Rise of the Police State & No-Knock Raids – Either We are Against Them or Allowing Them to Happen

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By Tim Brown

Nearly two weeks ago, following posting a couple of articles from Mac Slavo and Dean Garrison on the comments by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia regarding the return of American Internment Camps, I also read an article by Dr. Joel McDurmon titled A Rising Police State is a Reality. McDurmon’s article was about the topic of Scalia’s comments and the increasing number of stories we’ve been hearing about the militarization of local police departments and the growing use of SWAT teams. However, while I was familiar with the things he wrote about, it was in the comment section that I found a little nugget from the CATO Institute.

Commenter Jerri Lynn Ward provided a link to a piece by Radley Balko from August 2006. In that article, Balko seems to implicate Justice Scalia as being part of the problem of the rise of the Police State. He writes:

In his odd opinion in the Hudson v. Michigan case, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dismissed the exclusionary rule as an effective remedy when police conduct an illegal no-knock raid because, Scalia arguedpolice departments across the country have implemented better internal review procedures and oversight functions to deal with officer misconduct. In making that argument, Scalia went so far as to cite the work of respected criminologist Prof. Sam Walker, who later asserted that Scalia had misappropriated his work.

Balko then went on to list four incidents in which SWAT teams were used resulting in fatal shootings of non-violent residents. In one incident, one ounce of marijuana was found as the victim’s body was riddled full of bullet holes. In another instance, a Virginia man was shot and killed over wagering on sports events.

Then there was Kenneth Jamar, who was shot and nearly killed by a SWAT team that kicked in his bedroom door looking for his nephew. They were at the wrong address. To make matters worse, the address on the search warrant wasn’t even the address they were at.

Finally, a Mississippi man was beat to death while in the custody of the police. No arrests were made and no charges filed against the officers involved.

In all of these incidents, the victims are said to be to blame, not the tyrannical police officers.

Balko commented on the list by stating, “In all of the cases, one can’t help but wonder if the wheels of justice would be turning as slowly if the victim were a law enforcement officer and the assailant a civilian, instead of the other way around.”

I agree and that is usually how things happen.

In December, Tom Woods interviewed John Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute and author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State.

Whitehead told Woods, “I’m a constitutional lawyer, I’ve been litigating cases throughout the courts, including the Supreme Court, for over 36 years. So I’ve looked at what’s happening in the country, and I’m alarmed…we all should be concerned when we see these things happening.”

Mr. Whitehead noted that since the early 1980s there was an estimated 3,000 SWAT team raids. However, he went on to say “We’ve seen the rise of SWAT Team raids, approximately 70,000 – that may be a low figure.”

Tying those raids to the unconstitutional surveillance of the NSA, Whitehead said, “We live in a very precarious state.”

Whitehead isn’t the only one saying these things either. “People on the right and left are saying that there’s really no place to hide anymore,” he told Woods. “You may not be doing anything wrong by the way, and you may get the arrival of a SWAT team at your door. So you’re going to be watched. Here’s the thing that I say to most people. I stand up and fight for freedom everyday. It’s not easy. I defend people who picket for our liberties, and they get arrested. It’s not easy…That’s where we’re at today. I believe we have about ten years before we’re going to see something so ominous that we can’t deal with it – so the time to act is now.”

We’re still waiting on answers for the cold blooded murder of Jose Guerena, a Marine who was shot more than 50 times by members of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department as he answered his door, then was left to bleed out for an hour, while not being given medical attention. Consequently, nothing was found in his home and not one officer was brought to justice.

Decorated Marine Brandon Raub faced a tyrannical grab by police. Whitehead represented him and he was finally released.

This is not to say all policemen are bad. Certainly there are a lot of good policemen out there. However, for anyone to deny that the police state in America is growing are either in on the militarization of police departments or have their heads stuck in the sand.

I have liked many things Justice Scalia has had to say. However, while Scalia has warned the American people about internment camps, it’s his ruling, based on a faulty understanding of internal police review and oversight (also known as CYA), that has been part of the problem in the advancement of the police state in America.

I’ll echo the words of John Whitehead when it comes to pushing back against the police state. “Either you’re an activist, or you’re going to allow this to happen, folks. That’s all I can say. And shame on you if you do.”

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  • Tim Brown

    Learn Chinese

  • whitefeather

    Oh, this has to end immediately…..Understand this; “While the cops are the Tools, their bosses are the enablers.” That’s where we need to focus our attention. Just so we’re clear I don’t advocate shooting police, as was suggested in my last similar posting, on this subject.

  • Quitthevictimhood

    People start getting together and working with each other. Have community watches and share information about police raids and/or illegal arrests. We can fight and win this tyranny but we can’t sit back and just take it. The time is now. Its going to get ugly but do we want our kids living in this type of environment?

  • Chris Foltz

    booby-trap your property… worked for the Vet-Cong…

    • Neal Feldman

      sorry but all tat will get you is arrested on a felony charge.

      • Chris Foltz

        that’s rich… “arrested on a felony charge”… the GOONS are busting down the door to “YOUR CASTLE” & your worrying about a felony charge??? didn’t anyone tell your the story of how the Nazis seent the unarmed Jews of Europe to the “DEATH CAMPS” ? JEWS should be armed to the teeth with what ever weapon’s they can get their hands on up to & including Hitlers Death Ray…& any Thermonuclear Weapons that happen to be laying around… Get my drift JEWNO!!!

        • PithHelmut

          We disable them by humiliating them. We can’t fight them. Don’t you think they’ve already thought of the response to an uprising? We expose them, call them out, joke about them and humiliate them. And those that don’t speak up are also humiliated.

          • Chris Foltz

            & just what do you think King George had planned for George Washington & the rest of the founders… milk & cookies??? Ya’ll need to grow some nads & pull your heads out of the bung-hole…

        • Neal Feldman

          Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you?

          I am talking about ‘man traps’. Almost everywhere in the US bans them, and in almost every case, if not every case, putting such on your property is a felony offense.

          You do not have to like it, but if you want to stay out of prison you would be well advised to eschew installation of such on your property.

          I doubt if goons burst into my home that I would *at that time* set about installing man traps.

          The castle doctrine does not work into it in any way.

          Ah, dragging ol Adolph out because you, in your raging incoherence, have yet to come even close to a legitimate point. Godwin would be so proud!

          And I doubt the Jews were setting booby traps either.

          Given the fissionable materials I, at least, know full well how to build a nuke. Don’t you?

          And your anti-Semitism is clear and obvious in your parting racist bellow.

          Duly noted.

          • Chris Foltz

            your a true brain dead JEWNO… who the Phuck cares what’s banned by the tyrants… looks like I’ve found the lamb on the Daily Sheeple… just plain stupid…

          • Neal Feldman


  • Sir TuberKopf

    I am reminded of the story where a elderly lady just kept insisting the police sit down and share a meal. They were trying to investigate the husbands death.

    But, she was just so sweet and innocent, the officers sat down and ate a wonderful roast beef dinner at her insistence.

    Well the coroner found traces that indicated the husband was murdered, and the murder weapon was, you guessed it, frozen roast beef. And the officers ate the murder weapon!

    There is a time for macho,and there is a time for OPSEC and subterfuge.

    The French underground in WW2 would not have gotten very far with NRA bumper stickers on their cars!

    • PithHelmut

      Juicy, wink, wink.

  • lberns

    “This is not to say all policemen are bad. Certainly there are a lot of good policemen out there.”

    No there aren’t. I never give cops the benefit of the doubt anymore.

    • PithHelmut

      And how is one supposed to know when confronted by one?

      • lberns

        Because of stories like this:


        And thousands of others. Cops are fucking thugs. All of them. None of them can be trusted. Ever. I have zero sympathy for them or their families when one of them dies “in the line of duty.”

  • PithHelmut

    I’ve thought of having a bucket of effluent at the ready, dropped from the second floor window that overlooks the front door, wink, wink.

  • Tim Brown

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