‘Americans Must Accept Terror Attacks Or We Might Be Racist’ Claims Obama Era FBI Boss

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In yet another stunning example of liberals in the United States willing to literally sacrifice American lives at the alter of diversity, the former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI under Barack Obama has penned an op-ed that lectures Americans to “accept” terror attacks or we might be racists.

Cesare Frank Figliuzzi, who served as the former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI under Obama from early 2011 to July 2012, wrote the article for NBC News, who themselves seem happily willing to allow Americans to die as long as their diversity agenda is pushed forward.

In the piece, Figliuzzi argues that the intelligence community needs to change the way they think about terror attacks, no longer considering terrorists succeeding in killing Americans as a failure but rather as a “symptom of our success”.

You truly cannot make this nonsense up.

During my FBI career as a Special Agent and ultimately Assistant Director, the FBI, police, and domestic security agencies viewed terrorist incidents through a black and white, binary lens.

If we “allowed” an attack to happen, we had failed. If we prevented an attack, we had succeeded. Yet, the increase in lone wolf, soft-target attacks — particularly attacks where trucks and cars are driven into large, vulnerable crowds — can actually be viewed as a symptom of our success.


To be clear, any loss of life is a tragedy and law enforcement will always work tirelessly to avoid it. But there is inevitable evolution happening as the old pass/fail view of counterterrorism pivots towards a containment and mitigation strategy.

That’s right, under this line of thought, no longer should authorities consider it a failure when Islamic terrorists murder American citizens in places like Florida or New York.

Figliuzzi then gets into the real reason liberals throughout the country are willing to allow Americans to be horrifically murdered by terrorists who could have been easily stopped by simply not allowing them easy access to the country in the first place.

If we cling to the old view that any successful attack represents a counterterrorism failure, we must also be ready to accept a new way of life.

Do we want to view anyone from a different country, with a different set of beliefs, as no longer welcome here?

There you have it. Accepting regular terror attacks is apparently a price worth paying for the “diversity agenda” which itself has become a sort of religion for anti-American operatives such as Figliuzzi.

The former Obama FBI director then pivots to attack President Trump, (after literally justifying his own acceptance of Americans being murdered by Islamic radicals) claiming that having stricter immigration enforcement is “not who we are.”

“I would argue we do not. Today, the White House is already calling for even more stringent constraints on immigration policy. Taken to its illogical extreme, this approach to counterterrorism will preclude anyone from anywhere from entering the U.S. if any of their fellow nationals has ever committed a terror act.

That’s not who we are.

For their part, NBC went out of their way to promote the piece, Tweeting that terrorism will become routine as the left continues to push their diversity only agenda.

As InformationLiberation noted, “If you don’t want our immigration policy to be decided by a random lottery seeking to maximize “diversity,” then clearly you just hate everyone merely because they have “a different set of beliefs” than you.”

While NBC News spent time telling Americans that they must accept terrorism or might be racists, Tucker Carlson took a different view, exposing the fact that, “our ruling classes prefers immigrants to actual Americans”.


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