Ron Paul Warns of 2nd American Revolution if Obama Bans Guns with E.O.

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  • JW

    The titla to this article is incredibly misleading. Ron Paul does not warn of such an event, nor does he even say this. It appears the Daily Sheeple is employing MSM tactics in its reporting techniques. No need to sensationalize in the headlines. Very disappointing.

    ● Pledge not to use an Executive Order to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding Citizens.
    ● This is a petition to prevent the Obama Administration from issuing Executive Orders restricting the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens.

    ● Share this link & Get over there & sign it!

  • Smarty

    Get lost JW, you fucking troll. At the end of the film, President Paul says just about exactly what the headline says.

    Now go back to your cave, troll. We all see through this sort of crap, and the $13.00/hour they are paying you to bash these stories is pretty degrading, isn’t it troll?

    • JW

      Haha you said yourself he says “just about”! And who is this “President Paul?” He wasn’t President the last time I checked, but I would have voted for him. Did you even read what you typed before you hit the “submit” button?

      “At the end of the film, President Paul says just about exactly what the headline says.”

      P.S. you sound incredibly intelligent using four letter words. Keep up the good fight.

  • March


    “Watch video for details and check out This is another in a series of many Calls to Action (CTAs) here in TNP as we work as a unified team to defeat anti-self defense gun legislation in 2013. The proposed AWB seeks to criminalize millions of good Americans is a power grabbing, Marxist attempt at people control. We stand and be counted NOW, not cower in our houses hoping for the best and ranting anonymously on the internet about crap that doesn’t matter. Time to nut up or shut up.”


    ● Pledge not to use an Executive Order to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding Citizens.

    ● This is a petition to prevent the Obama Administration from issuing Executive Orders restricting the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens.

    Secure the borders of the United States for the safety and security of American citizens.
    Secure the borders of the United States for the safety and security


    ➪ Disregard and Dismiss Senator Feinstein’s proposed Gun Control Bill.

    “A free people … should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government. – George Washington”

    ➪ PLEASE Share these links & Get over there & sign it!

    Μολὼν λαβέ

    • Lars Olfen

      Shove the petition. I say let’s rock and roll with these people.

    • SKIP

      Sorry,can’t make it, am in Afghanistan working to see that we get to keep the rights and liberties that those in politics at home are doing their damned best to take away from us. WAIT!!! somehow that don’t make sense!!!!!

  • Angelo

    Exec orders are NOT “Law” read the constitution! Congress Alone makes laws with senate concurence too. Prez orders Only apply to His branch and them whats works in it. All unconst orders etc are INvalid as stated in first few paragraphs of Page One us const!

    Nobody can leagally enforce prez orders. Yes te fools will likely “Try” so what?…Only if we too be fools and obey such crap can “they” do such!

    Such petitions serve to agree his phony prez order is legit!….Its NOT!

    • Lars Olfen

      Thank you Angelo, some common sense.

      Whoever stated the petition can shove it up their ass.

      • Angelo

        Lars: Thank You! glad to see others such as you comprehend this stuf. I have begun to wonder, just Who are these so called “patriotic” types that always try some petitions or whatever?

        Am betting some are Controled Oposition similar to fox’s hannity-Orilley and Beck types…They say what folks want to hear alot of…But Listen very close and each always self contrandicts their messages…

        Take orilley as example on fox tv…His begining talking points Always start out like “well folks Todays news is hobammy has gone too far!! stay tuned we will debate after commercial breaks!”

        Back after breaks: “Ok folks where were we? oh yeah! I was telling you how hobammy did this or that wrong…HOWEVER!(libs always say However or But after saying they agre with you eh! if they agree why the Buts?) Orielly: However! we cant judge hobammy too harshly as he did do Alot of good wonderfull stuf and will keep going for good, cause I bill oriley is whos watching out for YOU!

        Then the asshole uses the rest of his 45 minit left to Praise hobammy as better than sliced bread!

        Orielly=Controled ops? Absolutly Yes! they ALL are!

        And All’s paycheck is signed by Same “tribe” of kommie khazer jewsih MSM owners all of it.

        So be good little “Goyims” and never question us chozens few and you too may end up with a Book Deal like hannity!…Bootem All Out! Restore America.

        It works real swell to rally folks who never seem to Think prior to acting eh. And as I said it works to Confirm they believe a prez order or exec order carrys any weight.

        If that were true?…Than our prez, regardless if dem/kommie or neocon/kommie…All are simply dictators or Kings like george III who our founders fought and Won against to begin what we call America.

        Good for us them foundrs had more sense eh!

        I rekon its high time Our sides folks begin to READ factual Truths and History instead of quickly jump on band wagon based upon Emotion’s as soon as another swell sounding “Fix” is invented.

        Emotions and “Feelings” is what Liberal Kommie fools rely on for most All their ideas etc…Please use common sense and READ more than what the “Herd” subscribes to. Glad You get it Lars!

    • SKIP

      Congress and POTUS work for the black Obamuslim and will do EXACTLY what he and the dems in senate tell them to do, they are each one hand of the Obamuslim’s regime. The congress is the hand that the Obamuslim uses to scratch his balls when they itch and executive orders are only NOT LAW when the Obamuslim controlled congress says they are not and WTF is the chance of that since the congress is about to put the U.S. economy on par with that of Zimbabwe and since both are black controlled, it just seems fitting somehow.

  • ncjoe

    If you idiots are willing to start a revolution over something like your phallic symbols, you deserve to die. Tell me, is it worth the life of your children to protect your precious ar-15’s? That is what will happen. Idiots.

    • Ash

      “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
      ― Samuel Adams

    • Lars Olfen

      Spoken like a true coward.

    • gunsrulecommiesdrool

      ncjoe,I don’t understand what you are trying to say. We don’t want to start a revolution over phallic symbols.But when armed men come to your home to steal your property you have to fight back.Maybe you are scared,I get it! But some of us aren’t.Silence isn’t golden it’s yellow!We also want to protect our familes and our childrens lives and rights.America has armed gaurds in armored trucks delivering and picking up money from banks and businesse’s all oyer the country.Are you saying we shouldn’t protect the children in schools the same way?We don’t deserve to die.You need to grow a sack!!

    • JW


      If you want to call some one a troll, start with ncjoe. He’s always stirring the pot.

    • SKIP

      ncjoe, all three of my boys AND my daughter pack concealed weapons and will not be all that likely to give them up to a black controlled government.

  • whyarewesostupid

    I do not own an ar-15 but my question is why dont we put armed security officer in our schools we use them to protect our money / our president / our sporting events / but putting a soldier we are already paying ,or police or volunteers, with a weapon in our schools would be wrong in the anti gun eyes . I do not understand why we would not value our children more than those other things .I am not saying arm our teachers, unless they wanted to be, but I would feel better if someone was armed and i have a 1st and an 8th graders we also need to look at some way to stop the people that shrinks think are dangerous from getting the guns ,or taking them away from them until they prove they are not crazy . A gun is a tool nothing more, remember the average response time for 911 is 4 minutes thats nice to know when u might have seconds to live. I strongly support the 2nd amendment. MOLON LABE

  • whyarewesostupid

    I would also like to say that i dont think we should need a judge to declare u a nut case a shrink should be able to call the powers that be to come and get guns and lock them up until u are proven not crazy . Then if u are sane they should give them back!!!!!! I do not think this should violate the doctor/patient privilege

    • Angelo

      Better Rethink your let shrinks declare someone and send cops to disarm based on shrinks word…In america we dont need proove we innocent etc…THEY Must first prove you are guilty!

      No offence but Your plan is terrible when you consider 99% of shrinks are antiguners!

      They drool for such a plan where They alone decide who can own guns…Hint…None will own guns if that happened.

      Utah has arrmed teachers and a univ that ccw holders Can pak ccw guns ON campus…

      More lawfull guns=Less crime or murder. Ever heard of crazed mass shooter doing mass shootings at Gun Shows?!…What happened the “few” times a idiot tried to rob a legit gun store?…They get whacked Every damn time by everybody at store is paking too!

      PS if Lib Kommies such as Hobammy or FineSTIEN(Tribe) really care about kiddies lives?…Why do they Insist on supporting aborting 4000 Kids every Day?

      If 20 kids died due to school bus ran off cliff?…Think Finestien would clamor to ban school busses?…Nope! pss She paks ccw guns! she admited it yrs ago on live tv!

      Read the real plans to destroy america by comunisim.

      READ BOTH: 47 Goals of Kommie take over of usa from 1964(entered into us house reps journals when entire docs was read aloud on us house floor and avail at Rense .com and others online) AND: READ “The Protocals of The Elders of Zion” wrote aprox 1899 and also online several websites.

      Both docs fully describe the jewsih zionist plans(they invented communisim too) to destroy america with Kommiizim…No joke just Factual Truths hidden the last 100 yrs till internet made it possible for avg folks to Learn it! so Do So!…Your kids Lives depends upon it! Yours also!

      • SKIP

        Angelo, I agree with your comment that the burden of proving guilt is on them BUT, sadly, the FINANCIAL BURDEN of proving your innocence is on YOU and “THEY” have more money. I know this to be true as I have crossed the legal system more than a few times and though I have won,it COST A LOT OF MONEY!

  • Anonymous

    All violations of the Constitution and the Govt violating
    the laws of the Constitution actually means:

    No Govt.

    If the “govt” that was elected by The People (which it was not – therefore,
    by Universal and Constitutional Law nullifies the govt) does not
    follow the law of the Constitution and attempts to do away with the Constitution,
    there is actually NO government.

    The Constitution created the government, NOT the other way around.

    Therefore, any attempts to sabotage and to revoke the rights that protect the Individual by the
    Constitution, in effect nullifes and voids any violating law to the Constitution(ex: gun “control” law ).

    Since govt is desperately trying to “do away” (not gonna happen) with
    2nd amendment, the government is no longer in power – and basically
    nullified and canceled itself as The People and The Individual do not
    have to abide by law and govt that is now null and void.

    There are MORE armed People of this country than them.
    WE are MORE than them.

    Please help share this consciousness to your readers and followers
    – to help all for justice and truth to depgrogram on a daily basis.

    Just The awareness of this is enough to start the switch.

    • SKIP

      True anout US outnumbering THEM BUT! THEY are organized and WE are not YET!

  • Ash

    The origin of the 2nd amendment came from the founder’s intimate knowledge of how tyrannical oppressive governments worked. They had taxes passed without representation, British officers could kick their doors in and boot colonists out and search their homes and sleep in their beds. This became so intolerable that when they had won the revolution they specifically wrote down that citizens should be armed in case the government ever tried to take away the peoples’ rights.

    Well guess what?

    That’s exactly what we are seeing today.

    The first step will be to ban, then register under penalty of felony, then confiscate, then exterminate.

    The ruling elite want to lower the global population down to under 2 billion because the planet can’t handle the load were putting on it and Americans pollute andbuse the most natural resources and they can’t depopulate the country easily if we’re armed.

  • Bam Bam51

    Oblamo don’t have the stones to take anything. If he finds some, they won,t last long.

    • SKIP

      The obanegro doesn’t need the “stones” he has a most willing DOJ, various and multiple black controlled police, sheriff’s departments and state law enforcement agencies, a LARGE chunk of the military and National guards units and he does in fact have the balls to make the effort….DO NOT underestimate him to our peril.

  • why hasnt noone noticed the debt limit was breached back in december,just look at us debt clock…the goverment should have already been shut down…anyother person or country that has nomore money are out of buisness