Rocket Launch? UFO Leaves Crazy Blue Smoke Trail over Miami Airport

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Is there something our government and military isn’t telling us here?

This happened just a few days ago on July 23rd.

While an Atlas V rocket was admittedly fired into orbit from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station loaded with a Navy satellite on June 24, nothing else has been announced. So what is this?

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  • mandy smith

    rocket launch

  • tsmith

    This is a Air Force Jet making mach whatever… I was in the Air Force and saw this many times. No big deal.

  • 3rd sober thought

    Hillary said if elected she would release the truth about UFO’s. [google it]. Election promises just changed gears.

    • Hillary would never have access to such events ! she is far too untrustworthy and she won’t be the next pres anyway !

  • In the last few years I have seen some very strange phenom in the skies. I hike a lot and out in desolate places often at nite. I see things in the heavens that simply should not be there ? Many moving objects and recently some very bright lites like giant strobe lights that are definitely not airplanes ? I have no idea what all of it is.

    • way2inform

      Who’s to say what should or shouldnt be there?

    • vcragain

      Well could you p[lease take some pics next time & share that with the world ? Thanks !

      • Pictures likely would not work and be just spots of light with no definition. I have seen some very strange phenom that simply should not be there , like objects moving approx 17 K MPH and then disappear and then reappear and then change direction ! Recently I saw some very large strobe type lights at very high altitude, likely out of our atmosphere and they moved around as well and would flash a very large strobe randomly from different locations, almost like a very distant explosion on a grand scale

  • It is not Paranoia

    UFO programming, stay tuned people! A few more sights like this one and you’re ready to buy the big alien invasion.

    But it sure looks cool!

    • Leahchardy

      <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!be736p:….,……

  • totallytea

    I saw the same thing on November 7 2015 in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was amazing!