Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Trump Approval Drops to Lowest Point Since Inauguration

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President Donald Trump’s public approval ratings have dropped to the lowest level since he took office, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Friday.

The online opinion poll, conducted from May 14 to May 18, found 38 percent approval, 6 percent “mixed feelings” and 56 percent disapproval, a super-majority.

The negative rating comes after a wave of critical news reports on the Trump administration’s handling of intelligence, its alleged ties to Russia and the dismissal of FBI head James Comey.

Trump maintains that he is the victim of a witch hunt, claiming that no politician in history “has been treated worse of more unfairly.”

While Trump remains somewhat popular within his own party, several Republicans cautiously distanced themselves from the administration after the Washington Post published a story slamming the president for sharing sensitive intelligence on the Islamic State with the Russians earlier this week.

“We could do with a little less drama from the White House,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in an interview on Bloomberg TV.

Republican Senator Bob Corker said the White House was in “a downward spiral” on Monday night, while Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse told the Daily Mail “It’s not helpful that this was with the Russians, right, I mean this is just weird.”

Texas Democratic congressman Al Green was the second representative to recommend impeachment in recent weeks.

“He has committed an impeachable act and must be charged,” Green said on Monday. “To do otherwise would cause some Americans to lose respect for, and obedience to, our societal norms.”

While Trump likely did not commit a crime in sharing intelligence with the Russian foreign minister, it has only added to a long line of accusations about Russian collusion faced by the president since he took office.

According to earlier poll data, Trump’s highest approval rating came on Mar. 9 at 49 percent, but has since dropped significantly to its current low point.

The poll was conducted in English across the United States and gathered responses from 1,971 adults, including 721 Republicans and 795 Democrats.

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  • landy fincannon

    Selective sampling, polls are as reliable as next weeks weather forecast

    • Joel W

      Hell, weather forecasting is an exact science in comparison.

      • landy fincannon

        No doubt

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          • landy fincannon

            Please reply, with more details LOL HA HA HA

      • Le Ruse
        • Joel W

          Or appetite control. That falls under the ‘once you see it, you can’t un-see it’ category. The irony of that is this twit probably supports the ‘Slut Walk’ crap. And I would also venture a guess that she is literally a slut as well.

          • Le Ruse

            “And I would also venture a guess that she is literally a slut as well.”??
            Did you had any doubts ??

          • Joel W

            Not one iota of doubt. To be honest, my initial thought, after holding back the vomit, was that she was advertising to the world her wishes, and that it had nothing to do with Trump at all.

          • Le Ruse

            Or maybe, she has wet dreams about Trump ??

          • Joel W

            Funny you mention that. I was of the opinion, when that tape got leaked, that of the people who feigned outrage at it, were either men who were too scared to ‘grab em by the…’ or even speak to a woman, or women who were so vile that nobody would dare do such. Much like this lumpy darling above.

          • Le Ruse

            Yupp !! My thinking as well ??

      • lostinnm

        FYI Reuters and AP are owned by the Rothschilds…
        They are also in deep with all weather reporting and collection.
        All weathermen from NASA to your local tv reporters have signed a gag order about 2 years ago.

        • Joel W

          Yup, can’t have anybody go off script, slip up and mention the geo-engineering programs.

  • Joel W

    Did we not learn our lesson with polls? You know, the same ones that said Hillary was gonna win by a landslide.

    • Le Ruse

      Yupp… By 98% ??? LOL !

      • Charlsiedkujawski

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  • tonye

    Now… what did the polls show about HIllary’s election?

  • Mike

    HA, it’s only dropping among the liberals and regressives who hated him anyhow.

  • 2016usaofzimbabwe

    one ? how many people here were polled?——zero my ?

  • Harry L

    prompted by the lying cheating presstitute lame stream media, I double down my support for the President of the United States everyday. Anything you hate, I LOVE.

  • Herman Nelson

    Of course it’s going to drop. When you skew the numbers by calling homes at the 10-11 AM time range. Those working have a different opinion compared to those sitting at home sucking off the public tit.

    • Chancho_Bandito

      are you Sir……a working class hero?

  • Chancho_Bandito

    Well he is a Socialist.

  • jim_robert

    This is a useless article. The polling includes ALL adults. They don’t even ask if you are a citizen, let along likely to vote. When polls were done recently re. LIKELY LEGAL voters, Trump still would beat Hilary.

  • Sir TuberKopf

    Shirley, if they toss more mud, some will stick!

    Don’t call me Shirley!

    Go DJT. Drain that swamp, never give up! You are right. The sissy libs are ever so wrong.

  • Jessica

    What BS!!

  • dojidog

    I bet a high percentage of dissatisfaction is from the folks who voted for him.

    I am amazed he is able to stand unassisted with all the dizzy
    spinning 180s he is doing.

  • Karen McKim-Altman

    Is it any wonder that his approval rating has dropped when all we hear from MSM, liberal politicians, RINO’s, the “Never Trumpers” and Hollywood elite, lies and more lies about Trump? If Trump walked on water, people would find fault with that.

  • Don’t buy polls anymore. Polls are not accurate! Take for example 2016 election the polls, polsters, and pundits were all telling us hillary was going to “win by a landslide” and that there was “no path to victory for trump” however Trump won the election.

    Polls mean absolutely nothing and they don’t reflect the true opinion of the american people.

  • Yoda Dunbar

    Should read all the posts from Daily Mail, their hatred for Trump is as plain as the nose on our faces, yet the majority of people with little gray matter believe it and hate Trump. I put these people in the same basket as the main cast in Chimp Eden

    • Ironically, the UK is far more dranconian and authoritative than the U.S., with far more corruption and tyranny.

    • tropicgirl

      The UK is more like a Soviet prison, these days…

  • Jim

    Polls are manipulated all the time, which makes them very unreliable.

  • huntress

    M A G A!!!!

  • 667..neighbor of the beast

    Guy is a chunk of human garbage.Which has been my opinion for decades.
    I knew people who worked in his personal residence …he screwed them out of their months of pay. He was always scum. Still doing it…his most recent Trump Tower DC has millions in contractor liens… he just got a judgement leveled against him for 300K for trying to stiff a Florida Paint store for 39K …His casino …Taj Mahal…screwed everybody who worked there for millions and millions.

    He purposely fucks over smaller contractors he knows he can out lawyer or out wait for their money…they settle or go under.

  • tropicgirl

    I wouldn’t necessarily connect the downturn with Trump not doing more of what the Democrats want.

    Its more likely to be because he is losing his base because he won’t get rid of our enemies in the White House and the Cucks.

    If he doesn’t get rid of them fast, especially the Kuckshners, he’s finished.

    NOT because he didn’t please the Democrats.

    • MarkovDeBeeste

      I doubt he cares about the rigged polls but the one thing he could do to raise his ratings is to start building The Wall. That’s what got him elected and that is what will get him replaced in four years if he continues down the Cuckpath To Hell that he seems to be on.

  • MarkovDeBeeste

    The definitive work on this subject is the book “How To Lie With Statistics” by Darrell Huff. Amazon has it, costs a little over six bucks. The book has been around since 1954 and it is still a great guide to how data is manipulated and interpreted to support predetermined outcomes. Essentially, it’s a guide to how the “science” of polling operates. Real eye opener.