Report: Walmart Forbids Store Managers From Ordering More Ammunition

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Walmart Restricts Ammunition Sales

As gun and ammunition sales across the United States skyrocket and store shelves are emptied of just about anything related to weapons and accessories that may soon be banned by the Federal Government, some of America’s largest and most well known corporations are starting to take sides.

Reports have been streaming in over the last few weeks indicating that retail giant Walmart may be standing against the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and that their corporate headquarters has taken steps to restrict the availability of ammunition.

The following is an alert sent by a reader to

I’ve read various postings on message boards claiming local Wal-Mart managers told customers they are no longer permitted to reorder ammo inventory. I can confirm this is true.

I went to Wal-Mart today in our town to buy ammo. The case was almost empty. I asked the store manager when new supplies will arrive.

He said, “Corporate headquarters notified all local managers that we can not order any more ammo until further notice.”

Do Wal-Mart executives know that Piers Morgan doesn’t shop at Wal-Mart, but millions of middle class American families are the source of their wealth? What happens to Wal-Mart’s earnings if Middle Class America boycotts Wal-Mart for caving in to Obama?

I’ve always suspected the gun grabbers would cut off ammo supplies first. They’re doing it now. Next, they will use strong arm tactics to shut down ammo manufacturers. You’ll have a gun, but no bullets to load in it. It’s only the beginning of the communist agenda. This plan was prepared a long time ago. The commies are pushing hard and fast. They plan to overrun a confused and bewildered public that can’t fathom that a genuine communist takeover is underway.

Last week, Bank of America chose to stand with the anti-gun movement when they froze the funds of a licensed online gun retailer, reportedly telling the owner of American Spirit Arms that he, “should not be selling guns and parts on the internet.”

Supporters of the Second Amendment, however, are speaking with their wallets, having lambasted Bank of America for their actions, with many claiming they were closing their accounts immediately.

When one of the largest online sporting goods stores in the world, Cheaper Than Dirt, suspended the sale of firearms after mounting pressure from anti-gun groups and the government, thousands of comments from disgruntled customers – many of them now ex-customers – overwhelmed the company’s Facebook page.

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