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Are you preparing for the collapse of society?  If so, the truth is that you are definitely not alone.  The number of preppers in the U.S. has absolutely exploded in recent years.  It has been estimated that there are now approximately 3 million preppers in the United States, and “Doomsday Preppers” is currently the highest rated show on the National Geographic channel.  In fact, you could be living next to a prepper and never even know it.  All over America, families are transforming spare rooms into long-term food storage pantries, planting survival gardens, unplugging from the grid, converting their homes over to alternative sources of energy, taking self-defense courses and stocking up on just about everything that you can imagine.  The re-election of Barack Obama and other recent events seem to have given the prepper movement even more momentum.  For example, in January the U.S. Mint broke all kinds of records and sold nearly half a billion dollars worth of gold and silver coins to the public.  Not only that, Americans bought enough guns during the last two months of 2012 alone to supply the entire armies of China and India.  When it comes to prepping, nobody can match the passion that Americans put into it.

So what are all of these people prepping for?

Well, the truth is that no two preppers have the exact same motivation.  There is a general consensus among preppers that our world is becoming increasingly unstable, but when you sit down and talk with them you find out that there are a whole host of different civilization-killing events that various preppers are concerned about.  Some are preparing for the collapse of the economy.  Others are extremely concerned about the potential for crippling natural disasters andcatastrophic earth changes. To other preppers, the rise of the “Big Brother” surveillance grid that is being constructed all around us is the greatest danger, and many of them warn of the tyrannical agenda of the New World Order.  Terrorism, killer pandemics, EMP attacks, World War III, martial law, solar megastorms, asteroid strikes and societal chaos are some of the other things that many preppers are worried about.  There are even some preppers that are not worried about any “threats” at all – they just want to get “back to the land” and want to become less dependent on the system.

Whatever the motivation, it is undeniable that the prepper movement has gotten very large and that it continues to grow.

In fact, there was a recent article in the New York Times about preppers that was actually written by a prepper entitled “The Preppers Next Door“…

To the unprepared, the very word “prepper” is likely to summon images of armed zealots hunkered down in bunkers awaiting the End of Days, but the reality, at least here in New York, is less dramatic. Local Preppers are doctors, doormen, charter school executives, subway conductors, advertising writers and happily married couples from the Bronx. They are no doubt people that you know — your acquaintances and neighbors. People, I’ll admit, like myself.

I was absolutely amazed that one of the key mouthpieces of the establishment, the New York Times, would publish an article that was mostly positive about preppers, because the truth is that prepping is essentially a huge expression of a lack of faith in the establishment.   Even the article admitted as much…

PREPPING IS THE BIG SHORT: a bet not just against a city, or a country or a government, but against the whole idea of sustainable civilization. For that reason, it chafes against one of polite society’s last remaining taboos — that the way we live is not simply plagued by certain problems, but is itself insolubly problematic.

And that is exactly right.  There are millions of us that are entirely convinced that the world around us is becoming increasingly unstable and that “the system” will not be there to take care of us when everything falls to pieces.

With each passing day, even more Americans lose faith in the system and begin prepping.  If you are one of those new preppers, there are actually dozens of great websites out there on the Internet where you can get an education about prepping for free.  The list of websites and blogs that I have compiled below contains more articles and resources than you could ever possibly need.  Hopefully many of you will find this list to be extremely helpful.

The following are 50 of the best prepper websites and blogs on the Internet…

1. Survival Blog

2. American Preppers Network

3. The Survival Mom

4. SHTFPlan.com

5. Survival 4 Christians

6. Urban Survival

7. Backdoor Survival

8. Off Grid Survival

9. Modern Survival Online

10. The Survivalist Blog

11. The Suburban Prepper

12. The Great Northern Prepper

13. Prepper Website

14. The Survival Podcast

15. Doom And Bloom

16. Provident Living Today

17. Prepper.org

18. Prepared Christian

19. SHTFblog.com

20. Survival Cache

21. Modern Survival Blog

22. Rural Revolution

23. Preparedness Advice Blog

24. Prep-Blog.com

25. Survival And Prosperity


27. The Neighbor Network

28. The Apartment Prepper

29. Armageddon Online

30. The Berkey Guy Blog

31. The Home For Survival

32. My Family Survival Plan

33. Prepography

33. Prepper Dashboard

34. Bacon And Eggs

35. SHTF School

36. Canadian Preppers Network

37. Maximum Survival

38. Survivor Jane

39. Prepping To Survive

40. SaltnPrepper

41. SGTReport

42. SHTF Wiki

43. Jewish Preppers

44. Survival Magazine

45. Survival Week

46. Prepper Forums

47. Survivalist Boards

48. Tactical Intelligence

49. The Prepared Ninja

50. Common Sense Homesteading

The sad truth is that our world is becoming increasingly unstable in a whole bunch of different ways and we all need to learn how to prepare for the difficult years ahead.

Unfortunately, most Americans simply are not prepared for much of anything.

For example, a large percentage of Americans do not even have enough savings to get them through a single financial emergency.  According to one recent report, approximately 44 percent of all households in the United States are just one unexpected event away from financial disaster.

Most American families do not have much food stored up either.  One recent survey discovered that 55 percent of all Americans have less than three days supply of food in their homes.

Could that possibly be accurate?  Do people really keep that little food in their homes?

Another survey asked Americans how long they think they could survive if the entire electrical grid went down and there was no more power for an extended period of time.  Incredibly, 21 percent of those who responded said that they would survive for less than a week, and an additional 28 percent of those who responded said that they would survive for less than two weeks.  Close to 75 percent of those who responded said that they would be dead before the two month mark.

So who are the crazy ones?

Are the people trying to become more independent and self-sufficient crazy, or are the people who have complete and total faith that the system will take care of them no matter what happens actually the crazy ones?

I don’t know about you, but I would prefer for myself and my family to at least have a chance to survive if society melts down for some reason.

What about you?

Are you a prepper?

Do you know some preppers?

Do you believe that people should be prepping?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

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Contributed by Michael Snyder of The Truth.

Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream , The Truth and Economic Collapse Blog.

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  • Michael

    Been prepping for about two years and I am not necessarily looking for one event but I am trying to be ready for multiple situations. The most important things are water, food, and shelter. Once you have established the groundwork for those, then you begin to concentrate on stocking materials for different scenarios. True, you won’t have large stockpiles of any one material or item unless you have adequate funds but you will have sufficient quantities to weather the initial storms. Money or no money, there is something all of us can do.

    I believe in the old saying, “I’d rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”!

  • ncjoe

    Prepping is a waste. IDIOTS. All you are doing is prolonging your enevitable demise. If the mobs dont get you the gangs will. The government is going to come save you so you have nothing to worry about. Its okay tho waste your money. Your all afraid of your shadow. The sky is falling the sky is falling LOL. Obama is gonna fix everything and then you will look like the IODIOTS you all know you are. LMFAO.

    • Anonymous

      Be sure to call obma on your obma fone when your fool stamps stop coming

      • ncjoe

        I am txting this from my Obama fone and it works just fine thanks. Oh and the draw check just came and I am rich again. Off to get some 40s and a pack of smokes. You enjoy the rest of your day at work fool.

        • Troll fighter

          Be gone Troll, return to your people.

          • SKIP

            Do he be a magic negro?

    • More prepared then you

      lol you make me laugh. Being prepared is stupid? lots of laughs.

    • Zach Prepper

      You sir or a fool…

    • Woody

      You my unprepared know it all, are a complete idiot.

      • ncjoe

        Oh I am prepared … to LAUGHZ at you all when your food rots and goes to waste and you have to throw out all those $$$.$$.

    • Pearline

      In what world do you live, Disneyland, or Fantasy Island ?.

  • Most preppers are doing it all wrong. Having a years supply of food won’t do you any good if you depend on the grid anyway. All that means is you live one extra year. BFD. Having a bugout place won’t do you any good if you don’t have your own source of water either.

    The answer is to MOVE to a place away from all the crap. That’s what I did. I live 50 miles from the closest city in the middle of rural WI. Next to the WI river with unlimited water, farms for as far as the eye can see, and not one gang banger around. Oh, and no high taxes to pay for corrupt pensions. Is this heaven? NO, it’s Wisconsin. Got to go face the traffic now. I might even see a car or two. Signing off, from Gotham WI, population 191 D Moore

    • SKIP

      Hmmm Not one gang banger around!! Just wait till their food and freebies run out and the gangs start leaving the “urban” preserves to hunt in the outer reaches for loot, food and white wimminz. When that happens and they come upon your place you better be prepared to kill first and…..well, fuck the questions, get on with the disposal of the trash…. I mean evidence.

    • neslo

      good move, I did something similar, bought a property at the headwaters of the Menominee river, nice soil, elevation upwards from the headwaters, defensible, only have to block three roads and a whole community is cordoned off. Not sure about the neighbors…whether they can shoot, but likely. Pretty well setup, PV with batteries, 500 Gal LPG and enough wood for 2 winters already dried, and fireplaces that work to heat. I like it. The gang bangers will go south with their last efforts…..

  • Alan S. Pedersen

    ncjoe: You are either a .gov troll, mentally retarded and/or just plain ignorant. Sure the government will save you; by placing you and your family in a FEMA re-education camp.

    “If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
    -Samuel Adams

    Alan S. Pedersen
    Fort Mill, SC

    • ncjoe

      You believe that? lol. You either take what you can get when you can get it or you dont get it. You play the game you stand a chance of winning. If you never play and hide in the corner you will always be a looser.

      • SKIP

        “You either take what you can get when you can get it or you dont get it.”

        Now I know you be black ncjoe!

  • Justcause

    I thought about moving to a remote location but decided against it as it would cost more in time and gas taking my wife back and forth shoe shopping. Plus if s doesn’t htf I’m stuck with her out in the woods with no TV. I would rather die fighting a mob of zombies of jack booted government thugs.

  • MD

    We consider ourselves preppers, but only in a generic sense. Our family is mostly geared toward being self sufficient but a lot of the same philosophy applies. I don’t think there’s any benefit in calling folks stupid or idiots for trying to do what’s best for their families. Waste of time or not, if it’s what makes you feel more secure, then that’s what’s important.

  • You missed one of the best prep sites http://zombiehunters.org/ Home of the Zombie Squad. They are a world wide organization (and an official non-profit in the USA) that teaches disaster preparedness.

  • urban survival

    urbansurvival has nothing to do with prepping. if you read the site you would understand that. You simply read the name …. Backdoor survival is and Gale is happy.

    • SKIP

      Urban survival is being willing to kill without asking the question “what do you want” If you can’t then the last thing you will be saying is “Pleeeeeze nooooooo, god NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

  • We have been teaching preparedness ideas and seminars for years. We teach from inspiration not desperation. Water, food, and fuel. Please don’t despair and think you have to sell your home and move away. 99% of the population can’t do that. Prepare all that you can,then have faith in the Lord who has said”If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” If you need info you will find all you need on our website, manuals, check lists etc and it is all free. We update regularly so check back often, but please don’t think that all ‘preppers’ are digging holes to crawl into with their AK47.

  • The Arizona Patriot

    Hey I love AK47’s. Any 7.62 round gets the job done. Anyone who is preparing without a way to protect the supplies AND the people are just providing looters with a easy target. Get a firearm or 10 and learn how to use the damm thing. Being materially preparedis only about 1/3 the battle. The other two are physically and mentally prepared, ready to do whatever it takes for you and yours to survive. Good luck fellow patriots and shoot straight. MOLON LABE

    • SKIP

      Right you are as usual, prayers will stop nothing and provide lots of mirth and laughter to people such as those that committed what is known as “the Knoxville Horror” I too love my AK, my AR, my .40cal, my 9mm, my .22lr my shotguns and my wife’s and daughters hand guns. Looking into a new 37mm launcher that looks like the Vietnam era M-79 40mm granade launcher with which I am very familiar.

  • Another Slave

    Prepping is like insurance, you do it in case you need it and pray you don’t. I would say all preppers and people in general should train and study self defense / offense in the event they have to protect themselves. The fact is most people including preppers could not protect themselves from a trained team but might fair well against 90% of the gangs, looters and others that area unprepared. You need to get lots training and time on firearms, unarmed combat, perimeter security and tactics. It is important in a lawless world or one that breaks down due to other events.

    A PLAN, Good training, a few friends, some preparations and the mental determination to survive and you better off than 99% of the rest of the slaves

  • Narde

    Luke was given up before he begun ~ by doubting his own abilities and not entrusting himself into the force and the guidance of His Master 🙁 Try not to doubt, do instead 🙂

    This is a good article and made available a lot of resources. All these sites and words and preparations and not a mention of God in it all. Please bear with me and read ot out before you poo-poo it okay? Are we so smart we no longer need Our Creator – at all? I cannot help wondering if that may be the very reason we have become anguished, lost, scared, lonely and fearful. It seems, not many have thought of God at all in any of all this, or many were not taught or were feed puled teachings from a wrong person or church leader. Those are not the fault of God. I am lead I guess to share this and hope it touches someone. God and His words alone are all the prep needed. I can hear you saying…What, did she just say? She’s nuts? Etc… 🙂 But the fact is He did leave us all instruction’s dealing with these exact times and days ahead. God has told us exactly what will happen, the timeframe to watch for and what to do and say during it all. Every single step of the way he instructs us – over and over, throughout the whole Love letter He left us. It is our love letter ‘with full’ instructions, available freely, to anyone that wants to read it. There is no other way to stay safe and be saved regarding all that is coming. Have you read it for yourself? It alone contains all the truth and preparation anyone could need. It is all simple common sense. So I agree, prep for what is coming, but there is a better more useful way to accomplish that big task. He promises He will never leave us nor forsake us and to do as he instructs so he can keep us safe. Free will, she is a double edged sword – is she? Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try 😉 Your choice, always! Fo those that Do…there is nothing to worry about, because we have prepped and made ready, so we have no fear in the unknwn. Because it is uncovered and we have been made known. Well this is my gift to say to you that read this note: He wrote it….have you read it? Please be wiser than the serpent! Be safe and hug one another and most importantly, read…for it is fundemental in every way there is 🙂 Peace out and I wish you all well 🙂

    • Narde

      sorry for my missed sentences and wrongly spelled words. I hope the essence as a whole will be take as I sent it – with love.

    • neslo

      The SHTF and a family prayed to God for help and protection….

      God replied….do you at least have a water source and a year of food….good, I’ll take care of the rest with your help.

  • Momb

    “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear”….

  • Prepping and preppers have been around for years and years!
    Most people that I have talked to are “prepping” in some form or another! Even the TV and Radio promotes preparing for Natural disasters in your area! People in California are encouraged to have supplies in case of a earthquake, those in Tornado prone areas should prepare as well and that would go for the east coast and hurricanes!Just look at the disaster on the east coast! Those who were not prepared were without food, water and power! Those who were prepared rode it out and faired way better than those that weren’t.
    I find it sad that there are people who give us “Preppers” a bunch of crap because we want to protect ourselves and our families from hard to bad times……Prepping just makes GOOD sense!If it wasnt for our food storage we would have had a really bad winter since my boyfriend works as a handyman and cant work in the rain or snow…At least we had food and were comfortable because of our efforts before hand. What if you had a job loss or a serious illness and couldnt provide all you and your family needed. We prep for personal emergencies as well, so shouldn’t everyone? Dosent it just makes sense? OR do you think you can just go over to your county office and get “help”? Think again!There’s no free rides out there!So to all of you who prep…KUDOS!~ To those who want to learn more KUDOS~ And to those who think it’s all crap…well we do live in America and have our right to believe in what we want to and even have our own opinions! So, KUDOS~ to you as well! We are all free thinkers! So live and let live! Pray for the best and prep for the worse! I just know that it’s helped us when we’ve needed it! And if you would like to check out my Preparedness blog Please do! simplysurvivingtoday.blogspot

  • Stevenr.f.

    If you want to hear level-headed info on prepping, come listen to Jack Spirko on thesurvivalpodcast dot com. Sixty thousand daily listeners and growing can’t be too wrong. 🙂

  • Stevenr.f.

    Props to Selco over at SHTFSchool dot com as well. He’s the real deal, lived through as much of a Mad Max scenario as will probably ever be in our lifetime (God willing we won’t go that way).