Russia Moving Nukes Into Crimea, and America’s Asinine Response

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Day after day, the scene in Ukraine seems to be looking more and more unstable. The brinksmanship of the Cold War appears to be making a comeback in Europe, as Russia asserts its claims over Ukraine. Recently, Putin has ordered the Russian military to begin moving tactical nuclear weapons into Crimea, as well as several Tu-22 nuclear armed bombers.

The event has U.S. lawmakers in an uproar, and NATO officials shaking in their boots (or at least that’s how I imagine them). They’re throwing around terms like “treaty violation” and “menacing threats to Europe”. Meanwhile, those same U.S. officials seem to be thinking in very obsolete terms.

“Locating nuclear weapons on the sovereign territory of another state without its permission is a devious and cynical action,” states the letter signed by House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R., Calif.) and two subcommittee chairmen.

“It further positions Russian nuclear weapons closer to the heart of NATO, and it allows Russia to gain a military benefit from its seizure of Crimea, allowing Russia to profit from its action.”

They can’t accept that the Crimea is no longer the sovereign territory of Ukraine. Whether the actions of the Russian government are right or wrong, is irrelevant. They’ve taken Crimea, a region that has belonged to Russia for longer than the U.S. has even existed, and the place is just lousy with ethnic Russians (who’d have thought?).

Russia is not giving it up. At least not without a fight. However, our government officials can’t seem to wrap their minds around that. All they can do is frown and bluster “How dare they? Don’t the Russians know that we’re America? Don’t they realize that we’re unbeatable? That our whim is law?”

They don’t care. The Russians don’t respect posturing, least of all from us. And why should they? After decades of NATO encroachment into Eastern Europe, military encirclement with bases and missiles, U.S. backed color revolutions, and now sanctions, what should we expect them to do?

I’m not saying that Putin’s government is the good guy here, but I am saying we shouldn’t be surprised by their actions. It almost sounds like our government is the bully, doing everything he can to belittle someone else. When that someone finally starts fighting back, we run to the teacher and tattle. We call the U.N. and say “They can’t do that! That’s Ukrainian Territory! You can’t invade another country whenever it suits you!” As if our government would never do such a thing.

To top it all off, the U.S. Government’s reaction to Crimea has been downright schizophrenic.

In a related development, the Obama administration is funding non-official arms control talks with Russia through a Washington think-tank that are aimed at curbing U.S. tactical nuclear arms in Europe.

The first round of talks was held in Vienna Monday and Tuesday.

Critics say Obama administration arms control officials at the State Department and Pentagon are using the informal nuclear talks as groundwork for future tactical nuclear arms cuts.

Such cuts are likely to be opposed by NATO allies, especially in Eastern Europe, worried by growing Russian military threats to the continent.

After everything we’ve done to antagonize Russia, Obama is still busy trying to reduce our nuclear deterrent in Europe. It’s like we’re trying to goad them into war, while at the same time we’re laying down our arms. No wonder the world has lost all respect for us. Our actions have all the makings of a crazy person. Our government has become nothing more than a heavily armed bully in a straightjacket.

Make no mistake, Russia is not in the right either. Putin is still a tyrannical oligarch, with delusional aspirations for a new Russian Empire. But, why have we spent the past two decades antagonizing that nuclear armed regime? How is any of this a good idea?

In short, it isn’t. It’s bad for Americans and it’s bad for Russians. The fact that our nations are marching straight into a new cold war proves only one thing. We do not share the same interests as our government. Our institutions are run by power hungry madmen, willing to risk war if it will give them global supremacy. They’ll drag us kicking and screaming into World War Three, whether we like it or not.

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  • CharlesH

    And all the while the stock markets go higher and higher…well, not so much this week.

  • Nexusfast123

    Elboa has the benefit of leaving some people live and the infrastructure intact. Nukes not so much.

  • Nexusfast123

    The hypocrisy of the degenerates in Washington is staggering but never surprising.

    • Rick E.

      I agree! It continues to amaze me as well. What in the hell does those in Wash DC expect? We are attempting to surround Russia and China with our own weaponry and military bases, and yet our “leaders” blather on and on about evil Russia.

      The last time I checked, the USA is the only country thus far to have bombed 2 large cities into oblivion.

      • Rick E.

        Well that was a slight exaggeration, but nuking Nagasaki and Hiroshima were absolute war crimes, as despite what the schools try to say, they were ready to surrender before we dropped the bombs.And now our government has the audacity to complain about Russia in Crimea. And this is while we occupy any country we choose to. Unreal.

  • runsinquicksand


  • privatizedwealth100

    Ready to die. I chose to not raise kids in a place where wars are profitted from. Children are sold wholesale as slaves. Fatal drugs trafficked into our country allowed by top officials. Living on land that was stolen from other people. A place where humans once kept other humans as slaves. A place where education cuts take place but law enforcementcosts expand. I can’t take my own life because I still have family. Ebola creates an opportunity to escape earth without the additional burden placed soon my family if all goes according to plan. Anybody else as tired as me?

    • privatizedwealth100

      Yes I know Russia is doing this and that so is the u.s. but even with my mind state I still need a way to escape so bring on football its the only escape these days.

  • N_Disnye

    They both do the bidding for the Rothschilds.

  • M Fr Nch

    As long as a good size batch of parasites and oligarchs go with me I am am ready to rock and roll. Ebola, nukes, some other disease, civil war who cares. I am sick of this pathological, dim witted, vacuous excuse for a failed attempt at civilization.
    Either we get rid of them or they get rid us or we do each other, any preference?

  • Adam Roger Kearley

    You’re an idiot.

  • IndGWM

    Pretty good til you got to the part about Putin wanting to create a Greater Russia. He has no such wishes. He could have long ago grabbed Georgia but did not. He has said and his actions support his wish for the Eastern Ukraine to remain In the Ukraine but to have some sort of autonomy. As far a Crimea goes the US coup and the democratic choice of those living there forced his hand. None of this ever would have happened had the US not pushed for regime change and forced an EU trade deal that was not in the Ukraine’s best interest.

    As far a Putin being an oligarch-I beg to differ. He cares for the Russian people and I guess you haven’t heard about the arrests of oligarchs and the laws against them and the protection of Russia against cronyism at all levels. Something the US lacks and continues to pass laws allowing.

  • Just some guy

    The American government is full of saboteurs. There are many ways they can hurt us. Wasted money, mismanagement, misdirection, bad policies, etc.