Russian Embassy in UK Tweets a Pepe Meme, Hundreds Triggered

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Did we miss something?

When did we as a nation get to the point that all it takes to set hundreds of people off is posting a picture of a smiling cartoon frog on Twitter?

This happened:

And it was immediately followed by a big fat huge Twitter meme fight, complete with people easily triggered by cartoon frogs everywhere:


Uh oh…

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  • Tatiana Covington

    How did a cartoon frog get mixed up in this?

    • Apparently, a cartoon frog in a comic that was originally the “Millennial”‘s version the “60’s Zap Comics was adopted by some “deplorables”. Now the Politically Correct are offended – I’m offended that they’re offended. I didn’t give up my love for Gothic Script because gangs adopted it. Green didn’t stop being my favorite color because certain Moslem sects favor it. I’ve no intention of empowering any group by modifying my personal preferences because someone I don’t like shares my good tastes!

  • Clementine

    How completely and utterly stupid! People and their dumb ass symbol crap! I wish they would have created a steaming pile of shit to represent Obama, that would have made more sense than a green frog reppin’ Nazis’!

  • It is not Paranoia

    Pepe is no nazi. Where the hell did that come from??

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      • Jimmy Yost

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    • He’s been adopted by the alt-right and now jimmies are getting rustled everywhere, lol, it’s hilarious!

      Guess who else just tweeted a pepe meme? Wendys! They tweeted out a Wendys rare pepe meme, lol, the age of the shitlord is here!×740.png

      • Wags71


  • Awesome troll, good for them!

  • SP_88

    People are so pathetically stupid and morally bankrupt. Everything means something bad to someone somewhere. So let’s ban everything so we don’t offend anyone.
    If we don’t start telling these politically correct snowflakes to get fucked, there won’t be anything left of our history or our freedom.
    These soft, delicate flowers simply cannot handle reality or adversity. So they want to try and bury it and make it go away.
    But in the process, they will take away the lessons of the past and we will be doomed to repeat it. And the progressives who are pushing this agenda are fully aware of this. But without support for this nonsense, it doesn’t matter. It’s the fools who are going along with it that are screwing us all.
    These idiots are claiming to be so offended by something that has been there for decades or centuries, but somehow they are just now becoming offended by it. Really? Something that has been there for your whole life is suddenly offensive to you? I doubt it.
    And what about these idiots who are offended by something that didn’t mean anything bad until some group hi-jacked it for their own purposes? The Confederate flag was just a military battle flag for many years, but then the KKK adopted it for themselves, and suddenly it’s a bad symbol that needs to be banned. Don’t the people who’s relatives fought in the Civil War get a say in what their flag represents? Or are we telling these people to go fuck themselves so that the KKK can claim the flag as their own?
    And let’s not forget that the KKK was formed by democrats, the same bunch of assholes that want to ban the flag and all the Civil War monuments and every other symbol that they don’t like.
    Even the swastika was a religious symbol before the Nazis took it and used it for their symbol. Now that’s a bad thing that must be banned.
    So now a cartoon frog has joined the list of things that need to be banned because it has been hi-jacked by some anti-semitic group. And if we don’t ban all these “racist” symbols, some precious little snowflakes will get hurt feelings, and they’ll need their teddy bear, some hot cocoa and someone to hug them and tell them that everything is going to be ok.
    People have a right to display whatever symbol they want. If someone wants to put a flag with a swastika on it on their house or car or a tattoo, that’s their business. It may not be nice. It will probably offend someone. But nobody can stop them from doing it. It’s their right to do it. That’s what freedom of speech is all about.
    And the same thing applies to the Confederate flag or any other symbol. Nobody has a right to not be offended.
    If we eliminate everything that offends someone, we will have to eliminate everything. And that’s ridiculous. And if we only eliminate some things that offend some people, it’s not fair to the people who have to deal with the things that offend them. It’s only fair if we don’t eliminate anything, and everyone has to just deal with whatever offends them. It’s the only fair way to ensure that people are all treated equally.