Reporters Allowed to Storm San Bernardino Shooters’ Apartment, Reveal Potential Evidence On Live TV

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Editor’s Note: Yet another reason people think this event was staged. When have you ever seen a crime scene of an open investigation in a terrorist mass shooting treated this way?


Earlier today, we brought you the latest from the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California that left 14 dead and 21 injured after husband and wife Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik stormed a holiday party with assault rifles.

On Thursday, the FBI indicated that Farook may have had ties to “tangential” terrorists and the media was rife with speculation that the Chicago-born, county health inspector may have been radicalized by Malik, who he married in 2013 in Saudi Arabia.

We predicted that it wouldn’t be long before the mass media “discovered” the San Bernardino equivalent of the Syrian passport found in Paris and sure enough, earlier today, CNN reported that authorities believe Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Bakr-al Baghdadi in a Facebook post as the attacks were unfolding.

Shortly thereafter, Reuters reported that Islamic State media have confirmed that the group’s followers were responsible for the attack. 

Then, just when you thought the media circus might die down for the day, the landlord of the home where Farook and Malik resided pried open the “door” (which is actually a piece of plywood after the FBI stormed the home) and allowed the media to enter and rummage through everything from photos, to passports, to driver’s licenses, to the crib of the couple’s six month-old baby.

Here’s more from The LA Times:

On Friday morning, reporters were allowed by a landlord to enter the apartment of Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik.

A man was seen using a crowbar to open the plywood-covered front door, allowing a rush of reporters, photographers and videographers to spill into the home.

The chaotic scene of reporters and TV cameras going through the apartment was broadcast live on news channels.

Reporters were shown on networks rifling through what appeared to be personal information, including driver’s licenses. Some were shown going through photos and entering closets.

The scene had been closed off since the shooting. It was not immediately clear if law enforcement officials had allowed the apartment to be accessed.

Los Angeles Times reporter Kate Mather was among the reporters allowed in.

In the apartment, there were small black tables in the middle of the main room. On one table was a copy of the Koran.

Another table had a lengthy list of dozens of items that the FBI had seized as part of their investigation.

The list included Christmas lights, an iPhone, several boxes and bags of various types of ammunition, letters, a passport and gun accessories.

An FBI spokerperson said the bureau had “finished its investigation,” but they were kind enough to leave a “receipt” documenting the items confiscated.

Here’s a clip which is largely representative of the melee:

And here are some screenshots and a few particularly egregious highlights which some social media users have described as “journalistic malpractice.”


And here’s a clip that will likely live in media infamy:

*  *  *  Obviously, this is an attempt to create a giant media spectacle out of the incident, which is broadly consistent with how the mainstream outlets cover all tragedies only this time around, they’re exposing potential evidence. Not only that, it doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone that now every reporter whose face was shown in the various videos inside the home will henceforth be known in the Islamic world as someone who’s willing to exploit images of a child’s crib for the sake of entertaining America’s mindless masses. You can bet ISIS will use this very same footage to make a point in future propaganda videos.  Oh, and in case you were wondering what hangs above the couple’s upstairs bathroom, the LA Times’ Kate Mather has you covered:

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  • WeeSee

    Whoever controls the media, controls the mind. – Jim Morrison
    Whoever controls the media ,
    controls the mind of them who get cough up in to there moment of confusion >Wesee

  • ekim4444

    staged hoax

    • jaguar

      Looks like it !!!

  • Americadies

    Was this perhaps planned by the FBI to help the family get out of future lawsuits?

  • ccambridge

    Has anyone checked out the family scumbag lawyers defending the peaceful moo slim religion and insinuating Catholics are worse than moo slims in extremism? I want all these Moslems out. If they hate our country and culture and people so much they don’t belong here. They can go back to their own barren deserts where this wicked false god and religion sprang forth.

  • Baron Von Zipper

    The media are pretty much pond scum anyway, so I’m not surprised by anything they do.

  • Looks more like Sandy Hook with every update.

  • Right to the Point

    It’s being manipulated that’s for sure.

    This is very much purposeful.
    The government wants the world, but more specifically, American citizens to know just how normal these people lived. Why? So that their “See Something; Say Something” campaign applies to everyone in the country. Normalcy bias. It creates a low threshold for a warrant via the “Patriot Act.” They are coming into everyone’s house based solely on “Hear-Say.”
    This is Hitler’s America!!!!

  • Razedbywolvs

    I really want to watch that video.. but it’s just so wrong cant do it.

  • Mr Gadget

    The whole mess has been completely scripted and controlled by the government. The FBI and CIA have been responsible for all of the fake terrorist they’ve caught….did these terrorists fool their handlers or is this what their government handlers wanted? These are the only 2 questions.

  • I see CTD and Buds invoices on that receipt. Expect the first wave of executive orders to go after online ammo sales via interstate commerce laws.

  • WeeSee

  • CaptainDLW

    IF the FBI, the local police and the county Sheriff had NOT release this home back to the landlord then he should be arrested and charged with trespassing onto a crime scene and tampering with evidence. All the reporters that went in should also be charged.

  • jaguar

    This is like bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd….LOONEY TOONS !!! Now the government thinks anything goes and we’ll believe it !!!! The 3/stooges are running the show now !!!!! Good grief !!!