ma Deuce? M-89, is it? (Grenade launcher) What about a 30-caliber rifle with a scope, is that an “assault Sniper rifle” now?

      That’s what the “ADULT” countries think – anyone who has a gun is an unruly child, and anyone who NEEDS a gun should die and not inconvenience the criminals.

      Government hates competition, so I guess the “criminals” are part of the system…

  • Ohevi

    In the U.S. we have the constitution, and bill of rights, and the 2nd ammendment clearly states, that the right to bare arms will not be infringed.

    Anyone, city council, mayor, city lawyer, police chief, whomever, initiates a law, or policy, that is contrary to the bill of rights, or constitution, they should be, immediately taken out of office, and tried for treason against the people.

    • Jean

      nit-picking, but essential: “The right to BARE arms” BS is an anti-gun trope. Please watch your spelling. 😉 Otherwise we can’t tell whether we should deride you or not.

  • Cymro

    The law needs to be changed to make it mandantory to carry. Then everyone would be on the same playing field. Even if crime did not go down their would probably be less tax money spent keeping them up in prison.

  • akvalmet30

    Wish the Oregon idiot would have taken his efforts to Chicago, Washington, or even California. However, the more I keep reading about AR’s being used in a crime and then the criminals efforts being negated by his AR15 jamming is solidifying my thoughts on staying with an AK-based system. If anyone has more faith in the AR, feel free to chime in.

  • Butterknife

    Don’t need a CCP in my State it’s open carry,and and as matter of fact a CCP is no longer needed at all in this State to conceal carry, on that note i also keep the 9mm in the car. Only a fool doesn’t have a weapon handy in this day and age, it has always been that way and will always be that way.

  • Islander

    I have much faith in the AR . The problem is with cheap magazines and ammo failing to feed properly . Know your firearm and what it needs to function properly . Thank God this idiot didnt know squat about the weapon or many more people would have died . And what about the boob that left his firearm where this dipsh#t could get his hands on it . I think he needs his a#@ kicked . If your firearm isnt on your hip shoulder or in easy reach then it should be secured

  • SKIP

    What is this about the AR-15 jamming? I recall the POS M-16(prior to the forward assist rod) jamming all the damn time in the 60s Vietnam, but don’t hear of it jamming over here in Afghanistan or Iraq. I have also put several thousand rounds through my Bushmaster M4A3 with no problems, none with my AK-47 either, they are “registered” weapons so I don’t mind mentioning here that I have them, and never a jam in my AK either though they are notoriously reliable.