Reporter Asks Trump If We’re Going To War: “I Think You Know The Answer To That”

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There has been much debate about whether or not North Korea possesses not only nuclear weapons, but the capabilities to fit them onto an ICBM that can accurately hit targets in Japan, Guam or the United States.

While we’ve repeatedly warned that North Korea does have such technology, including a “Super EMP” weapon capable of disabling the U.S. power grid if detonated directly over the Central United States, at this point, none of that may even matter because a war of words and egos is already taking place between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump. Each verbal exchange, whether via Twitter or NK’s state-sponsored media, appears to further escalate tensions. This week the President warned the rogue leader that any overt threat from the Communist nation would be met with a military response.

And if you have any doubt as to President Donald Trump’s current mindset, this should clear things up.

According to Mediaite, Trump made the comments at a press briefing in New Jersey:

A reporter asked what he can tell Americans who are “on edge” about the heightened rhetoric between the U.S. and North Korea.

“Hopefully it will all work out, okay?” Trump responded. “Nobody loves a peaceful solution better than President Trump, that I can tell you.”

He went on to say that he thinks  “lots of good things could happen” but “we could also have a bad solution.”

Another reporter asked him if “bad solutions” means going to war, to which he said, “I think you know the answer to that.”

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  • Warren

    The headline completely misrepresents what President Trump actually
    said. Anyone just scanning headlines will come away with an entirely
    wrong impression of the dialog.

    • Enough is enough

      That’s what media does. Unfortunately most people can’t think for there self. They don’t realize that news headline and news articles are just the writers interpretation.

      • 667..neighbor of the beast

        If only SHTFplan was media…THAT is the mistake. Too many sheep and conspirotards consider sources like this to be credible media…
        when all you need to do to figure out their agenda is glance a few inches left or right at what they’re hawking.
        Then …because it gives them a way out other bogus media use them as source with some new clickbait headline on their site and it spreads like crabs at a crackhouse.

        • SP_88

          LOL, Crabs at a crackhouse.

          • none

            Crabs at a Crackhouse?
            Are you talking about Obama”s upcoming tour of Guam?
            This would stop it! Since the North Koreans would not kill one of their own.

    • David Grubby

      Trump only talks out of his ass mate👎🏻

  • 667..neighbor of the beast

    Such total B.S. clickbait…. SHTFplan is fake news fearmonger garbage created to gin up prepper suckers.

  • el Gallinazo

    Headline is misleading and taken completely out of context. This is the “truth media?” That said, Agent Orange has gone total neocon, and as Jim Willie loves to repeat, neocon is a more palatable word for total NAZI.. Wish I had voted for Des Nutz. Though I think it was Mark Twain who first said that if voting made a difference, it would be illegal.

  • lee ho fook

    of course we’re going to war you silly billys!! That’s the Jeeewish Agenda!! Not only do they have the American military taking over the entire Middle East on behalf of Israel…but constant warfare is how they fund their coffers…where do you think they get their wealth from? oh yeah, aside from creating the IRS to steal every penny from us! White America better rise up right now, along with White Europe and take back their countries, boundaries, banks. governments, on and on and on.

    • David Grubby

      Ni Hao Lee. A man after my own heart👍🏼

  • Chantal_Designer

    N0 doubt in my mind, this was yet another false flag Psy/0p to pacify the masses for a little while longer..!!

  • SP_88

    The headline is BS click bait for sure. At least the article clears up the context, but too many people just read the headline. And they will get a totally different idea than what really happened.
    It’s a shame too. The mainstream media does this shit and the idiots swallow it up. Now the alternative media is gonna pull this shit? Not good. Not good at all. And if we start buying into this nonsense, we are no better.

  • Darkwing

    If what Trump said is TRUE, then we as a country are frelled. If the president cannot give a straight answer then he does not know what the hell is going on and he is afraid to give a straight answer. We sheeple who bitch about this web site, do not read it.

    • David Grubby

      You didn’t seriously believe that politicians tell the truth now did you?
      Ignore Trump as one would an obnoxious online troll.

  • David Grubby

    The war will happen and only a shit head cannot work out why.
    A Federal Reserve style central bank will be set up in North Korea so as to continuously tax everybody and transfer wealth from 1 place into another, namely the pockets of the top percent probably living in the US and Israel.
    Regrets. Syria and Iran are destined for same.

    • TrevorD

      Syria is lost to them hence the diversion to North Korea. They just want a war. They are losing everywhere and very desperate.

      • We should be so lucky for all of the bullied nations of the world to nuke DC.

    • Is there enough wealth in North Korea to justify starting WW3?

  • TrevorD

    The N Korea threat is diversional nonsense. We should look at what is going on elsewhere that they do not want us concentrating upon. The game is always the same.
    Eg…Syria, Yemen, Libya, Palastine, South America, Ukraine. China, Russia collaboration ( with many others silent for now) and the coming end to the Petrodollar and US world power just for starters. It`s crumbling and the Deep State needs a war as it believes once again that it will save them. Think not this time as too many Goy in very high places are wide awake and ready. Game soon over.
    My opinion……..

  • A bad solution would be one that leads to worldwide thermonuclear war because someone called a global bully’s hand.