S. Dakota Senate Passes Bill Mandating Students Use the Bathroom for the Sex They Were Born With

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It’s kinda sad that state legislatures are even being forced to create laws surrounding this issue, but here we are in 2016 America, and the South Dakota Senate just passed a bill that requires transgender students to use whichever bathroom corresponds to the sex they were born with.

It was the first state to do so. The real question is, why is that such a hard concept that it requires a state law to be passed to uphold it?

Public bathrooms are broken down by anatomical differences — not mental ones. Which bathroom a person uses is not, and has never been, based on what he or she thinks or wishes about him or herself. The bathroom is based on whether or not a person has a penis or a vagina.

The same could be said for most things in society. Getting a job as an airplane pilot is based on whether or not a person possesses the physical capability to fly a plane. People don’t get to walk into airports and fly planes simply because they dressed up in a pilot’s uniform and think they can fly… without actually being able to do it.

All that’s left is for the governor to sign it, and it will officially be law. South Dakota Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard said he needs more time to consider before signing, but he was originally in favor of the concept. So are most people. Houston recently had to repeal a law that would’ve allowed anyone to use any bathroom they felt like after the people overwhelmingly voted against it.

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