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Congressman Tweets: “I Saw IRS Agents Training With AR-15’s” At DHS Facility

Kimberly Paxton
June 13th, 2013


The IRS has recently been under the microscope for targeting conservative groups with audits, fines, and other “special attention.” However, a Congressman from South Carolina observed something the puts a whole new spin on the word “target” – he witnessed IRS agents training with AR-15s at the Department of Homeland Security.

CTN News broke the story with captures of Rep. Jeff Duncan’s (R-S.C.) tweets:

 IRS Agents Training with AR 15s, U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan Tweets

Later he added:

IRS Agents Training with AR 15s, U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan Tweets

And this, for the doubters he ran into on Twitter:

IRS Agents Training with AR 15s, U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan Tweets

But maybe there’s a reasonable explanation.

That was the opinion of one responder, Abduljesh…but Duncan quickly counters it:

IRS Agents Training with AR 15s, U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan Tweets

Another responder sees Duncan’s point…and does him one better:

IRS Agents Training with AR 15s, U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan Tweets

And the questions keep coming…

IRS Agents Training with AR 15s, U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan Tweets

Maybe our internal revenue isn’t ending up in rightful hands, as this person notes:

IRS Agents Training with AR 15s, U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan Tweets

If you were  wondering why the DHS was buying enough ammunition to kill every man, woman and child in America several times over, this should make it clear that they are circling the wagons.  They are drawing battle lines and training “soldiers”.

The IRS – it’s not just for paper pushers anymore.

Hat tip to NinaO

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  • tin Hat

    The pot is starting to boil and soon it will boil over

  • http://TheDailySheeple cracker

    All the while all the talking head and radio hosts tell us to remain calm and peaceful,the machine marches forward with their plan to murder us if we don’t.It sure doesn’t sound like a very good plan to me. Once cattle get into a slaughter chute its a bit late to complain to the executioner!

  • RickE.

    WHY does the government continue to arm themselves to the teeth, AND drill to kill?

    WHY have we become the enemy?
    And we don’t hear a peep out of the liberals, the messiah can do no wrong.

  • Andy

    Consolidated Federal Police,sounds catchy doesn’t it?That is what is happening,have ya’ll noticed how when most drug raids,etc.,are conducted there are Feds involved also,even though they are just local events?Grassroots,no pun intended,infiltration of local law enforcement,but they can’t deny the Feds because that is where they get all of their freebies and hardware,Used to be in law enforcement know what I’m talking about.Gearing up the locals for when they make the move.Keep your powder dry.

  • wolf

    What a coincincidence, we the people are traiing too. With our ARs, AKs, Uzis, and everythng else weve got. Not to mention the 30 BILLION rounds in our hands….

  • tumbleweed

    irs agents, pencil geeks, with guns..YAWN. u wanna play, nerds…well, u know what u r up against.

    • Jean

      The geeks aren’t the ones training – they’re in the office being productive.
      It’s the IRS enforcers who are playing good guys with guns vs evil tax-dodgers.

      You’ll need a few geeks soon enough – preferably demolitions geeks. 😉

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