Riveting Audio Details From The Las Vegas Shooting That The MSM Won’t Share

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The mainstream media has been known to propagate and lie to the public for profits. In fact, CNN admitted that much this summer on video. But what they also do, is conveniently leave out pertinent information in order to tell you what you’re supposed to think happened.

It isn’t really a big secret that the mainstream media uses propaganda. Look no further than the “Russian election hacking” narrative to find evidence of such. But one YouTuber has now released some audio from the Las Vegas shooting that he describes accurately as “riveting.”

HighImpactFlix details the police audio from the shooting and the cops own words in these clips paint a dramatically different tale than the one we were told to imagine on the news.

The police clearly confirm that there were two shooters, no subtitles needed. You can also clearly hear that one cop is rather panicked saying “we have an active shooter inside the fairgrounds!’ 

The police audio sounds a lot different than the story that’s being regurgitated in the mainstream media.

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  • NonYo Business

    Same as every false flag

  • frankw

    Why does that not surprise us? Been waiting for the hammer to drop on the bump fire stocks. Police report 2 shooting platforms in the room. Do not reprt what weapons are on the platformsw.

    • disqus_rKMDHauoEY

      bump fire stocks went up today

  • incog99

    Something wrong in River City.

  • SP_88

    There is a lot of confusion and panic during and immediately after the shooting as to where the shooter is located and if there are more than one shooters. This is to be expected because of the high intensity of the situation.
    As the police are trying to figure out what’s going on and gain control of the situation, it is normal for there to be conflicting information and inaccurate reports until they get a handle on everything.
    As far as there being two shooters, they had various unconfirmed reports of multiple shooters, but they ultimately only found one shooter in the hotel room.
    If there were multiple shooters, this video doesn’t confirm that. It only confirms that the police had unconfirmed reports of multiple shooters.
    With all the people who were there, somebody would have not only seen another shooter, but it’s quite likely that they would have seen where they went, if they fled on foot or jumped into a car. Someone carrying a rifle would stick out, and people would take notice of them.
    The only other way for someone to get away without drawing attention to themselves would be for them to drop their rifle and walk away or run with the rest of the people who were trying to get away. But no gun was recovered from the area as far as we know.
    It is possible that the sound of gunfire echoed to make it appear as though it were coming from different directions.
    Right now it appears that this is just a result of confusion because of a hectic and intense situation.
    It’s possible that more information will shed light on exactly what happened, and clear up any confusion.

  • Herman Nelson
  • I smell bs. Somebody had to hear/see the broken glass from the windows hit the ground before the shooting started.