Roast Beef, Potatoes, and Carrots Don’t “Meet Nutrition Guidelines” but GMOs, HFCS, and Trans Fats Do

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The school lunch drama continues, this time in Manitoba, Canada.

Close on the heels of a federally sponsored preschool in Virginia disallowing homemade lunches without a doctor’s note, a mom in Manitoba was given this note and a $10 fine when her children’s preschool felt that the lunch she sent from home required “supplemental” Ritz Crackers.

(source: Weighty Matters Blog)

The lunch that didn’t meet the Canadian Food Guide requirements?

Leftover roast beef, potatoes, and carrots, with an orange for dessert, and a container of milk.

The horror!

Natalie and Logan’s mom, Kristin Bartiw, wrote of her dismay:

[If the lunch contained] “microwave Kraft Dinner and a hot dog, a package of fruit twists, a Cheestring, and a juice box” those lunches would have sailed right through this idiocy. But her whole food, homemade lunches? They lacked Ritz Crackers.

So what say you? Have you come across a more inane school lunch policy? Because I sure haven’t. (source)

This particular brown bag hullabaloo is based on a policy of the Manitoba provincial government’s Early Learning and Child Care lunch regulations, which require children’s lunches to be checked against the Canadian Food Guide and then “supplemented” by the workers of the school. The “supplementation” comes with fine of $5 per child, which is taken directly from the parent’s account.

Now, generally speaking, grains are encouraged because they contain fiber. But check out the nutritional information on Ritz Crackers. What seems to be missing from this “grain supplement”? Also note which vitamins are present…pretty much NONE of them.


So…Ritz Crackers, of $5 add-on fame, contain no fiber, no protein, and no vitamins, but this ticks the boxes required by the government of the province of Manitoba?

This leads to the question, “What do Ritz Crackers contain?” I’m glad you asked.


Wow – what parent could object to these GMO-laden “grains”? Loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup (a GMO-sourced poison linked to obesity, diabetes, and containing unregulated toxic contaminants), partially hydrogenated oils (this is a trans fat and currently on the verge of becoming a banned ingredient in the US), sugar (because HFCS just doesn’t make it sweet enough), and chemicals, it’s a great addition to a healthy lunch…please note my sarcasm.

The government is stepping in to replace the parents. They are overriding parental authority by teaching the kids their version of nutrition, based on vitamin-deficient processed foods over whole foods. Then, to add insult to injury, they’re charging the parents money to do this.

Don’t look at this story and say, “Oh, it happened in Canada – it could never happen here.” It could and it has and it will continue unless we stand up to it. Our school systems are disastrous. Common Core, a curriculum intent on churning out little worker bees, is making them even worse. – they are about “habit-training” rather than teaching. Todd Walker of Survival Sherpa lists some unwritten lessons of forced schooling:

  • Never question authority – rulers are right
  • School nutrition is healthy
  • Teachers are experts
  • College is the only ‘real’ choice for success after high school
  • History taught in schools is accurate: “God cannot alter the past, but historians can.”  – Samuel Butler
  • Faux hero-worship is encouraged
  • Regurgitate answers rather than solve problems – (State Standardized testing is a money-making scam to pad pockets while keeping the masses dazed and confused. Of course, this isn’t openly taught, but true none the less.)
  • Give up your right to privacy in exchange for security in a world filled with boogie-men<
  • Understand that the State owns your child and there will be no negative consequences when you transfer your authority over your children to that of government forceIndividualism is not tolerated and will be squashed with great forceStudents are lumps of clay that need to be molded to be useful to the collective
  • Guns are evil – knives too
  • Schools incubate a mini police state in every child to forcefully mold compliant subjects
  • Learning through play is no longer allowed

Politicians like to bandy about the phrase that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Unfortunately, it seems to be the idiots who are in charge of this village. Don’t let them raise your children.

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Contributed by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper.

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  • Legion7

    Thing is, just because the food is available, doesn’t mean the kid eats it. What’s next, a fine if the kid leaves food on the tray? Then (the Canadian version of) 0bamacare can treat the obesity epidemic, right?!

  • awake

    Its simple really… HOMESCHOOL YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!

  • Susan

    Parent should have said they are gluten intolerant and sued the school.

    • rockelle


    • laura m.

      Susan: I agree, better yet, take kids out of gov schools and home school or private school. I have zero respect for parents that send their kids to gov. schools, they are dumber than a stack of bricks.

      • Tom

        What a narrow minded bigot you are! Did you ever stop to think that some parents simply cannot afford to send their child/children to a private school or to home school them because they need to work??? Does that make them dumber than a stack of bricks? Not at all!! But, your comment shows your lack of intelligence and I have zero respect for people like you.

        • Jean

          Kitchen knife: $5
          Dead Principle or “food provider”: Priceless.

          They run out of bodies before we do, IF we do what is RIGHT.

          There is no lawyering the devil, no way to make evil moral.
          There is only better or worse.

          HANDLE the situations.
          PROTECT yourselves – and your families.

          Because if YOU don’t, THEY (Governmnet) will protect you out of your children, your food, your home, your life – and do it with a clean conscience, because it’s “for your own good.”

          F*ck ’em.
          KILL THEM.

          Next problem.
          (Repeat until the solution no longer applies.)

    • Carey

      Canadians have a hard time suing anyone. Laws are in place that discourage this practice.

  • Marie

    $10 for a serving or Ritz crackers? Someone is making money…

  • NIGHT TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME,for CROSS BOWS with goood arrows……….problem solved……..

  • John q publik

    keep keeping it happen. that’s exactly what we are going to do. Just bitch in the net. that’s all we know how to do. well you stand with us? or kneel for the masters?

  • Carey

    The questions not being asked are, who;s making these policies and where are they getting their orders?? Follow the money. Then arrest and hang the enemies of humanity.

  • Susan

    As of this year I started homeschooling my kids. So grateful that we can do this. Prayer works wonders. Our lovely state funded school has successfully dumbed down my kids. They are supposed to be 4th and 6th grade level. Ive tested them at 3 and 4 grade math and 2 grade English and reading!! It’s like I have to start schooling them from 2nd grade!