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Republicans to Explore Returning to the Gold Standard; Precious Metals Rise In Response

Frank Drover
The Daily Sheeple
August 24th, 2012

Wondering what all the fuss about in the precious metals market?

It seems that the Republican Party, in an effort to sway independent third-party voters and Ron Paul supporters, has announced that it is seriously considering a return to a monetary system based on the gold standard.

According to a spokesperson for the party, the move is being adopted because it is something all Republicans can agree on, and has nothing to do with appeasing Ron Paul voters.

As Republicans debate returning to the gold standard, traders are more bullish about gold than at anytime in the last nine months.

“There’s no doubt about it, this is gold’s moment,” Charles Morris of HSBC Global Asset Management in London told Bloomberg. “All the long-term trend signals suggest that gold is in a very strong bull market.”

According to Bloomberg News, “Twenty-nine of 35 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg expect prices to rise next week.”

Republicans will adopt their party platform this coming week at their national convention in Tampa. Proposals to audit the Federal Reserve and create a commission to study the gold standard are likely to be included as planks.

Daily Caller

It looks like those extremist views of Ron Paul that include transparency at our central bank and a sound monetary system are all of a sudden key issues with just a couple of months remaining before the Presidential election.

Perhaps gold’s time has finally come – or these are just platitudes designed to do exactly what the Republican Party claims is not happening, which is an effort to bring staunch supporters of third-party candidates over to the Romney camp.

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  • Agmand

    Returning to the gold standard means NOTHING, if they don’t get rid of the Federal Reserve FIRST!!!

  • http://T Evie

    Are they really going to do this? They tried this during the great depression to force people into stocks and other paper.

  • hiwaycruzer

    Nothing more than a ploy. The price of gold is determined by the Rothschilds, who also ARE the Fed…

  • Mr Z

    Currency based on the gold standard?
    That would put the breaks on the printing press and make the US accountable for its debt.

    Will never happen.

  • Globus Dei

    (O_o) It certainly looks like it’s just a ploy to sway the Ron Paul voters. I seriously doubt that they’ll ever actually go through with it! I have little to no faith in our current congress to do much of anything to help the people unless their financial corporate leadership orders them to do so, just to make it look like we still matter & have a government that cares if we all starve to death or not! (-_-) Pffft!

    • SKIP

      Agreed! Congress is just the other hand of the democratic party and are kissing Obamuslims’ ass. Most here know that congress could stop all of the unpopular and unconstitutional laws that have been passed by simply cutting off the funding since, as we here know, congress controls the money! They have refused/failed to do so e.g. congress is as big a threat to American freedoms, the constitution and the bill of rights as is islam and the president and Holder.

  • Globus Dei

    (-_-) The Rothschilds are all just a bunch of crooked Evil Satanic Banking Devils! I hope they all catch genital warts & develop irritable bowl syndrome!~: )~*

    • Ed_B

      Far better would be for them to enjoy the benefits of abject poverty for the rest of their miserable lives after seizing their assets and using them to pay off a good part of the debt that they have helped create. This would open their eyes to the misery that they have inflicted upon others via their criminal behavior.

  • spanky

    ed go lay down you have way to much time on your hands

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