Russia Threatens N Korea With Invasion Over Nuclear Threats

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By now, most people are used to North Korea’s antics and provocations. Despite the fact that they have a massive ground army and nuclear weapons, it’s difficult to take their threats seriously anymore. Their latest transgressions involve threatening a preemptive nuclear strike in response to joint US and South Korean military maneuvers. They’ve also recently tested two missiles in the Sea of Japan, and have claimed that they have the ability to place miniature nukes on their missiles.

But this time around is different, in that North Korea is facing sharp criticism and veiled threats from an unlikely source. The Russian foreign ministry recently released a statement that basically threatened North Korea with an invasion if they don’t stop acting out.

As Super Station 95 highlights, the situation is tense:

“We consider it to be absolutely impermissible to make public statements containing threats to deliver some ‘preventive nuclear strikes’ against opponents…Pyongyang should be aware of the fact that in this way the DPRK will become fully opposed to the international community and will create international legal grounds for using military force against itself in accordance with the right of a state to self-defense enshrined in the United Nations Charter.”

Russia also condemned the US and South Korea for their military exercise, which was a practice run for launching attacks against nuclear facilities in the North, as well as their leadership.

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  • jadan

    Fat Boy should listen to Uncle Vladimir……

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  • I forgot

    We should have told S. Korea to do as they please years ago. The ROK Marines would have stomped them into oblivion.

  • Praetor

    North Koo Koo’s, need some money!!!

  • frankw

    Are the Russians the only adults in the room?

  • Frank

    Any response from a Western country, even verbal (and conveyed via written media) would be construed to be “a provocative Western response” and likely used as further “evidence” of “the West’s aggressive intentions.” No, I think it is best that a rebuke came from an Eastern Bloc (an out-dated term, yes, I know) country to demonstrate that Kim Jong-Un’s infantile whining and threats is approaching the point of openly inviting a pre-emptive defensive strike by the South, with U.S. support, and with the consent of other regional powers (Japan, Philippines, Vietnam) – much to the dismay of China. Very surprising that China hasn’t done something to hush Kim Jong-Un and his provocations as they DO NOT want any Western powers on their land border. China, with their “reclaiming” of islands in the S. China Sea and building of strategic military outposts, is demonstrating their intent to push their Defense Zone even further from their own borders. If the U.S. moves a significant force in preparation for a strike on NK, China will undoubtedly respond similarly and try to prevent an attack on NK, or worse, intercede during the shooting. The likely result would be an “incidental/accidental” war between the superpowers. For a strike against NK, the US would have to plan to neutralize Chinese assets that could threaten US or South Korean forces should China attempt to intercede or openly side with NK.

  • Gambeir Bay

    Proves Fat Bot is a Zionist Stooge

  • Infidel51

    Misleading headline. Putin didn’t threaten to invade he made a rather vague reference to military intervention.

    • yup. He’s warning a nation-state that gets nuked would be completely within their rights to invade NK

  • Sonokar

    The world is truly upside-down when the voice of reason comes from the former USSR.