Ron Paul – “There is one group of Americans I do believe should be disarmed: federal agents”

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While I oppose most gun control proposals, there is one group of Americans I do believe should be disarmed: federal agents. The use of force by federal agents to enforce unjust and unconstitutional laws is one of the major, albeit overlooked, threats to liberty. Too often Americans are victimized by government force simply for engaging in commercial transactions disproved of by Congress and the federal bureaucracy.

For example, the offices of Rawesome Foods in Venice, California, have been repeatedly raided by armed federal and state agents, and Rawesome’s founder, 65-year old James Stewart, has been imprisoned. What heinous crime justified this action? Rawesome sold unpasteurized (raw) milk and cheese to willing customers – in a state where raw milk is legal! You cannot even drink milk from a cow without a federal permit!

This is hardly the only case of federal agents using force against those who would dare meet consumer demand for raw milk. In 2011 armed agents of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided the business of Pennsylvanian Amish farmer Dan Allgyer. Federal agents wasted a whole year and who knows how many millions of our tax dollars posing as customers in order to stop Allgyer from selling his raw milk to willing customers.

The use of force against individuals making choices not approved of by the political elite does not just stop with raw milk. The Natural News website has documented numerous accounts of federal persecution, including armed raids, of health food stores and alternative medical practitioners.

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Contributed by Ron Paul of Texas Straight Talk.

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  • Anonymous

    Time for people to start fighting back… Simple as that, words are no longer enough it’s time for action.

    • ophiuchus

      Totally agree… We also need to know where they intend on making further raids, so we can be present.

  • We have given too much power to the elites. In 1775, the average person had simular, if not equal power to the elites. Now the elites have drones, tanks, etc. We did not understand the Secondm Amendment and what it truely meant. We gave the government power, power that we individuals did not have and now we are checkmated. Game over!

    • helen sabin

      Its time to take it back! WE give power to the government – not the other way around. Start by writing the senators in the state and telling them to vote AGAINST the gun ban. If they don’t get recall petitions out and work to get enough signatures and remove these pond slime from government.

  • helen sabin

    For once I agree with Paul! Sometimes he has good information and suggestions and this is one time for sure. The more I see of Rand Paul, the more I think we have our presidential candidate in three years!

    • SKIP

      A fanciful idea Helen as I do not believe there will be a USA in 3 years. The US is breaking up at breakneck speed into black, muslim, illegal aliens and Whites. Conflict, violence and destruction are inevitable.

  • ncjoe

    So, I guess not everyone is entitled to the right to bear arms. What a bucn of assholes you idiots are.

    • SKIP

      And YOU’RE just passing through us I guess!

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry but I think ncjoe has just finally demonstrated that he is indeed a troll and NOT a very educated one at that. When he learns to read (I’ll be happy to try and teach you) the Second Ammendment begins with the group, PEOPLE not agents. Let me know if your dictionary has those words. If not, Google works. Don’t look at the colors on the screen, try to focus on the keyboard.

    • RickE.

      @ ncjoe, How perceptive of you Joe! Murderers should not be allowed to even handle a gun, let alone bear them!
      And our illustrious government kills kids, old women, and many others on a daily basis in their endless wars and police dept for the world policies.

  • unknown suspect

    This is fixable. The feds show up to your raw milk store, your friends show up, armed at the same time. Badges mean little when you’re stomping on rights.

  • Chad

    A local dairy here was recently complaining about low milk prices and how tough it is to be a dairy farmer. Maybe some hard work but the big ole house they live in, the 1000 acres they own, the restaurant/ice cream shop they own, etc. Sure they worked hard but they probably make more money than 90% of Americans, yet want US to pay MORE and MORE for milk. This is the same problem with Doctors, why my 4 minute ER visit for a skin rash cost over $900..GREED
    Got off track…
    Americans should be allowed to drink raw milk if they want to if its legal.

    • SKIP

      Personally, I support farmers, dairy or agriculture because it IS tough work and 1 farmer of any sort or wealth is more valuable than ALL the investment bankers, hedge fund managers and politicians COMBINED!!! Only the farmers produce anything of value to survival. I remember traveling across the midwest (Neb, Ut, Ind, Mo, Ks) in the 50s and seeing nothing but crops for hundreds of miles but last trip across the country on my motorcycle I was looking at the surface of the moon or mars and total devastation of those same fields due to the bankers, mortgage companies and gubmint policies….We are in for a food fight soon and there will be no college fun in it either.